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It is difficult to tell who created a sort of confusion in respect of loss of health by doing sex. Truly speaking, this is totally a baseless conception, as sex renders the couples happier, healthier, slim and trim and above all provides a suitable atmosphere for solving many psychic problems. During sex act, many mutual problems are solved, mind is relieved of tension and worry; family’s overall health improves a misconception about sex inhibitions, taboos are discussed, and a way out is found.

The psychologists are of the view that calories expended during sex act outweigh the calories expended by fast running. Sex is an active exercise because, during course of sexual activity, back, waist, arms and chest are stimulated to greater activity and physical output. All the said fear of sexual performance of body get exercised, resulting in weight –shedding.

If sex is performed with full indulgence and in a cheerful mood and congenial atmosphere, free from stress and day to day worries, functioning of heart and lungs would improve and, as a matter of fact, entire body gets rejuvenated. The couples, who like to regular sex activity will hardly have any joint paints and if the pain is already present, sex act would certainly improve mobility of joints, thereby improving their functional mobility. The reason behind this improved joint activity is due to the fact that by doing sex, adrenal glands are activated which acts as a curative and preventive for joint pains.

Sex activity is synonymous with mental happiness. One happy sexual union and activity, leads to another successful and happy union. If there is no serious/chronic health problem, both partners would experience improved –vigour and vitality after successive sex acts, as they will never feel tired or exhausted, depressed or will ever have a feeling of run-down situation. They will feel a new wave of renewed energy and a stronger will to perform not only their routine chores but would be better equipped to deal with all and new problems.

Sex helps to maintain proper equilibrium amongst body language, mind and intellect, does not let the mind waver and distract, balances physical and mental activity and improves thought process.

There are certain problems in life which cannot be solved during hustle-bustle of sex life. During sex the couple enters into the sexual union with a happy and tension free mood, when there is a always a tendency and urge to understand more, to give more. This is the only opportune time when a wife can persuade upon her husband to agree to a certain problem when the husband can also prevail upon his wife to devise ways and means to solve a riddled situation. There is no overt to covert, intention to dominate either partner, rather there is a accommodative approach. When the partners agree to solve a problems, even if that be in connection with their sex, they can always find a proper and lasting solution.

Impact of sex activity has multifold benefits such as:
•        Expansion capacity of lungs enhances, so that fresh air is let in and poisonous air is expelled, thus improving circulation of blood, resulting in imparting glow, new live and softness to skin.
•        Sex enjoyment enhances mental health and activity. Since this is an excellent opportunity for interaction, most of inhibitions and misunderstandings can be easily removed.
•        Sex is a rhythmic exercise, where both the partners have to keep and maintain equal momentum or to engross fully in the sex act so that both reach the vaginal orgasms at the same time. as whole body fully gets yoga exercises to enhance sex feeling, both sweat out profusely whereby pores of skin get opened, letting out poisonous (toxic) elements through (via) the skin. This also improves complexion on the whole and renders body lustrous, silky and glazed.
•        Sex activity gives renewed energy and a new lease of life, when fatigue goes off, organs get relaxed, mind lands into a jovial and tension free mood. It is the best way to relieve tension and stress.
•        Heat of the body and proximity of bodies help both the partners to ignite passions.
•        For the obese persons sex is a way to shed weight and, thus stay fit.
•        Waist, legs, arms, digestive system, a respiratory and circulatory systems improve their individual and collective functioning.

In view of the foregoing revelations, it can be easily concluded that sex activity is a way to physical and mental skin and proper health, as it increases happiness, takes away mental cruelty or physical fatigues, tones down frayed and agitated tempers, tones up and energizes body organs and their functions. You only stand to gain, but never to lose. You are always a proud winner. No amount of sex activity can ever cause any weakness. In fact, it is the easiest and cost free way to a happy sexuality. Sex is a predominant feeling which must have an outlet, and also without delay, otherwise only despair and mental agitation is in store for you. Never feel obsessed by pseudo unfounded beliefs, rather try to be your own master. Perform sex act whenever you are in a physically fit sexual position but never take sex as a burden. The more you enjoys is, the more blissful moments it would provide. The only condition is that both partners must be prepared to perform the sex act in a mood of consent, cheerfulness and unison. Force, coercion compulsion and dissent have no place in a happy sexual life respect the feelings of your partner and induce him/her to join with a happy mind and accommodative approach. Your approach should be permissive and persuasive, and never restrictive or biased.

Self-restraint is not meant for all persons as it is, applicable to menstruating women and ailing only. As food is to body, so is sex to body, mind and intellect. There is no substitute for sex.


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Sex and Health