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Apart from obvious basics of physical contact appearances, most women say that the most attractive thing about a man is his sense of humour, though they might have been joking. If you can make a woman laugh (at your repartee, not at you), it is likely that she will things necessary to enjoy sex being with you. This does not mean you need to begin your evening together with a five minute stand up comedy routine combining sharp political satire with quick fire one-liners, but be light hearted and make witty comments where appropriate.

If she has something serious to say to you, be careful not to say something you think is witty and will cheer her up but which she may interpret as insensitive flippancy.

Often the best way to share humour with girl you don’t know very well is to find someone nearby to laugh at, though even this method is prone to backfiring if you stray into political incorrectness by picking an oppressed minority type as your target, such as a liberal politician or an estate agent. She’s bound to find it funny if you see someone trying to chat-up a girl with a copy of this book behind his back, although she won’t see it in the same way if she discovers your copy sticking out of your pocket.

Sense of Humour

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