A Women Guide: Knowledge of sex life


It is generally called a ‘white discharge’ or simply ‘the whites’. In reality, leucorrhoea is a state where there is catarrhal discharge from the vagina’s mucous membranes. This is the most agonizing disorder for the Female Sex Organs and distorts their health. It may last a life-time or prolong for sometimes and then abate or may appear as and when her health is in poor state.

Leucorrheal flow


The discharged is often white, like white portion of an egg or milk-colour, or else it may be off white, yellow, reddish or pinkish, green or light blue, but in most of the cases, it is odourless and white.
Flow may stiffen the linen or simply leave back a trace of white powder or scales.
It may excoriate, vulva and thighs and the itching caused is sometimes too intense and so much that bloodoozes out from the site itched.
Consistency of discharge varies – from water to consistency of cream, milk, viscous fluid or even albuminous.
In most cases, discharge emanates from the uterine cavity of leucorrhoea, the discharge is in mild and liquid from, but does not excoriate or irritate the parts. But, when it is dependent inflammation organic lesions of uterus or its appendages the discharged becomes fetid, corrosive, acrid, brownish or green.
Discharge from the uterus is often from uterine cavity, more albuminous, thick, viscid, flocculent, and has an alkaline reaction, whereas vaginal discahrge is always acidic, thin, white, creamy and milky.
Leucorrhoeal discharge is more profuse and copious at the time of menses than at any other time, but in some Woman at the Middle–Age, it continuously goes on, though quantity of discharge varies.

Effects of Leucorrhoea

If the discharge is copious and continues for a much longer period, there could be heaviness in the epigastriurn and pain. There is also capricious hunger, nausea and vomiting, fainting spells, hidden desire for those things which have no relation to the malady; digestion is difficult and slow; vertigo, headache; slow motion and general lethargy, pain particularly in shoulder blades and generally in all limbs; face is pale, livid, skin is discolored and dull.
When the leucorrhoeal discharge continues for a fairly long period, the patient feels exhausted even on any attempt to slight exertion. She grows weak and then, palpitation and breathlessness, dull and vacant looks, margin of eyes surrounded by black rings, all intellectual faculties are weakened, face is bloated.

Causes of Leucorrhoea

Affects mostly nervours, lymphatic, feeble, cachetic Old Age ladies, who have fair complexion, pale skin and soft skin.
No age is immune from its attack – it can occur anytime between 15-45, though even children at the fairly much younger age (say 8-10) have been the sufferers.
There is hardly any endemic leucorrhoea, though undoubtedly, some regional foods are deficient in certain elements, which trigger episode of leucorrhoea.
Depression, self mortification, brooding, chagrin, sudden shocking news or death, loss etc.
Eating oysters, crabs, fish, acid fruits, hard water, beer, cider, too much use of tea, coffee, purgatives.
Self –vice or onanism, too much indulgence in sex act, nymphomania, presence of foreign bodies within vagina (like pessaries, sponges etc.)
Menstrual irregularities, vaginitis, uterine displacements, Pregnancy (Woman as a Mother), miscarriage, worms in intestines, confinement, easy –going life style, pulmonary pthisis, chronic constipation.
Piles, diarrhoea, suppression of sweat, milky secretion, bronchial expectoration, vomiting, cold in the head.
Cancers and ulceratios, local inflammations engorgement of cervix (neck of the uterus).
Presence of gonorrhoea, resulting in infalmmation, chancres, other growth.

Leucorrhoea of recent orgin is not, at all, difficult to cure but, when in chronic form, treatm,ent is not only difficult, but much tedious also, as one has to cure not only leucorrhoea, but also other concomitant symptoms of venereal diseases …complications accompanying this disease are most difficult to cure than the main disease itself.