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Ignorance about love play and how ably to respond to husband’s sex invitation is a major factor that drives a man away from her, hence the knowledge of sex and health. Had she learnt about sex and love play during her youth, the problem would hardly have surfaced. Love play induces flow of love juices, from the vagina which can flow only when a woman positively responds, prepares her husband, keeps momentum with his tempo. To maintain the momentum and keep it up the same to high pitched crescendo is every woman’s duty.

It should be borne in mind, that once a husband has been excited, or if he himself gets excited, he may not be able to prolong and sustain his erection beyond thirty seconds, prior to his reaching a climax. So, never over-stimulate your husband, otherwise he will ‘come’ much earlier than you, even if you are still in the process of stimulation.

How to prepare yourself

Right from the time of courtship, you will gather fairly good ideas as how your fiance would like you to dress up, what colours prefers, what hair style he prefers which parts of your body language, he feels, could prove instrumental in sex arousal, what type of fragrances he likes, besides his certain preference for some food items, drinks etc. In our country, there is hardly any aspect like courtship, though would be couples freely move, study, go to movies, dine together, discuss matters which are of common interest. It is a sort of dating and flirting, with no promise for marriage. You can flirt with as many men you wish you can’t marry all of them. So, when a woman decides to choose her fiance, she must carefully watch his varies interests, likes –dislikes, desires- aversions and above all his preferences.

Before you meet your husband , making sure that:
You have taken a fresh bath with some pleasing soap. Your private parts and arm-pits should not give out any foul and nauseating smell. Some men are so much sensitive to foul odour of body that they will never get a ‘turn-on’ howsoever attractive and sexy their wives may be. Properly shave your pubic and labial area and arm-pits. Use some lavender, after bath (or lese perfume).

Your hair should be styled in such a way. Which should catch your husband’s fancy. Some ladies use some fragrant hair oil and adorn their hair with flowers. Take care of what your husband prefers. It is a matter of habit with some men to play and fondle with hair of their spouse. Don’t forget hair also excite a person, if your hair style is according to his choice and fancy.

Never burden your body with heavy clothes. Dress up in see-saw dress, where your beauty and body organs are amply exposed. Dress should be convenient but must match the preferences of your mate. Certain men desire to disrobe their spouses gradually, by way of strip-at-ease, method. So you should wear a sort of dress which is transparent, provocative, attractive and light. Some men get an instant ‘turn-on’ by mere revelation of their mate’s breasts and sex organs. It is upto you, and you alone, how you could manage to arouse his sensuality. Some men prefer their wives to wear only thin and transparent nighties, out of which all the organs are easily visible. It is, required by men who are ‘quickies’ and don’t wish to wait even for a moment to get on to the job.

Often change the colour of your dress-sometimes black, at times red, white or pint.
Avoid using bras and under panties. But keep in mind how your husband would like you to dress up if at all.

Exchange some notes and pay compliments for his figure and manly body (even if he has neither).
             Men do not want to waste time in above said interludes, so don’t overplay in eulogizing your husband who is restless to enjoy every bit of your the signs by woman, (or say whole of you) and if you ever tried to distract his attention he may become fierce enraged, or else withdraw from the love-scene. But never forget to compliment him on the size & shape of his penis which is the sign of his manhood, even if the facts point out to the contrary.

Initial Act

After taking care of the preliminaries, mentioned above try to caress and kiss his penis. Try to induce him for love-making in the real sense. If your spouse relishes some slang words for sex , don’t hesitate to use them occasionally. In English language the four-letter word “” is often used for intercourse. Use this word profusely and often, as its use often arouses excitement in both spouses. Some women are far more experts in using rough words and slang words which do convey the sense but are not often used.

Caressing of Body

Women are more adept in the art of cuddling a man than men know how to caress (cuddle) women. Man is more a genital –prone person than women who can be aroused after great efforts. You have to simply caress his penis as quickly as you can. You should tantalize him for one or two minutes by stroking squeezing and tickling him, by slapping his buttocks, thighs, chest and stomach. Do all this for a short period only, but focus your attention his primary area of interest – his penis – which is the be-all and end –all for his sex arousal.

Don’t wait for the moment when both of you are in bed. You should spring a pleasant surprise by initiating yourself into love-play- unzip his pants or trousers, and slip your hand inside his underwear. An element of such a sudden and unaware act will land him into ruptures of joy. If, however, the husband shows any sort of aversion or scare, lead him to a doctor for proper counseling.

Very few women spend time to learn the art of stimulating the penis. This is an art which requires sustained practice in order to master the skill, as it is a delicate and deft art. To say that the men, who abhor or resist the act of penis handling, are ignorant about early day’s masturbation are simply self evasive. There is hardly any man who has not, even once masturbated during his premarital days. And, let there be no doubt, that those husbands who masturbated in their youth adolescence, would not continue masturbation even in old age. Hence, most image of a man, in fact, like their wives to play with their penis but simply pretend as if that was a novel experience for them. To substantiate the opinion we heard some men, in the western countries, love and prefer to have their penises mouth-fucked by women/wives than actual intercourse even. Similarly, there are many women, here and elsewhere, which prefer to have women, here and elsewhere, which prefer to have mouth-fucked.

It is a fact that men prefer and love, rather like, their wives to handle, caress and play with their penis, but it is important, to wives, to ascertain from their husbands, as to the duration for which they would like their penises to be handled and, more importantly, by which method. As a shy, newly-wedded girl may be a bit hesitant, but she, too, would catch her husband’s penis, in the moments of extreme peak of sex arousal, by shedding her modesty or shyness.

 Simply fondle with the penis, by gently holding it, firming your grip gradually; but be careful not to hurt him, as the skin of glans is as soft as that of your clitoris. Don’t forget, your extra strong grip, fast speed and sensitivity may cause immense pain to him, often resulting in some repulsive reaction or, still worse, asking you to keep away from his penis. This situation should be avoided by all women. Don’t be in a hurry to ‘start on’. Apply firm but sustainable pressure by holding penis in your hand (but don’t squeeze as if you are wrenching out clothes), using a firm, but flexible grip.

Generally preferred method of holding the penis, either by experienced or novice wife, is to hold the penis, either by experienced or novice wife, is to hold the penis in your hand, by keeping the fingers on the man’s navel side and then towards his testicles’ side. Now start stroking his penis gently, gradually increasing the momentum, rising even to 300 strokes per minute, depending on the male’s choice. Gradually build up sensation by this method. You can move your hand up and –down in a rhythmic way in the ascending order. Some men prefer to have there penis simply squeezed (by gentle hands) between thumb and finger. If your husband’s potency is flagging, you can reverse the process by keeping thumb towards his tummy and fingers towards his side of testicles with less active (say right) hand.

Alternatively, you can cup the penis with your palm or holding it within pads of index finger and thumb, rolling the fingers to and fro. Some women prefer to hold the penis head with their fingers, and then move them in clock or anti-clock motion. You can also pull back or pull down the penis, and then letting it spring back. Some women hold the penis in between soft flesh of their breasts and, with the help of hands, rub it to arouse erotic sensation of high magnitude. This method can be best done by squeezing the penis between the breast. The said position can be modified by bending your head forward so as to lick the penis with your tongue.

More skilled image of woman would put the penis in armpit and squeeze till complete arousal is attained. More sexy woman would cause arousal by touching the penis against her clitoris, and rotating in on the clitoris itself – this method should be practiced over those men who can hold on and control their passionate sensation, otherwise it may even hasten quick ejaculation. Other women have a fancy for putting the penis between her buttocks. Before doing so, care should be taken, rather it should be ensured, that the anal portion is absolutely germ-free failing which chances of infection are always bright. Lastly, some women stimulate their men with their hair or simply holding it in their hair, and then they stimulate by bringing fingers over hair, and then they stimulate by bringing fingers over hair and move them furiously.

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