Basics Rules for Good Health and Long Life

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Basics Rules for Good Health and Long Life

Combining an orderly, regulated way of life with observation of the five rules outlined below and regular shiatsu will help make life longer and more pleasant.

Proper Diet

Eating as much of everything your life is a diet that must be corrected. No matter how wholesome the food ad aphrodisiacs for sex power you eat, balance must be maintained among them. First of all, it is essential to ensure enough to the three major energy foods proteins, fats and carbohydrates to facilitate an active life. In addition, the required amounts of minerals, water and various vitamins needed to break down this food and convert them into energy must be included in the diet.

Even with balanced menus, the body must be able to digest and assimilate the nutrients it takes in. Ensure that this is possible by eating at regular times in proper quantities and by chewing your food well. Breakfast is a must, even if it is only a small amount of highly nutritive food. Furthermore, the connection can cause upsets in the alimentary system. Avoid this by eating slowly and in a pleasant, calm atmosphere.

There is no doubt that “early to bed and early to rise” are linked with longevity. But the tempo of modern urban living makes it difficult to follow the sound advice inherent in these words. Nonetheless, it is good to get up early in the morning and things necessary to enjoy sex clean air before the pollution of daytime traffic has a chance to sully it. For a vigorous way of Good Health and Long Life, combine deep breathing of fresh morning air with a balanced diet, sound sleep, plenty of fresh air and regularly administered shiatsu.

Proper Elimination

Normally the bowels should move once a day, often immediately after breakfast. If this regimen is regularly observed, the alimentary system will function correctly; and nutrients will be readily absorbed.

The amount and nature of foods eaten determine the kinds of quantities of feces eliminated. Excess consumption of difficult to digest foods causes either constipation or diarrhoea.basics of physical contact state too influences elimination.

To stay in good condition, eat a balanced diet regularly and perform self administered abdominal shiatsu each morning. Upon waking, while lying on our back, press slowly on each of the points shown fro from three to five seconds. Pressure should be applied with the palm of one hand. The other hand should be placed on top of the pressing hand. Repeat this as many times as seems necessary and then apply careful shiatsu pressure with three fingers to the area of the sigmoid colon to prevent constipation. Repeated daily, this therapy will restore appetite, improve digestion and regulate elimination. It will help prevent constipation in people who are inclined to this condition.

Proper Exercise

One of the most direct ways to prompt good sex and health is proper energetic exercise combining leisure, work, and sports or some other active recreation. Human beings find a reason for living in purposeful, goal oriented activity; but in today’s mechanized society, opportunities to display vitality are becoming increasing limited. Work is now subdivided and automated to the extent that human beings frequently do nothing but monotonous, repetitive operations. Means of transportation have become so convenient that people use their legs less than they should and prefer an elevator or escalator to even a moderate flight of steps. Under these conditions, it is scarcely surprising that people do not get enough exercise and that their muscular vigour declines. Recently, jogging has become popular with those who want to supplement their exercise or loose weight . But, without going this far, it is possible to achieve good results merely by walking more and moving the body as much as possible in ordinary daily activities. Walking is especially good, since it activates circulation in the legs and relieves sluggishness that inactivity causes. In addition, it is important to make full use of the bending, stretching, reaching and lifting that are parts of the movements performed in many apparently minor daily tasks.

From the shiatsu standpoint, I recommend special attention to exercising the hands and fingers. Small children who do not yoga exercises these parts of the body enough fail to develop reflexes that could prevent injury in falls. Moving the hands and fingers develops the motor nerves that stimulate self protective reflex extensions of the hands and arms. I recommend encouraging children in the lower grades of primary school to administer shiatsu to themselves regularly. The shiatsu designed to strengthen the eyes and teeth is especially good since hand and finger exercises of this kind are related to cerebral functioning. The hand motions involved in painting, writing, playing the piano, or craft work have a good influence on powers of thought.


Laughter is unique to the human being. A naturally laughing face is pleasing and beautiful. Physiologically, laughter is healthful and purifies the blood. In contrast anger and fear cause the face to become livid and create pathological tensions in the internal organs. The up down movement of the diaphragm caused by laughter stimulates the operation of the heart, improves the circulation and activates the functioning of the stomach and intestines. In addition, it helps regulate the internal secretions of the endocrine system.A good laughter from the bottom of the belly once a day contributes to a better way of life. As the old saying have it, “Laughter is the gate to happiness” and “A laugh rejuvenates, a frown ages.”


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