A Women Guide: Knowledge of sex life


In certain ladies abortion takes place too easily -sometimes even without any apparent cause or in some abortion is possible with even slightest cause. Some women are known to abort habitually, i.e., during each pregnancy abortion is a regular phenomenon. In some lades, it can occur accidentally or due to some fall, injury, shock or any other cause.

Causes of Abortion
Weak muscles and ill-health, deficient diet.
Diseases of uterus or displacement of uterus.
Acute infections, kidney disorders, mental strain, emotional upsets, heart diseases.
Extreme joy, violent coughing, forced coition, overexertion, acute poisoning,Mutual Pleasuring etc.
Extreme vomiting and constant nausea.
Rigorous exercises, pushed up physical activity - not in conformity with physical strength and capacity.
Anemic conditions and poor health.
Diarrhoea or Dysentery or even dehydration precipitated by imbalance of water and salts.

Certain ladies about during the I trimester, others abort during the II trimester, and some abort during the last three months but abortion is generally quite common at III months.

Avoidance of Abortion and Pre-Emptive Measures

Try to pre-empt the known causes, well before the anticipated period of abortion. It is not easy to determine in a primipara as to when she might abort, but in case of repeated and habitual abortions, causes are generally well known and timing is also known. Hence, take steps before the tragedy actually takes place. In general, the detailed causes should be pre-empted by timely protective measures. In certain ladies uterus and its muscles are too weak to bear a child's burdensome weight. If necessary, surgical recourse may be had, if life is threatened. First priority should be to save the mother's life at any cost.
In any case, bleeding must be controlled at the outset and it ought to be ensured that, infection if any, does not spread to other female sex organs. If necessary, there should be no hesitation in having resort to glucose saline drips or even blood transfusion, if the situation demands. A novice should never handle such critical cases; hence always summon a qualified doctor or remove the patient to a nearby hospital or nursing home where all the requisite facilities are available.
Any delay would result in untold hazardous problems to the The Female orgasmic response lady and the foetus. In order to ward off possibility of abortion, especially when the period or month of habitual abortion is fully well known, it is always advisable to get in touch with the physician who can devise ways and means to avoid an abortion.