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On Fast Guys And Other Seminal  Matters

Mankind has forever been obsessed with seminal matters.  Miraculous qualities  have always  been  ascribed to this rather ordinary body  fluid by nearly every culture in human history.   Almost  everyone has heard sometime or the other the fantastic ‘fact’ that one drop of semen equals forty drops of blood.  (This is only a conservative average guesstimate!)  Hence, it is rather surprising  that the human race hasn’t bled itself into extinction by now, given the enormous volumes of seminal fluid that are lost every day  in every part of the world. 

The total quantity o a man’s semen has been  assumed to be a valuable lifetime constant from which all release has to be rationed very  frugally.  It is almost like every man comes down from the heavens with just one lot (small urn) of semen, his pre-determined quota.  Though this hypothetical ‘constant’ quantity has never really been determined, and the quotas for rationed release never specified, loss of semen has nonetheless been associated with debility.  Even today, it is not uncommon  to see educated, successful, widely traveled men oh pause complaining of severe ‘total body weakness’ and assorted  debilities from head to toe because they believe that they have lost too much semen.  Quacks and fraudulent sexologists help quite  considerably in perpetrating this myth.  In fact, for many, this myth is very necessary for their livelihood.

The roots of this phenomenon  can probably be traced to a heinous conspiracy that has been hatched by family elders and clergymen aeons ago.  What must have actually began  as a petty scare to keep sexually errant  males in tow, eventually  became  a widespread and deeply entrenched belief across  most cultures.  This explains why many  members of the medical profession are not exempt from  this belief either.  When a doctor  himself herself believes that loss of semen causes ‘weakness’,  what chance does the poor patient have?

It is interesting to note that the vas deferens between men and women , who actually lose measurable  quantities of menstrual blood every month, do not suffer from any such weaknesses.

‘But is there no truth whatsoever  in these beliefs  about semen?’  I can still hear the skeptics among you ask, incredulously.  The answer is an emphatic ‘No!’  Seminal fluid is a dynamic body fluid.  It is  produced by the body with one  express purpose, viz. expulsion from the body to the exterior.  Semen cannot be conserved and stored inside the body for indefinitely long periods, no on the fast guys and  other seminal matters how hard a man might try.  The glands that store semen are very small and have a capacity of only a few milliliters.  They have to be emptied regularly so that freshly produced semen might take the place of effete  semen.  If the semen Is not expelled  into the  vagina by intercourse , and  not even released by masturbation facts, it will automatically find its way out as nocturnal emissions during sleep  anyway.  There is no way that seminal  fluid can be kept locked up inside the body.  Semen is not produced from blood either, like  many have been erroneously led to believe.  Furthermore, the vital component in semen, the spermatozoa or sperms, have  a finite life span, and,  if not utilized for fertilization of the ovum in that time, will perish.  Semen is thus, just a fluid produced by the  body for  release to the outside, like swear, urine and tears.  It is intended by nature to be routinely thrown out of the body, without  any deleterious consequences whatsoever. Yet, myths about semen loss induced debility abound to an extent  that seriously affects the well-being of human males all over the world.  I see  men every day, from all cultures and strata, presenting some kind of  complaint related to loss of semen.  Some come in trembling,  some come with severe anxiety-depression, some, who are students, have  failed the same exam several times, some are  unable to marry until this ‘weakness’ is cured, some have become ‘impotent’ because of excessive masturbation , some feel  electric shocks going down  their spine because  they’ve lost too much semen, some have lost twenty  kilograms of weight, some have become totally anorectic, some have developed  severe ‘nervous weakness’  -you name the symptom, and I’ll show you evidence that somewhere,  someone is blaming masturbation for having caused it.  It is hardly surprising, therefore, that quacks are having a rollicking time, and are laughing their way to the banks.

Another semen related condition that is very poorly understood by most laymen is ejaculation.  Though ejaculation often occurs normally, and  is an intensely pleasurable and straight –forward experience for most men, it is actually an extremely complex phenomenon that is regulated  by many  different systems.

Erotic films and literature depicting ‘bucketfuls of cum’ squirted several feet by monstrous phalluses can flummox even the best informed.  The magnitude  of sexual misinformation  that’s floating around is unbelievable. One educated guy  actually told me, ‘C’mon doc, are you trying   to tell me that all of it is trick videography? How can anyone fake penis size, for God’s sad in the sack?  They’re  showing the whole man  in the shots,  not just his penis.  And they  actually show the semen    gushing out from the tip of the penis.  In fact, the camera zooms in on it.  how can you say that all of it is make-believe, doc? You’re just saying it to make me feel good.’

What could I say…? Some misconceptions are so deep-rooted.
Let’s take a look at premature  ejaculation (PE), also known as early orgasmic response.  PE is  extremely  common.  Kinsey, in his landmark report, had stated that it affects seventy-five per cent of all men.  Premature ejaculation is especially relevant today because  of the increasing hype  about female sexual  gratification.  The new-millennium woman, it seems, will not take  anything lying down unless it is long-lasting enough.

However, PE seems to be nature’s original design. The Kama Sutra has, in fact, classified PE as one of several normal ejaculatory patterns.  PE actually seems to confer an evolutionary procreative advantage  on humans.  Early man’s environs were dangerous and he often had very little time in which to impregnate his partner and ensure propagation of the species.  The continuation  of this atavistic PE streak perhaps explains the preponderance of the condition in modern man.  It appears, in fact, that  the ability to prolong ejaculation  time has to be learnt,  and that  it does not  come naturally to humans.  Masters and  Johnson descried exercises for this thirty years ago.  Today, in many societies in many parts of the world, there is more recreative sex than procreative sex on the whole and men do not have Darwinian excuses for their premature ejaculatory any longer.

The spectrum of PE is vast.  Some men ejaculate at the mere thought of coitus.  For such people, sex is truly  just ‘between the  ears.’  Others  last long enough by average standards but are yet unable to gratify their partners.  There are many reasons for this.  Female sexual gratification is quire complex and is more than just a function of peno-vaginal thrusting and ejaculatory competence.  Therefore, men just acquire additional love-making skills.

Attempts have been made to measure PE objectively using many different  methods.  Researchers have actually  placed stop-watches  and pelvic thrust counters in patient’s bedrooms!  None of these  methods, however, has proved ideal.  The American  Psychiatric Association’s DSM IV defines PE as ‘Persistent of recurrent ejaculation with minimal stimulation before, during, or after penetration and before the patent wishes it’.  Even this hasn’t been standardized.  Many additional parameters, notably the importance of physical factors (increasingly incriminated  in PE) need to be incorporated.  It is now known that injury to the sympathetic  nervous system (for example, following surgery for abdominal  aortic aneurysm), pelvic fractures, prostatic hypertrophy and prostitutes, urethritis, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, local genito-urinary venereal disease , sensory impairment, polycythemia and polyneuritis can all cause PE.

Despite  claims to the contrary, PE can be extremely difficult  to treat.  Every system of medicine, and every  culture boasts its own unique ‘cures’ for the condition.  Since PE is often a psychological disorder, even substances without  any real pharmacological effect on the ejaculatory apparatus can seem to work by the mere power of suggestion (placebo).  Some decades ago, psychosexual treatment methods gained tremendous popularity.  One such was the ‘start-stop’ method, which was popularized by Semans and Helen Singer Kaplan.  The other was  the ‘squeeze’ technique described  by Masters & Johnson.  These held sway for many decades, largely because  of the unavailability  of other treatment methods.  However, the initial success rates claimed with these were not  sustainable and, over a period of time, he success rates had dwindled to twenty-five percent.  Besides, these techniques are very tedious to employ and unsuitable for today’s supersonic age.

Nowadays, research is centered on understanding the central  and peripheral neurological  control of the ejaculatory process and regulating it with drugs.  The various treatment options available for PE today include correction of underlying causes,  pharmacological therapy (some new promising drugs  are coming up), topical application, psychological treatment and, more recently, even microsurgery.
Pleasure, alas, truly doesn’t seem available in a instant.

Take Home Message:

Myths about the deleterious consequences  of semen loss abound.  All of these are baseless.  Loss of semen  does not cause any weakness.

Premature ejaculation (PE) is the commonest  sexual  dysfunction.  Causes can be both psychological  and physical.  Many  treatment  options  are available, including new effective oral drugs.

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