A Women Guide: Knowledge of sex life

Marriage and Sex

It is generally asked as to whether a man or woman do have to necessarily get married in order to enjoy sex or had every man or woman been much happier, had they not be bound by a wedlock? It is also asked as to whether marriage is merely a social formality or a way to attain a more respectable place in society or else is not 'marriage a necessary (social) evil'.

The answer to all the above mentioned apprehensions and conceptions depends on the culture of society, we have been forced to live in. free sex was commonly prevalent in Old Age times, when either sex had no regard for society and social norms. As civilizations advanced, due to necessities of life and other persons, men and women felt compelled to leave their native place and migrate to other zones for better living conditions. Society is simply human being's own creation and certain rules were framed for being practiced to live a better, healthier, civilized and organized  passages life, where better openings were available. Every human being is an inseparable part of the society, in which he lives; hence individuals and societies cannot and should not be viewed in isolation. If one is body, the other is its soul and vice versa.

There is no society, where only men or women exist. No society can ever exist without men and women, as society is meant to serve the individuals who constituted societies as per their needs and comforts and framed rules and regulations. When certain persons failed to live within the frame worked of a particular5 society, they left the same and craved out another society which could serve their ends better and meat their expectations and demands. Though, the topic pertains to sociology, it has been dealt with here because restriction is the main irritant that make or marriage a society. It created rebels or protestants, who did everything which was prohibited in and by their parent society.

 It is natural human tract to find out what we lack in. Man and woman, simply due to their variable physical forms and distinct Female Sex Organs, got attracted to each other, even when social order was a far cry. Their Mutual Pleasuring attraction gave way to sexual union, whether before or after marriage. Had there been no reciprocal attraction and weakness for the opposite What is Sex?, there would have been no human growth on earth. Not only human beings but even all the animals are equally fascinated by mere sight of a member of opposite sex ethics.

Marriage sex is a solemnization of relationship between man and woman. Whether it is a civilized society or in cultured primitive society, sex remains to be a common factor. A reputed columnist was once confronted, during the course of a T.V. interview, as to why he dwelt and reveled on sex in his writings, the scribe shot back: "Had there been no sex between your parents, you wouldn't have been here". Howsoever, we may criticize sex or view it with a tainted or jaundiced eye, none of us can contest the Husband and wife do not make a family planning, as family has no existence without a child. It is the child, who makes a man father and a woman a proud Pregnancy (Woman as a Mother). So, without going into the unnecessary dynamics, as to whether a son is superior to a daughter or vice versa, let us admit, without fear of being contradicted, that both are an inseparable part of family, as men can cause conception, but cannot conceive or give birth to any child established truth that sex is one of the stronger (if not the strongest) urge and desire of human beings. Had thee been no sex, there would have been no progeny on earth.

In Hindu society, birth of a son is deemed as an auspicious occasion for the simple reason that he is a propeller of dynasty. But, the million dollar question sex still evades a suitable reply as to whether could there be a birth of a son, had there been no girl, and answer is quite simple. It is only the girl, who can bear a child, be it son or daughter.