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Mr  Maggi Noodle

Some years ago, a battle-ax of a woman stormed into my office, wanting  to men can be curvaceous too  her husband’s andrological  problem.  She didn’t wait to be announced in by my secretary, or even knock on my door.  She just blew the door  open,  stomped in, pulled up a chair on the other side of my desk,  and plopped  her bulk  on to it.  I could  hear  the poor  chair  creaking  in protest. men oh pause  out my hanky and discreetly  mopped  the sudden sweat droplets that had appeared on my forehead.  Such thing don’t  happen to me everyday.

Apparently, this shrew didn’t believe  in any foreplay or preliminaries.  She nose-dived straight to the point.  ‘You must help my husband, doc,’ she thundered.  ‘He was a Maggi noodle  problem.’

I wanted to guffaw out loud  but forced myself to adopt a funeral demeanor instead, because this bazooka seemed dead serious on the fast guys and  other seminal matters .  There are various flavors of Maggi noodles, I reminded her.  Most of them  are tasty.  Also, a noodle is crisp to being with, so where’s the problem, I wanted to know.  She seemed impressed by my earnestness and also  by my vast  knowledge of sex, and proceeded  to explain  her husband’s situation a little more elaborately.

‘You are  right about the  “being crisp to being with”  part doc,’ she conceded.  ‘But that’s the problem.  It remains crisp only for two minutes.  I’m not even ready yet and it becomes limp.  That’s  why I have  named my husband the “Mr Two Minute  Maggi  noodle  Man”.  Everything’s over in just two minutes.’

The though did  cross my mind that to last  two entire  in a minutes  by the clock with this termagant, the  guy must actually be quite a super stud  or something, but  I quickly  quashed the unfair and unscientific  thought and came back to the serious  andrological  matter at hand.  I made a mental note to recommend  Mr Maggi  for a bravery award some day; it anybody ever  asked  me for nominations, that is.

‘This Maggi noodle problem that you describe is very common, ma’am’, I told her, realizing that I  probably sounded more like an oriental chef than like an andrologist.  ‘But I can’t  help  you unless I see your husband and get to the bottom of this,’ I concluded, cleverly.

Thereupon, Mrs. Maggi got up, walked to the door, leaned out, and crooked her index finger at somebody  or something  I couldn’t see.  The suspense  was building up now and I couldn’t  wait to se this man – who sounded like he belonged more in a bowl of Chinese soup than in a bedroom.  Soon, Mr Maggi wake up and smell  the coffee in with a mixture of sheepishness and relief.  The latter, I suspected, because he was finally meeting a potential.

I walked away whistling a tune from The Good, she Bad and the Ugly. In my mind, there was this image that I was Clint  Eastwood, blowing  the smoke off the tip of my just-fired gun.  How dare anybody think me a fossil?

Take Home Message:

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