A Women Guide: Knowledge of sex life


To live a happy and healthy Marriage and Sex life is it is must to know about female part of sex. The anatomy of female is very much different in comparison with male. Maximum of female sex organs are not visible by eyes, they are hidden inside her body.

Sexual energy is the only energy in our body that increases in force when activated. When you are not sexually aroused, you probably aren't even aware of this. But once you are sexually turned on, you can feel a tremendous increase inforce in your body. How can you measure this increase inforce? You cannot, but you can learn to harness it.

The posture and sexual position adopted at the time of coital acts is equally important. A posture that is easy and comfortable is good. But to adopt the same stance always is hardly desirable. Avoid monotony and routine and add new Some common definitions to this side also. Bring an element of pleasant surprise, freshness and variety in your posture every time you begin your session. There are many postures. Try and see which one suits and favours you both.


1. Female Sex Organs 2. Stages of Female-Life 3.Puberty&menstruation
4. Pregnancy (Woman as a Mother) 5. Abortion 6. Woman at the Middle -Age
7. Old Age 8. Leucorrhoea 9. Marriage  and Sex
10. What is Sex? 11 . Discovering  and knowing  your own genitals 12. The Female  orgasmic response
13. Mutual  Pleasuring 14. Pain reduces Pleasure 15. Some  common definitions

Being a woman is matter of  pride.  Woman is equivalent to man in ever aspect.  To understand  woman and her  anatomy one should must  respect  her feelings and sentiments.