A Women Guide: Knowledge of sex life

Puberty & Menstruation

The term simply implies to onset of sexual maturity, when a girl steps into her youth and is in a sexual position to menstruate. Puberty occurs in both the Female Sex Organ when changes in body organs and surface appear.
In young girls, following symptoms/ characteristics will herald onset of puberty:
Growth of hair in arm-pits and pubes.
Matured voice and deepening of voice.
Prominence of nipples and –elevation thereof.
Tingling sensation on slightest touch on clitoris, labia majora, nipples and pain in nipples with tenderness.
Flushing on face or reddening of face and eyes on mere sight of opposite sex, and an urge to establish rapport with the boys.
Taking delight in amorous and sex-related talk, matters, pictures, movies, periodicals, photos etc.
Bleeding form vagina (onset of menstruation ) is an amazing event in young girls life.
A sense of Narcissism (when one begins to love one’s own self) develops.
Breasts start to protrude and there is roundness around the nipples which assume a light brown colour. Enlargement of breasts is a novel experience for the girls, who walk stoop-shouldered, lest others notice the change.

Puberty is the most amazing, yet tantalizing, experiences for the girls as bodily changes a place. It is but natural of the young girl to get hyper nervous. In certain girls, breasts feeding enlarge at a rapid pace, When use of bra becomes a necessity. In order to overcome elements of mental trauma and surprise an elderly lady should take the initiative of educating the girl, in details so that misgivings do not surface nor is there any occupation for confusion.

How to Educate and Guide a Girl at Puberty Stage

Physical changes, onset of menses with resultant bleeding and attendant complaints before, during and after menses, should not be overlooked by elderly Old Age ladies. In fact girls are generally, fully informed due to dissemination of relevant knowledge by book, audio-visual media and mutual discussions between senior and junior girls.
Elements of hesitancy and mental reservation should be given a go-bye and, in this respect the mother or the senior sister or sister –in-law or some other female member has to take upon herself the onus of guiding the young girl. Following methods / devices may be adopted for the purpose viz:
She should be frankly told that all young girls have to pass through pubic stage and there is a nothing new or surprising.
Let her be provided with some literature and induced and motivated to study even each and every minute detail, so that her fear psychosis may disappear.
She should be educated about common complicates, like bleeding form vagina, amount of menstrual cycle blood, Pain reduces Pleasure in back and head, with occasional mental agitation, paleness of face, cold extremities and run-down conditions – all of which subside as soon as menstrual flow ceases.
Personal hygiene factor bears utmost importance and it is a myth that menstruating lady should not take bath, abjure daily chores, lead a sedentary life, give up studies, eat less or perform no physical activity at all.
The girl must not conceal any psychic or physical problem from her mother or doctor as, it will simply lead to further complications which, if fallowed to prolong, may permeate into permanent problems.
They should be guided towards use and change of sanitary towels and wash her vagina and outer parts with some bland and non-irritating (medicated) water.
The girls should not wear tight bras least shape and development of their breasts gets adversely affected, nor should extremely loose bras be used (to avoid any shabbiness or uneasiness).
The girl and her mentor /guide should have close rapport and there should be no inhibition or hesitancy either in disclosing problems or in suggesting a way out.

Puberty is a common occurrence and there is cause for any alarms or surprise over changes in body organs and development thereof.

Menstruations (Menses)

Puberty is a forerunner of menses, which means that the young girl has now reached a stage, when she can conceive. Since, the event is unique in their What is Sex, they are liable to get confused, worried and nervous which factors can be easily resolved by judicious and sympathetic guidance. Generally, it is difficult draw a dividing line between puberty and menstruation, because onset is almost simultaneous in most of the cases, though there are exceptions too. Onset of menses is a clear indication that the young girl is ready to become a mother, provided other factors are also favorable and congenial. No girl could ever become a mother, if she does not menstruate which is, a first step towards motherhood.