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What is the menopause?

The menopause is an illusion and a delusion, It is an accident  of evolution misused by a  guilty society that equates sexual satisfaction with stealing from the collection plate on Easter Sunday, According   to some experts who should know better, the menopause is a sort of “Sexual Day of Judgment”-“You’ve had your fun, and  now it’s over.” All too many women-and  men as well-have been given the idea that  when the “change of life”  begins, everything from the public area downward turns  to dust,  Passion, lust and the midnight orgasm have to be traded in for daytime television, sensible shoes, and an advance reservation at a modest nursing home,  Maybe that’s the way it used to be, but that’s not the way it is now.

Has the menopause changed?

No, but a woman’s defense against the menopause has changed, Now any woman who really wants to can sail through the menopause almost as if it were a fast luncheon on a big shopping day. The only thing she has to give up is her monthly menstrual periods-and she can even have those back if she wants them.

What made the outlook better in the change of life?

Some smart doctors finally started listening to their patients. Until about fifty years ago, the menopause was a disaster area for most women. When that little pair of ovaries stopped putting out their daily drops of female sex hormones-basically estrogen and progesterone-the curtain went down on femininity, The most obvious event of the menopause was the gradual end of menstruation, (That’s why they call it the: “menopause”: “meno” = “month” and “pause” = stop.)  But that’s not the only thing that stopped, Also canceled for many women was most of their sexual feeling, the majority of their orgasms, and a lot of their interest in the opposite sex. This coincided with the gradual wasting of everything that made a lady a lady-the vagina, clitoris, labia, breasts, and uterus. Menopausal women gradually retraced their sexual pathways-first to little girls-and then to something worse.

What could be worse than retracing their sexual pathways?

Turning into a semi-man could be worse:
“Doctor, I just can’t believe it. I’m fifty-seven and my  periods tapered off about twelve years ago. Not only did I completely lose interest in sex and get those awful hot flashes but now I see black hair on my face, my voice is getting deep and husky, and I can’t believe what’s happening. Last night I got out some old pictures and even the look of my face is changing. My features are beginning to look like a man’s, Help! Help! Help!”

Can a woman really go through that?        

She can-and does. Just take a look around your local super-market some afternoon. There are always a sprinkling of overweight, over forty, overburdened ladies who are obviously creeping over that invisible line that separates masculine from feminine. and It works this way:

In a woman the adrenal glands are a source of many hormones, including that vital male sex hormone, testosterone. When the supply of estrogen, the main feminine hormone, slacks off at the menopause, the relative amount of testosterone in the blood skyrockets. That’s what can make a fifty-year-old woman begin to look like a seventeen-year-old boy-unless she fights back.

How does she fight back?

By doing something about the “Great Hormone Robbery.” Day by day her most prized possession-her alluring intoxicating exciting femininity-is being drained out of her. She has to put it back. Theoretically it’s easy. All she has to do is have her doctor replace the fleeing hormones with a tablet or a monthly injection. That’s it. By harnessing the miracles of modern medicine, nearly every woman can virtually stop the clock. Enlightened hormone replacement keeps the vagina supple, the clitoris plump and responsive, and the breasts as firm as possible. It also keeps those vital sexual wheels spinning in that little corner of the human brain that plans what’s going to happen when man and woman crawl under the covers and snap off the light. Replacement hormones turn back the threatening tide of masculinity and keep a woman a woman. But in practice it isn’t so easy.

What’s hard about hormone replacement?

Getting started:
“Hot flashes and sexual despair are not the biggest problem that we women in the change of life have to suffer-although those are bad enough. The problems of insecurity, panic over small situations, nervousness in driving the car and the fear that if these symptoms aren’t resolved that we will actually lose our minds are what worry us most.

“I am forty-five and have had those symptoms for about   five years. Instead of giving me the hormones I beg for, my doctor gives me endless prescriptions for tranquilizers. He keeps telling me that I will just have to ‘ride it out.’”

And, “Doctor, I have a problem involving sex that I am desperately struggling with. I am forty-eight years old and in the change of life. In recent months I have experienced what I would call a ‘sexual death.’It means she suffer from impotence problem. I can barely tolerate having my husband touch me, In the past sex has been a wonderful experience for me so that is a very frightening change. I can’t bear to think that I will have to live the rest of my life not wanting to be touched. I went to my doctor and he said that I shouldn’t mess around with hormones because they would make me retain water. Doctor, at this stage I wouldn’t mind retaining all of Lake Erie if it could bring back those old feelings again.”

Other women find the going just as tough:
“I am a woman, forty-three and single. The gynecologist I consulted seemed so busy-he could not care less. He answered my questions in the shortest possible way: ‘Change of life is not a disease!’ and ‘I wouldn’t touch anything like that!’ By ‘that’ he meant female sex hormones that women can take in order to stay young or to avoid those awful hot flashes and headaches. I would like to do something positive in -time-before I get to look like a cooked apple. Is there something I can do?”

Is there something she can do to keep from becoming a “cooked apple”?

Sure there is. She can find a physician who recognizes that the menopause is a venereal disease. All he has to do is check the medical dictionary: “Disease: A disturbance of structure or function in any organ or part of the body.”

The truth is that the change of life is a hormone deficiency disease caused by lack of estrogenic hormone. And the treatment-and often the cure-is simply replacing the missing hormones.

“Why does my doctor deny that the change of life exists? If I had gone to him last week and complained of a failing thyroid gland, he would have examined me and immediately given me those little thyroid tablets to make up for it. But just because my sex organs are failing, he gives me a lecture and some nerve pills. I felt like screaming, ‘No, you idiot! It’s my ovaries-not my head-that need the help!’ I just wish that every doctor in the United States could have just one hour of hot flashes-all at the same time. You know what would happen? They would all call up everyone of their patients in the ‘change’ and beg them to come in for some hormone treatments.”

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