A Women Guide: Knowledge of sex life

Old Age

In our country, 40th year of life is said to be the year when body starts declining, memory starts to play truant, skin declining, memory starts to play truant, skin withers, blood circulation is disrupted, respiratory, cardiac and digestive functions show a gradually declining trend, work output is painfully inadequate, nerves give in. 40th year is not the year, when decline starts, but it is a common deadline when all the excesses of life style need to be moderated and controlled. In fact, old age starts actually from the 60th year, when caution is required to be taken. Retirement for Woman at the Middle-Age from service, should never be taken as retirement from activities itself. One must learn to remain active as long as one lives, because old age is merely a mental cruelty aberration and only need of the hour is to reverse some of the habits.

Ladies generally break down, due to excessive work-load, worries and cares of family, job-related or socioeconomic problems. When the body is subjected to too much stress and strain. Capacity to work wilts under such strains, and old age becomes a burdensome problem. But, there is no need for pessimist and reclusive thinking. You are as young as you feel, but never that you are as old as you feel. Old age is not a period for repentance, it is the right time for self -analysis and introspection.

Old ladies have to undergo following physical disorders, so to say:
Rheumatism, gout, arthritis, pains in limbs and joints, particularly the weight -bearing joints (like knee, feet etc).
Movement may get restricted.
Appetite decreases and digestion- related problems supervene.
Dyspnoea on slightest coital movement, along with other allied respiratory problems.
Disinclination to perform the jobs (due to weak functioning of limbs vital organs) which were being done previously, without much problem.
Costive bowels, piles or, bleeding from rectum or anus or even fissures in the rectum.
Urine related problems - urine may be scanty, suppressed, profuse, painful or with burning sensation.
Disinclination to Marriage and Sex.
Mental depression and withdrawn sexual behavior No desire to mix up with the world nor any urge to do one's own work.
Weak eye-sight and maladjustment of glasses.
Venereal diseases like cataract, glaucoma, trachoma, intolerance of light and bright colours.
Problems of teeth and gums and misfit denture.
Skin may be rough, dry, hypersensitive.
Occasional headache, pain and strain on and around eyes.
Problems relating to hearing and smell.

The old ladies, who keep themselves engaged in any domestic, social, entertainment-related activities don't feel, quite often, neglected or condemned. Killing time is the major problem of old age. Mental diversion and fruitful utilization of time can help to solve bulk of their problems. Some studious and educated ladies prefer to pass their time in literary pursuits, by joining some clubs, social organization, library or reading room, or even become reputed scribes, reporters or correspondents. Certain old ladies help their grand children in their studies, look to their requirements, attend to light and manageable domestic chores.

Old lades should be particularly extra careful about the Pain reduces Pleasure swellings in their joints, backache, gout related problems, rheumatic complaints, eye-sight, hearing problems, general cough and cold conditions, behavioral and mood disorders.

Their diet should be a low-fat, low-salt diet carbohydrate and proteins should be compensated by natural dietary sources, like juices of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and pulses, milk, curd, whey etc. those who take kg milk or 250gms each of milk and curd, need not take extra fat. If necessary, fat requirement may be made up from cow's butter. Diet must be in consonance the with condition of body and actual food requirements. In order to avoid monotonous food, proper food exchanges (or substitutes ) may be tried. Eat, only when hungry, but never or overeat. In old age, it is not possible to undertake strenuous exercises. If it suits, morning and evening stroll may be resorted to, even if the same is done in the courtyard or lawn of the house.

Old ladies, while moving out, must have company of a young, adult, so that in case of any emergency, she could be helped. In any case, never move alone out of the house. Diabetic ladies should carry sugar with them and asthmatics should carry a throat spray. Those who have suffered from angina pectoris should carry, at least, two tablets of sorbitrate (though only - Tablet is to be used at a time). They should also fully guard themselves and dress according to changing weather Some common definitions Those who are habitual wearers of specs should keep an extra pair of specs in reserve, for use in emergency.

In old age, due to lack of calcium, there are changes of osteoporosis and even a normal fall can result in fracture. So, be aware.

Old ladies should be extra careful about sustaining injuries, caused by traumatic falls, bath -room slip, slip from stairs or a slope, ankle-twist, knee injury, arm hands, shoulders injuries. Here, hey can't do much but can at least, take precautions.