A Women Guide: Knowledge of sex life

Female Sex Organs

Most of the What is Sex organs of a woman are not visible to the named eyes, particularly those which actually are helpful in reproduction. Female sex organs are more complicated than the major female external organs is being given here.


It is like a canal or tune that extends from vulva to cervix (next of the uterus) and measures about from 3 to 4 inches in length, when in its normal and relaxed sexual position. It is a gateway to admit insertion of penis and is capable of expanding so as to adjust itself to the length and thickness of penis. Vagina has manifold functions to perform viz.
Allowing entry of male organ (penis) and not letting the same ruptured or injured due to its cosy and flexible walls by producing a liquid which keeps the penis and vagina saturated, moisture and lubricant.
It receives male sperms and carries the same towards uterus (womb) to meet ova.
It allows passage of menstrual cycle and leucorrhoea flows.
Through this tube the child passes out.
Its flexible walls secrete a fine fluid that is a great cleanser and moisturizer.
Despite its narrow  passage of life of life but due to its capacity of contraction and expansion, it can accommodate even a large -sized penis.

In certain, ladies, particularly young girls, accommodation of even an average penis is a problem, due to the fact that vaginal walls neither expand nor excrete vaginal moisturizer. But, as the time passes, it regains its lost capacity.

Womb or Uterus

Uterus is a pear-shaped muscular organ that resembles almost the shape of an infant's feeding bottle. In a virgin its length is about 2-3 inches and width about 2 inches. Its muscles expand with the growing size of the child during the course of Pregnancy (Woman as a Mother). It is situated at right angels to the vagina. It has a opening or neck which is called cervix, and its upper part, is connected with two fallopian tubes that emanate from the ovaries.

Strong ligaments of the pelvis support the uterus. Its upper end is heavy and directed towards the front of pelvis whereas cervix (small end) opens into the vagina and closes its upper end.

It is endowed with so much of elastic-power complex that it starts secreting after the child-birth and gradually returns to its original position. Its muscles are so powerful that they help the baby to move out. From the inception of formation of baby until the delivery the vagina retains sufficient amount of food supplies to nurture and nourish the child.

Ovaries and Fallopian Tubes

Ovaries function is life that of male testes. Upper end of the womb are joined by the fallopian tubes each fallopian tube measuring about 5 inches in length. Chief function of these fallopian tubes is to conduct the passage of ovum from ovaries to the uterus, which function is attained through contractibility of the tubes' finger life fringes called as 'Fimbria' whose sweeping motion remains only in one direction that helps the egg cells to move in a particular direction i.e. from fallopian tubes towards the womb. 'Ovulations' is the technical term used for fertilization of an egg-cell (ovum) which takes place, in some cases, during the time of its journey (movement) from the fallopian tube. When an egg gets fertilized, it moves down the fallopian tube towards the uterus.

More about Ovaries and Fallopian Tubes

There is no existence of fallopian tubes in a male, but male testes are compared to female's ovaries. Fallopian tubes join upper end of the uterus and their chief function is to conduct ovum from the ovaries to the uterus. But, for the ovaries and fallopian tubes, there would have been no production of ovum, which at the time of ejaculation , establishes contact with the male sperm. An ovum is born when it takes up its journey from the tube to the uterus. In some old age ladies, fallopian tubes are so thick, rigid and hard, narrow that eggs can neither enter the tube nor travel to uterus . narrow passage of these tubes also hinders feeding to the foetus. Since, the ovum develops in these tubes, the aforesaid inhibitory factors stand out as obstacles.

Atrophy and narrow passage should be fully treated, so that defect is removed in time. hormonal function of ovaries is far more complex as compared to male testes. Hormonal secretions govern personality and make-up of a lady and her female character. Ovaries also govern normal functioning and various other chemical substances that control reproductive functions. If ovaries are removed at the time of puberty or even earlier, female development gets drastically changed.

The egg-cells start to mature from the time of puberty or even earlier, female development gets drastically changed.
The egg-cells start to mature from the time onset of .