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Sensitive Female Parts

Hereunder, we suggest the methods of exciting sexual passion in a image of woman , starting from hair to downwards upto thighs.


Men have preference for long, curly, lustrous hair. Some like dark black or not very dark, or dark brown or light brown hair. Long and curly hair is traits of a woman, though now there is a fashion to have shoulder cut or boy-cut hair. Man, by nature, would prefer to play fondling with a woman’s hair, like to untangle them, bring tufts of hair over shoulders and breasts of his mate. Long air, in India, is considered a sign of femininity and beauty but, in western countries, trimmed hair are preferred and liked. Fondle with her hair-moving your fingers gently and softly over hair.

Some women have extremely thick hair which, when played with or entangled with, cause sore feeling. If your mate dislikes playing with her hair, don’t do anything which antagonizes her. Love is always a matter of mutual compromise, and never of any ill will or confrontation. Assent is the essence of any successful pre-coital play or foreplay. During a few initial love episodes, both the partners will gradually come to realize what are the likes and dislikes of one’s partner. Time will solve many such handicaps and pitfalls. Proceed together; reach orgasm in coitus, if you want to things necessary to enjoy sex timely ejaculation and climax. Don’t ever force your will and preference over those of your partner.

Lips, Tongue and Mouth (Kissing)

Mouth is one of the most powerful of all erogenous zones, above the neck. Mouth is the gateway to what we ingest and it is through mouth that our digestive process starts. Not only that, mouth is the first arousal point, but it requires to be handled gently. But some women, especially the traditional and hackneyed Indian lady, a believer in whatever is orthodox and religious, would not like to be kissed on her lips, yet she may not object to be kissed on cheeks. But permissive, neorich, pseudo modern and advance Indian lady has hardly, rather none at all, any qualms about kissing or being kissed, rather she would like to outwit her western counter part and may even prove to be more permissive.

Kissing needs no planning; it is an instantaneous and sexy act. You can kiss your beloved in the kitchen, in bathroom, in cinema halls, while dancing, during coitus, while changing clothes, while she is busy in domestic chores or when serving some dish to you. Kissing brings you nearer your wife who draws nearer to you and firmly holds her man in her arms to feel the heat and intensity of his proximity.

Erotic sensation derived differed from person to person. In some persons kissing lands them in heightened frenzy, whereas in others it may even dampen their sexual feelings. Mouth sucking, which includes lips and tongue, is such a practice that hastens sexual sensitivity and sends sensuality to new heights. It is an act of intimacy, producing sensory signals which, in turn, symbolize penetration (of tongue in the partner’s mouth which points to french kissing or ‘Soul Kissing’) and that of penis in the vagina. (The opening of which resembles also lips called, rightly, labia majora /minora). Genital stimulation can be easily triggered by sucking partners of (either sex) lips and/or tongue. If the man starts by deeply, but gently, kissing his wife, he will cause stimulated reaction in other sex and health

There are couples (not necessarily pertaining to married couples alone) who not only enjoy, but prefer also, continuous kissing during sex whereas some men prefer an occasional kiss. Some men opt for passionate kissing, landing the other partner into vaginal lubrication or love-dews. More than man, it is the woman who desires to be cuddled and held. During the course of kissing, some men fondle with her woman’s hair, press and gently play on the earlobes, often kissing the eyes and cheeks too.

As mouth is one of the most highly charged sensual zones of female erogenous zones, very few men pay much attention to this aspect, generally keeping them busy in other erotic acts. They even forget that to kiss a woman on her lips is to prepare their woman for prolonging the sexual act. First kiss your partner’s lips many a time, inducing her for a rebound action. Push your tongue deep into her mouth, frequently running the tip of your tongue, also feverishly running tip of tongue in the inside portion of her cheeks and lips. Now turning her neck slightly on one side, try to touch her hard palate with the tip of your tongue.


‘Sex Flush’ normally beings below the breastbone in the abdomen’s upper region and thereafter spreads over the breasts. Women are more conscious of the shape of their breasts. Even if flaccid and sagging, they would wear bras and pads so that they look erect, rounded, well-shaped and attractive. Breast is the only visible organ of female figure that attracts man of all hues and ages. Left breast is larger than the right one. Nipples is located the tip of the breast that mostly is comprised of a network of a network of nerve-endings and smooth muscle fibers both of which make it (breast) a highly sensitive organ to tough, even contact of tight clothes sometimes suffices to ignite volatile passionate feeling.

In the western world woman are more conscious of their breast and do everything possible so that everyman gets attracted. She knows fully well that her breast is gifted with special erotic allure which symbolizes femininity, sexuality and attractiveness. Size of a woman’s breasts feeding is every man’s focus. X-rated films have changed the old concepts that large bosomed ladies are more sexy, responsive to overtones. Event now, most men still hold a firm view that large breasted women are more adept in the erotic love, easily excited sexually and get charged up quickly this is a total fallacy. Another fallacy is that women with short breasts or the flat-chested ones are devoid of any sexual fervour and that response is cool and passive or they don’t have the capacity to respond sexually.

Now we come to sexual arousal through breast man oeuvres. First of all, cup each hand, squeezing them rhythmically, softly and gently. By deft and soft handling you can arouse yourself and your partner to sexual pitch. You should kiss and suck her nipples. It should only be adhered to, if and when your partner concurs with it. Kissing and sucking process excites both men and women equally if the man gets ‘hot’ or ‘turns on’ quickly he must ensure that he can match the arousal crescendo of her mate. Both must proceed in a uniform manner, caring for the sentiments of the other partner. Never overact, but act and act in a sensible way where both are equal partners. You should make sure that her nipples are not sucked (by violent suction) violently lest her nipples are hurt. Stimulate the very end of the nipple with the tip of your tongue as it is a highly erotic stimulating point.

By caressing the breasts in an effective way you will find your mate’s nipples appear firm and erect, her bosom will enlarge. You can also such the nipples of your mate, as the infant does while being breast-fed.

While you have finished your sexually arousal of your partner, by stimulating her through kissing the mouth and handling the breasts, you will find love juice on the outer portion of her vulva –it will start oozing out love juices, will become moist, her lips will start quivering, voice will become tempered with love, with some stammer, pulse will quicken, blood will surge into all parts of our body, and blood-shot eyes will bear testimony to your observation.

A warning to men: Never criticize the mini or bulging shape and size of your mate’s breasts. Always compliment her for having so sexy, voluptuous and eye-catching breasts (even if they actually defy the truth). Every woman is aware fully of the size and shape of breasts but a word of cheer and appreciation will force her to object submission. Watch very carefully how breasts, nipples and areola appear at various stages.


There should be no confusion about the name. The hairy eminence which resembles like human lips (in vertical position). It has following parts:
(1) Public Hair, (2) Clitoris (3) Urinary opening, (4) Labia Majora, (5) Labia Minora (6) Opening of vagina and Hymen, and (7) Anus. Now, hereunder, we show as to how clitoris etc. Are to be handled to get excitement.

How to Caress the Clitoris

Of all the female sex organs, clitoris is the most sensitive organ, which looks quite small but is capable to send any body language reading into sensual ruptures. Once you simply touch (her) this sensitive organ, the woman can be brought immediately to frantic sensuality. So, it is advised that clitoris is touched upon almost last of all organs.

Some women prefer to have their clitoris gently stroked by the middle finger. During love play, never touch this sensitive organ which has soft tissues and never-endings. It is a natural sequence of love play when the woman gets excited during hugging, kissing and breasts fondling and sucking. First of all,, move your entire hand gently over the entire pubic zone (full of hair), you will notice and find the area moist which starts lubricating the opening of the love passage. Hold the clitoris within your thumb and index finger, but hold very gently. Now rotate the thumb and finger in clock and anticlockwise direction with the finger tips.

Don’t ever start from fondling or even touching clitoris. Consult your partner as to how, when and in which way she would like you to handle and play with this sensitive organ. Here, the woman should rule the roost, for the simple reason that by letting you fondle with her clitoris she would not like you to delay the act, so that she reaches her climax in a graduated and steady way.

If the vagina has started secreting love juice, but the clitoris and adjoining area is still dry, insert your index and/or middle finger into the labia minora or still farther in the vagina to get more love juice and then apply the liquid on clitoris. Your partner will herself guide your hand towards her clitoris and tell you the technique she would prefer. As an alternative, you can use your saliva in place of vaginal secretion.

Some women like their men to squeeze their clitoris against their pubic bone. Clever and manipulative techniques are loved and liked by all women. You can also rub the palm of your hand around and on clitoris, moving the hand in a circular way, occasionally punching gently with your finger and thumb. If the woman objects to on shows any aversion or asks you to even slow down, you should abide by her wishes. Man’s glans penis (or say even penis as a whole) is analogous to head of the clitoris, so it is rightly called a miniature penis. The two organs, penis and clitoris are capable to accumulating erotic pleasure and fear of sexual performance. Some women love their clitoris to be fiercely sucked by their men (Generally, this habit is noticed in girls who are nymphomaniacs) or licked after applying their saliva or by application of vaginal fluid, other women wish their clitoris to be stroked by tip of an erectile penis. When both come into each other’s contact, invariably both run into uncontrollable sexual heights. Incidentally some women prefer their clitoris to be bathed with love juices, quite often, during course of mating.

 Men should ensure hygienic condition of their mouth. If they have any wound, stomatitis, any growth (of cancerous orgasm) or if they have ingested some pungent medicament, they should abstain from touching the clitoris with their tongue, lips or even with saliva. In such cases only fingers and palm should be used for the purpose but take note of the caution given earlier that hands must be cleaned before touching any who should make sure, before entering into any hygienically clean.


Inner side of thighs is also a sensitive zone. This area starts from the thigh joint downwards. During coital act, the woman squeezes her thighs to give added joy to the male, by tightening his penis in between her thighs. Man should work his fingers from upward down in a circular way, slightly squeezing often, to create a feeling of crawling on her thigh zones. Thighs also enable a woman to contract and expand her vulva and vagina, thus creating a feeling of release- and squeeze.

Love Slaps

Both partners, during love play and sexual intercourse, love to be lovingly slapped. This process should be gentle and soft, where element of sustainable pain is welcome and both partners love to be slapped reciprocally. Both partners hug and squeeze each other to such an extent that either of both feels a sense of pain, of course enjoyable. Sequence of pain should be one of squeeze-and-release and soon but care should be taken that the technique doesn’t prove to be a painful and agonizing act and, if that is so, it can marriage chance of happy coition.

Love Bites

Pinch various parts of her sex zones, avoiding pain, kissing her furiously, but not so furiously as to cause bleeding or inflicting any injury. Love bites on breasts are a usual and favorite passion of women (not of all). They also wish to be sucked deeply on all erogenous organs to derive libidinal pleasure. Avoid using your teeth while applying love bites. Try to such hard, but leaving no dent-mark, as dent-marks are bound to be deeper and may leave permanent dental imprints. Be careful never to apply love-bites particularly on nipples, as they are too soft. Also don’t give any love bite or punch with thumb, finger-nail combination on vulva and vagina, clitoris, as danger of damage is too great to such sensitive and soft sex organs. Prove to be a gentle operator, thus avoiding any amount of force. When such extra-marital techniques are applied to your wife, she would neither relish, encourage or tolerate, or may even resist your attempts. Though, one can bite only with teeth, but totally forget about existence of your teeth. While giving love bites use your lips, soft pads of your fingers for the job.

Bottom –Smacking

Gluteal muscle is the only organ in the body, having maximum amount of thick flesh followed closely by large and heavy breasts. While a woman lies beneath you, her body is liable to get tired, and, more so, her bottom on which rests weight of her body. Buttocks are fleshy, soft flexible and easy to handle. Bottom is the only potion which every woman wishes to be held firmly, squeezed forcefully in a squeeze-and-release technique – do it in the same way as kneading is done to flour, to convert it into a dough. Though men who have the habit of anal-coitus love to have heavy bottoms, but heterosexuals also have equal weakness for such heavy bottoms.

A woman’s bottom should be fleshy and heavy so that is in a position to bear weight of a man and woman. That’s the reason why heavy bottom are preferred by most men, and it is also sign of good figure of all women- next only to the bulging size of her breasts. All women like to have their bottoms smacked, held and squeezed firmly by male hands. It is quite amazing that how most women consider ‘buttock smacking’ to be source of reaching vaginal orgasm /climax. Take care not to over-do smacking. If heavy-weight males catch and hold a woman’s buttocks firmly, most of their weight will get shifted and fall on buttocks which have fair amount of capacity to bear extra weight. We advise to smack the bottoms of their mate as long and as far she wishes and relishes – beyond that, it would simply be nauseating.



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