A Women Guide: Knowledge of sex life

Woman at the Middle-Age

Here is the true test of physical capacity grit and determination of a Pregnancy (Woman as a Mother) when she has to grapple with problems relating to her children, husband, elderly and/or incapacitated persons, financial problems, social obligation, her own health problems. The situation becomes more complex when, in addition to the above-mentioned problems, she has to attend to some job at school, college, office etc. Lady of the house, in most middle class families, generally undergoes following physical and mental problems:
Headache and backache; pain in cervical portion, neck as a whole, shoulders, arms etc.
General fatigue, exhausting, weakness, malnutrition, anemic conditions, dyspnoea, some cardiac problems, impaired digestion, constipation or loose motions or dysentery.
Breathlessness even on slightest exertion.
Agitated temperament, anger, reclusion.
Menstrual cycle problems, leucorrhoea.
Considered as a partisan by all the inmates; gets socially cut-off and, thus, suffers in solitude.
A lady suffering from nymphomania, has to encounter more grave problems, for the simple reason, that she won’t find her husband ready to meet her sexual urges, on demand . she will continue to focus her entire attention on sexual gratification when, if not enjoyed, will drive her to despair, violence, pervert or even self-gratification methods.
Feel mentally tortured and physically overtaxed, as she is often not readily available for the sex act or as and when desired by her husband. She may even becomes frigid or ‘Cold’ which factors are held responsible for break –up of marriage and sex.
Family circumstances often aspect her work output after place of work, consequently she may suffer pangs of conscience due to loss of job or demotion, resulting in acute financial ruin and loss of face.
Sleeplessness or disturbed sleep pattern. There certain families where ladies have been to suffer from most of the above-mentioned disorders.

There should be no ego or status, class or one’s superior family syndrome, both partners should learn to reconcile and accommodate each other’s views, and allow enough sense of mutual accommodation to take precedence over uncalled for ego status clash. Mutual amity, understanding, respect, consideration is and should be the basis of a harmonious, happy and smooth life. Be satisfied with what you have and never waste your time and energy for an object which lies beyond your control. try to consolidate the gains you already possess, instead of running after a mirage. You will simply become a nerve-wreck and lose your mental peace and equilibrium, if you are unrealistic. So, do not buckle under stressful conditions of your sex life, instead learn to cope with present situation. You cannot change or reform the entire universe, but you certainly can change your attitude, reform your habits and face the oddities of life with a determined and cheerful will. Self –introspection will enable you to search your conscience. Draw a proper balance-sheet and try to rectify your errors, if any.

Medicines are not going to take hold of you, unless your mind rests in peace. If mind is disturbed, body can’t have any peace, and is disturbed, body can’t have any peace, and it is true otherwise too. Medicines can help you to win over a stressful state but the problems will surface, when effect of medicines has exhausted. You cannot depend on medicines always, but you can certainly change your outlook to constructive and optimistic sides. There is no person, who is not confronted with one problem, whether mental cruelty or physical or both.

Before concluding, it is necessary to remind middle Old Age ladies that, leaving aside all the fads, myths, and religious restrictions, they must ensure for themselves nutritious diet that should suffice to meet daily requirement of their bodies demand. If diet is fully balanced, most of the disease can be set at rest, but when diet is not properly balanced and deficient in essential nutrients, some other diseases may also follow – some of which can be termed as ‘food –deficiency disorders’. Always accord proper time to work, diet and rest – let not one aspect be sacrificed for the other aspect.