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Body Language: Reading and Sending
The signs by Woman

Body language is ever so useful. It is the primary tool used to indicate that your hormones have just kicked into overdrive. It can also give excellent piss off signals. Your body articulates everything without you having to say anything. For our purposes, it is important that you have a good health and long life understanding of your body language as well as that of the fly you’re trying to lure into your web.

The first thing to remember when trying to attract a man or any body really is to keep your body language very open. That means no crossing of the arms. Keep your shoulders down. Keep your body relaxed and people will assume that you are relaxed. If you look tense people will think you are trying too hard. Always remember (even if you’re pretending that you are doing them a favour. Don’t be scared.

After a bit of practice you may come to notice that when you fancy someone your foot has a funny tendency to point towards that person. The same compulsion may come over someone who fancies you. Nature’s compass.

While we’re on the subject, have you ever noticed that when image of a man is on the make, particularly if he sees a filly he’d fancy in his corral, he links his thumbs in his belt-loops like a cow hand out of a bad B movie with his fingers pointing towards his nether regions? Well he does. And if he doesn’t, it’s likely that his hands are hidden away in a pocket somewhere, still pointing.

If you are holding something, particularly of a phallic nature, a nail file, cocktail stirrer, a pen, or a vibrator, point it towards him. apparently it has the same affect on men as their little have you noticed that I have a penis, look, it’s right here where I’m pointing gesture is supposed to have on us.

Give him the look. You knew the one where you stare at him until he notices and then look away briefly like you’re shy. Then you look at him again, this time lingering three seconds beyond good manners and dropping your gaze down to his lips and then down to his trousers, whereupon you bite your lip and sigh and look back at his face, big eyed. Repeat this, or a variation on the theme for about five minutes, once e very thirty second. One study found that this technique hooked 60% of men inside of ten minutes. If he ends up being far less juicy close up than he was across the room you can always say what Demi Moore said to Rob Lowe in About the first night; ‘I wasn’t looking at you. The clock was above your head.

Well, now you’re tempted him from across the room. Don’t stop with the eyes. You’re too shy to stare at his face. Try making eye contact with just one of his face. Try making eye contact with just one of his eyes, and then focus on the other after a few minutes. It gives the illusion that you are looking deeply into his soul, when really you’re just counting his eyelashes. Another recent study found that complete strangers who stare into each other’s eyes for two minutes reported a passionate feeling akin to love after only a two –minute eye up.

Granted, all of this staring can be a little disconcerting. When you’re in a conversation you may find it easiest to look into his eyes and then look away coquettishly. Give and then remove your attention. It all has to do with that little bit of tease. Don’t forget how much they love the chase. While you’re butter flying your lashes prettily, try to stand, at most, eighteen inches apart. Psychologists claim that the likelihood of two people who are standing this close having a sexual encounter is high.

Use any excuse to touch him. basics of physical contact breaks down far more barriers much more quickly than talking ever could. Touch his arm to emphasize a point. Grab his wrist to look at his watch. Imply familiarity and intimacy will follow.

Always smile and act interested. It doesn’t really matter which bit you’re interested in.

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