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What is impotence?

Impotence is a penis in rebellion-a phallus that has embarked on a life of its own-much to the dismay of its own and operator. Impotence is a penis that zigs when it should zag, lies down when it should stand up, and sleeps when it should be wide awake. It is the sexual equivalent of a pen that won't write, a car that won't start, and a key that melts in the lock. It is the most frustrating experience that the average man ever has-or more precisely, doesn't have. It is, in the words of a patient who should know, "a sexual accident that's always just about to happen." And worst of all, ninety-nine times out of a hundred, impotence doesn't have to occur.

Impotence doesn't have to occur?

Correct. One of the most overlooked facts in the consideration of impotence is: Satisfactory sexual intercourse is a normal response.

The male reproductive system is so perfectly designed that it takes deliberate (although perhaps unconscious) interference to make it misfire. Few other parts of the body have as many backup systems, fail-safe mechanisms, and self-repair provisions as the male genitals. Men can ejaculate without testicles, with half a penis, and sometimes even when most of their body is paralyzed. The male equipment is fabricated to stand any assault short of the atomic bomb-except the one that comes from the inside.

How is the penis attacked from the inside?

By the organ that should be its best friend-the human brain. Nearly every satisfactory sexual experience depends on carefully synchronized cooperation between the sexual parts of the brain and the pelvic projectile that we call the penis. Except in those rare cases of physical disease, the penis is ready to be launched into Inner Space twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The only limitations on totally satisfying sexual performance are imposed by the reluctance of the brain to cooperate. The proof is everywhere. From a physical point of view, the genitals of an impotent man and those of a normally potent male are virtually identical. The vital difference lies in the function of a few hundred million brain cells at a particularly critical moment. The way that the vital components of the brain choose to function-or malfunction-determines which form of impotence a man will succumb to.

How many types of importance are there?

There are four major varieties-and none of them is exactly a picnic:
1. Absolute impotence: In this condition, the penis acts as if it were afraid of the vagina. As soon as the man's sexual feelings begin to rise, his penis begins to fall. As the moment for intercourse comes around, erection just doesn't occur. Like this:

"When it comes to sex, I can do everything-except the most important thing-I just can't get my penis into the vagina. I'm fifty-three and I used to do it every night-and I still want to. But my penis just lies there like it has forgotten what to do-only I still remember what to do if I just could figure out a way to do it."

2. Copulatory impotence: Not quite as frustrating as absolute impotence, copulatory impotence is still no thrill-for sender or receiver. Just when things seem to be going well, the penis turns off.

"Is there such a thing as a trade union for penises? What I mean is, I can get it into my wife all right but I can't keep it in. My organ works for about four minutes, then goes on strike. Is it trying to tell me something?"

3. Premature ejaculation: This form of impotence is really "mini-sex"-for everyone. The man who ejaculates as soon as he starts to copulate may set new speed records, but he will soon find himself setting them alone. Imagine how a woman feels when it happens to her. It has been a perfect evening and finally the couple has found their way to bed. After passionate caresses, he is about to enter her. He leans over and whispers softly, "Now this won't take a moment.  A second or two later, he adds: "Didn't it?"

4. Retarded ejaculation: This is the case of the penis that won't quit. Perfect erection, flawless insertion, powerful thrusting, and thrusting, and thrusting.but no ejaculation. Retarded ejaculation (or psychogenic aspermia) is the male equivalent of orgasmic impairment in women-only men have one questionable advantage:

"I am unhappy to announce that I am the world's greatest lover. Although I am only thirty-three, I have had over 1,700 women-most of whom called me. I attract them because I can keep my erection for one to two hours or longer-something few other men can do. Everyone envies me but I would trade it all for a few simple ten-minute experiences ending in ejaculation. Any chance of that?"

One of the most annoying features of impotence is that men as a group are all victims of a sexual practical joke.

What kind of joke does impotence play on men?

The one based on the fact that until the penis is erect, it is not actually a sexual organ. As one whimsical patient remarked:

"Doctor, I haven't had a decent erection in six months and during that time as far as I can tell the only good thing my penis has done for me is to keep my shoes dry."

At least in theory, a woman is always capable of intercourse. The vagina, after all is a space and on the most basic level merely needs to be filled. But unless a whole chain of events occur in precise order, the human penis remains merely a decorative accessory, an aesthetic contribution. an unfulfilled promise.

The process that converts the phallus from a modernistic plumbing fixture into Rocketship Penis is a complex one and proves once again that things are never what they seem.

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