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In the following we have tried to give those especial Ayurvedic, Allopathic, Homeopathic and Unani medicines which have been found to work wonders in increasing your sexual appetite together with increasing the efficiency of your fear of sexual performance. Using these medicines those who fell sexually emaciated would find them restoring their sexual potency not only to normal but even enhancing them. These are all tried and tested formula or recipes. When you wish to use them please make sure that you get genuine constitute and not the substitute.

The Miraculous Amla

Dry this fruit in large quantities, then grind them to powder. Now strain this powder through a thin cloth. Now take out the juice of some fresh Amlas and mix this powder into that juice and allow it to dry again. Thus continue adding power to the juice for seven days. Now when this mixture is totally dry, keep it in a bottle. Take this powder (12 gms) mixed in 12 gms of ghee and 6 gms of the honey and have it twice daily. This formula cures all the affliction of the semen and enhances your sexual potency. It can just also be taken immediately after coitus to drive full post-coital pleasure in the second go.

The Singhara (waternut) Formula

Grind the dried waternuts to a powder form and strain it through a thin cloth. Now take the required quantity of it and make the Halwa of it by mixing it in ghee and sugar. A forty days regular course of it gives the energy of an elephant. The problem of premature ejaculation would be eliminated by its regular intake.

The Garlic Recipe

Take about 4 kilos of garlic and boil it in 2 ltrs of milk. When milk is dry, roast this semi it to dry further and then cut the cakes out of it by adding a little honey into it. It is especially effective for those who get supercharged with sexual thoughts and ejaculate before their penis reach even near the vagina.

The Tamarind (Imli ) Recipe

Take clean seeds of tamarind, one kilo in weight, and soak them four days in water. Then peel away their black skin. Now allow the seeds to become totally dry. When it is dry, grind it to powder form along with the same quantity of sugarcandy (Misri). Keep this powdered mixture in a bottle. Take a spoon of it daily for forty days to fight your problem of early ejaculation. It also makes you sexually robust.

Strengthen Your Semen

Take about one lit of cow’s milk and set it for curd in the night. In the morning churn this curd and separate butter from it. now mix the yellow part of twenty eggs with it. Now mix the yellow part of twenty eggs with it. add about 50 gms of sugar in 500 gms of this paste after properly mashing it. This is an ideal medicine for any masculine sexual deficiency and have withstood the test of time from pre-historic days. Not only sexually, it makes you powerful, it eliminate all the afflictions caused by disturbance in one of the prime humour of the body – phlegm or cuff. It helps to cure asthma and enhances the proportion of red corpuscles in your blood.

A Medicine

Just take a little of mustard seeds (about 2.5 to 5 gms) cinnamon (Dalchini) and clove also 2.5 gms. Grind all three to powder form. Have it three-four times a day with warm milk, and reap untold pleasure of sex and health. It helps you retain your erection for longer duration and digests all you have eaten quite easily.

The Miracles of Cannabis Sativa (Bhang)

Bhang has been known to be a powerful herb and celebrated aphrodisiac from the very past. Given below is a special recipe found very effective not only to increase the duration of retention of erection but otherwise very conductive to increase sexual pleasure.

Take the fully verdant plant of bhang, wash it properly with water and grind into a paste form. Strain this paste though a thin cloth and keep it in a wide- mouthed utensil and place it over a simmering fire. When this paste becomes as viscous as honey, keep the utensil in he boiling water with caution that no drop of water should fall in it. When it is fully dry, make the small tablets of it and give to the desirous ones with the instruction to take it with milk. This tablet is very effective to enhance your appetite for hunger and things necessary to enjoy sex, makes your sleep very sound and provides an effective cure against loose motions or diarrheic condition.

Some especial Diets for Enhancing Sexual Potency

The following diets have an age old experience enshrined in their regular in-take. They could be termed as powerful aphrodisiac which go to make you robustly healthy and virile.

The Halwa of Malai Or Cream

This halwa is an ideal breakfast during winter and equally tasty. Take about 125gms of fresh cream or malai and roast it on fire after adding 250gms sugarcandy. Keep 125 gms of ghee on another stove and go on stirring it. when the sugarcandy and the cream coalesce, it will form a homogenous paste. Put this paste in the boiling ghee and go on stirring till it becomes golden brown. When dry, garnish it with the shreds of almonds, raisins, pistachios and cover it with silver foil. Take about a small plate full of this halwa as the first thing in the morning. It not only restores your lost energy during the coitus at the first night, it also makes you sufficiently powerful to keep you fresh and energetic throughout the day.

The Milk Halwa

Take about 5 ltrs of the cow’s milk and heat it on slow fire while constantly stirring it. when the milk becomes quite viscous and reduced to about one third of its original quantity, mix in adequate sugar, the ghee, made of cow’s milk about one and half lit of pulse the yellow part of eggs. Continue simmering it on low fire and go on stirring it after every two or three minutes. When it begins assume golden brown colour add the shreds of almonds, pistachios, walnut and chilgoza after priory mincing them. Now take it away from the fire and add ‘Salabh’ misri or sugarcandy and saffron-rose essence in adequate quantity. Now your halwa is ready. Have it every morning and evening about a small plateful. It quickly restores the energy due to semen loss, makes the semen thick and viscous and your sperms quite strong.

The Almond Halwa

Take about 50 almond kernels and soak them night long in lukewarm water. In the morning unpeel the skin and grind them to a fine paste. Add about 250 gms of sugarcandy after making a syrup of the misri or sugardandy. When they form a homogeneous paste, pour in about 100gms of ghee made from the cow’s milk and simmer it on low fire. When partially solidified due to heat, take it away from the fire and add the powder of about 10 small cardamoms. Cover it with the silver foil. You can add pistachio shreds in it if you so desire. Have it every morning and evening in winter season. In scorching summers it should not be eaten as it increases tremendous heat in the body. It is ideal for those suffering from the problem of premature ejaculation or every frequent nocturnal emissions.

Shree Khand

It is famous Maharashtrian dish renowned for enhancing the sexual potency of the males.

Material required: 1 kg thick creamy curd, white sugar or sugarcandy 1 kg ghee made from the cow’s milk 100gms honey 100gms, black pepper, dalchini, small cardamom, tejpatta and dry ginger each 5gms.

Grind all the hot spices along with the cardamom to a fine powdered from. Mix this powder well in the curd after properly mashing it. Now keep this curd on a thin cloth and hang the cloth after properly tying it so that entire water contents ooze out. When the water stops to seep out from it, open the cloth and take out the curd. Now add some saffron essence or musk if you so desire, and properly rub the essence in the entire and curd. Now keep this curd in an earthen container perfumed with little of camphor. Some people perfume the earthen container with kewra essence. This is an extremely delicious dish. You can eat it as it is but normally it is eaten with maidapure with superior quality of rice. It is a tried and tested formula for centuries to enhance sexual potency and make you powerfully robust.

The Gajar Halwa

It is powerful aphrodisiac full of proteins and vitamin ‘A’ contents. It is very favourite dish of the entire North India. Believed to have been invented by the later Mughlas, it is full of energy giving elements and yet quite easy to diges.

Peel of outer layer of red carrots and take out its white hard part. Now mince the red shreds of the carrots properly. Take about 1 kg of carrots and pour in about one and half kg of rich milk. Heat them enough to make their quantity reduced by one third of their original weight. Now roast half kg of Khoya in half kg of the ghee made from the cow’s milk. When your halwa is almost ready add 25 gms of the following ingredients: Kakoli, White Bahaman, Yellow Torai, White Moosali, Salabh Mishri or sugarcandy. Make their mixture a fine powder and add this into the halwa. Add about 250 gms of chuharas (dried dates) along with 50gms of almond shreds, pistachios and the dry fruits of your choice. Now grind the two or three saffron shreds in about a spoon full of Gulab Jal. Now add all the contents into the halwa. It is an extremely rich and delicious dish guaranteed to enhance your sexual potency to no end. Take about a plate full of this halwa every evening and morning and enjoy life to the full.

An Aphrodisiac Cake

Take 360gms of powdered urad’s husk, strach 360gms santhi rice, powdered 180gms., ghee 1 kg 80 gms, sugar 2 kilo 170gms.

Roast all the ingredients except sugar in ghee. When the mixtures becomes cracking red and starts giving fragrance bring it down from the fire. Now make a thick syrup of sugar. Put the mixer in the syrup and make small cakes or laddoos out of it when totally dry. To add more taste and potency to the cake, garnish with almond shreds and other dry fruits. Have this one laddoo with milk every morning and evening to enhance your sexual potency. It is one of the age old tried and tested recipe to make the user sexually robust.

Aphrodisiac Laddoos

To prepare these Laddoos, the material required is:
(a)         1.25kg madia of superior quality, 1.25kg Khoya, 1 kg ghee, 2.50 kg Sugarcandy.
(b)         Kernel of almong 120 gms kernel of chiloza 60 gms kernel of pistachio 60 gms and other dry fruits in proportionate quantity.

All the ingredients of category (a) to be converted into dry halwa by roasting in liberal quantity of ghee. Then mix the shreds of the ingredients listed in category (b) and make laddoos of the entire product. Take these laddoos one at a time with the cow’s milk in the morning and evening.

Dates and Milk

It is also a time tested aphrodisiac which makes the user/s semen thick and sperms powerful. Have four or five dates daily alongwith a cup full of cream rich milk, if you take it as the first thing in the morning it is still better. Since it gives you instant energy, it can also be taken after coitus.

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