A Women Guide: Knowledge of sex life

What is Sex?

By the word ‘Sex’ we mean gender, gender distinction, sexual urge/desire, libido, act of performing sex (coitus or coition ) or even attraction or infatuations towards the opposite Female Sex Organs.

Sex is the most tantalizing and thrilling experience of life and it adds charm, variety and meaning to Sex. Sex is not only a meeting of two bodies, it is also a meeting of souls. Most of the threatening episodic problems are solved during sex-act, when ladies normally prevail upon their husbands to yield to their demands, when mutual problems and irritating problems are resolved, when bodies are worked up to meet extreme satiation of passions, when love notes are exchanged etc.

Sex is not an isolated affair, it is a great nerve-reliever, calms down agitated and frayed tempers, brings each partner nearer to the other, helps in sorting out differe4nces, helps normal functioning of all endocrine glands, is a tonic for body, mind and intellect, is an all-inclusive exercise, corrects cardiac, respiratory, digestive systems. Sex is a great tension –reliever, rejuvenator of body, mind and intellect. It modifies activities.

Recent opinion about sex has gone a sea-change. It is no more regarded as a shameful, secretive, prohibitive and repellant device, instead it is thought to energies various faculties of body and mind. When husband and wife fall out, have serious family planning and job-related problems, it is the sex that serves as a great tension-reliever.

Western concept of sex is at total variance with that of Indian concept. There is no elements of permissiveness in our sex approach, whereas Western approach is permissive and non-prohibitive. Our approach is simply casual and lopsided, whereas sex is regarded as an inseparable and essential part of life in the West though, of late, permissive openness has gradually starting intruding into our way of thinking and action, yet both are still poles apart.

Sex Life During Pre-Marital Age


Fear of social sanctions and resultant social boycott is still rampant in our psyche. Sex, without marriage, is both sin and crime. If any act is performed under fear psychosis, no pleasure can possibly be derived. Those young men and ladies who indulge in pre-marital sex are not treated kindly in society and have to face wrath of society. No doubt, there are still a few neo-rich families, where sex, without Marriage and Sex, is not considered an act that should raise eye-brows, though element of admission and openness is still missing, and that may possibly be the reason as to why incest is still considered a religious and social crime.

Marital Sex 

Marriage is a pious institution that binds two known /unknown persons of both sexes into a wedlock. Initiation and perpetuation of progeny is considered a sacred duty of all couples TheFemale orgasmic response. Sex during martial life is simply an acclaimed and established way and there is no ground for any inhibitions and age old taboos. After all, there is and ought to be no secret between husband and wife. Conjugal love is the best expression of sex love, as no sense of guilt of or remorse is involved here.

Sex Related Disorders (Due to Dissatisfied Sex)

Agitated and withdrawn behavior.
Menstrual disorders.
Communicable diseases.
Hysteria, Epilepsy, Leucorrhoea.
Neurasthenia, Nervous debility, loss or lack of sleep or disturbed sleep pattern.
Somnabulance (sleep walking).
Hysterical fits or even comatose.
Urinary problems and Venereal diseases.
Backache, lassitude, pains and aches (in general).