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Body Language: Reading and Sending
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We all know a little body language. At its most basic level we know the implicit differences between a smile and a frown, a ‘thumps-up’ and a ‘thumps-down’ or a slap in the face and punch in the stomach. These clues enable us to understand a person’s emotions or feelings. They make us feel welcome or rejected, happy or sad, without the need for any words to be spoken.

Wild, lasting smiles are usually more genuine than thin, short ones. A totally limp hand when shaking hands for the the first night implies disinterest, while a firm, lingering handshake means she wants to have your babies. Listen carefully to the tone of her voice: is there a hint of enthusiasm in it, or is the talking in her sleep?

Watch out for hidden yawns, heads rolling to one side, and a blatant unwillingness to enter your personal space by placing her bag between you, facing slightly away, or by erecting a few miles or razor wire fence. Conversely; if she sits close to you and runs her hands up and down your inner thigh as she talks, it could be time to visit the family planning clinic.

Learn to interpret eye-basics of physical contact. If she blinks repeatedly as she looks at you it’s likely that she either has something in her eye or that she thinks you are something in her eyes that won’t go away. But if she holds you in her gaze, move your head closer to her and look into her eyes. The first one to laugh loses.

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