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The first night is supposed to be the most important event in married life. This is the first meeting of the married couple and forms the foundation of the entire married life. The old says: ‘Well begin is half done’ is never true in any other walk of life than in marriage.

But here it should be understood clearly that whatever is being said is for normal married couple and not for those men or women who are steeped in accidental values, and for whom marriage is an association of conveniences and not a coalescence of the two bodies and of two minds. It is only for them that a marriage is not a contract but a sacred relationship of the two souls.

Normally, it is observed that before meeting their first night for both man and woman are tense. This tension is obviously and has basics of physical contact undertones because; only in this relationship you choose your relation, who, though most intimate but not resulting out of a natural relationship. Your other relations are not out of your choice, i.e., you get your father, mother, brothers and sisters as ordained by your destiny. You have no choice in that. But a wife or a husband you choose out of so many proposals you might take her to be cold or frigid. Through with the grown emancipation of women there has come already a marked improvement in understanding and in attitude in regard to sex-matters, the medieval conception of sexual activity as an exclusively masculine function, in the exercise of which the woman’s part remains passive one does not easily give way. So give her time to adjust and open out.

First of all, you must also feel her and allow her to feel you. A subtle caressing or a light embrace would give her the ‘confidence’ of opening out before you. The bride should also bear in her mind that she shouldn’t overact. After all, he is your husband and he has every right to explore your body. Take it easy and things necessary to enjoy sex – you’re not committing an immoral act. All of your ideal ladies have gone through this act. If your husband admires your eyes and kisses them you must show by gestures that you liked his act. Egg him on subtly by your sweet smile. The path of conjugal bliss is narrow; you cannot succeed in traversing it by retaining your identity, Merge yours into his and his in yours.

The groom should also be sensitive enough to judge his bride’s reaction by her facial expressions and gestures. No bride would say in the first night, at least in India, that ‘Ah’ I like it. Repeat it’. Meekly and gradually arouse her sexual feeling. Sometimes a recitation of a story full of amorous dalliance does the trick. Make her join you willingly in every step you take in this direction, don’t drag her.

Having ‘readied’ her for their occasion, you being you foreplay. The first and foremost act of the foreplay is kissing. Starting the mild ‘just touching’ kiss you go on adding pressure by your lips. Kiss her on the eyes then her forehead and slide down to her lips. The ancients said, and it is a fact, that skilled loveplay; the glance, the caress and the kiss, when performed properly, can make the passions of a woman mount so soon and so high, as even to cause her to achieve her orgasm! Or even several orgasm, one after the other before ever the main organs of sex, the penis and the vagina are brought into play either by mutual contact or by touching with the hands of either of the partners. The woman melts in your arms, although the later may merely encircle her and nothing more, her eyes become glossy and filled with moisture akin to tears, her breath quickens and becomes audible, she appears to cling to you and tremble as if from fear, her lips becomes wet and then her eyes close, and she begins to groan faintly in contentment. These are all the wonders wrought merely by your kissing her. She would now start reciprocating your kiss. Each of you would eagerly explore the lips, teeth, tongue and interior of the other’s mouth, with your saliva mixing. The sideways and circular motions, the in-and-out movements of the tongues, the tightening and grasping of the tongue by the partner’s mouth, the pouring out of the mingling saliva, start the secretion from the sexual glands of you both. The groom would experience the erection with a light liquid beginning to ooze out from his penis and the bride would also get between her legs.

But all these acts should be performed without any squeamishness or reservation, entertained by the two partners when embarking upon the ‘French kiss’, regarding the admixture of their saliva's or the exploration by their mutual tongues of their partner’s mouth. The conjugal act of sex should be performed with the total abandon. ‘Let the prohibitions go to dogs’ should be the mutual feeling. The woman must shun her all taboos and enjoy in this uniting act of love. Asks Casanova, the famous lover, ‘What is a kiss? It is attempt to absorb, to breath in, a portion of the being that we love?’ The famous sexologist advise that the kissed be moist so that they maybe drunk and not merely sipped? In these kissing acts, there should be a definite action of, suction or of buccal suction. Your moisture, perspiration, saliva and even the sense of smell and the personal odour as well the personal aura, all come into it. The bride and the groom literally taste each other.

 It is time you gradually start disrobing her. Meekly and slowly unbutton her blouse and cast it away. Do not rush to take out her bodice. The breasts bound in the bodice with their half open sensuousness help turning the groom on. Caress her bound breasts with your velvety touch. Let the groom’s finger intrude in the fold of the breasts. Press the bride’s nipples by your first finger and thumb, meekly kneading them. You would definitely feel them getting harder. Now you take your bride’s bodice off. Fondling her open creamy breasts, kiss the bride still harder on her lips by holding her both the breasts in your two hands. Her breath would become audible and she would start pressing against the groom’s body language. Now the groom puts his hand under the folds of petticoat or skirt and rubs the bride’s buttocks. The line separating the two buttocks is a very sensitive erotic zone in a woman’s anatomy. Caress the line with your middle finger while rubbing the buttocks by your hand. Your other hand should start clutching the mound. Rub your left hand’s finger in her pubic hairs. Buy this time, your bride would be quite changed to press your shoulders hard by her hands. Guide her one hand to your pelvic region and let her play with your balls and penis. Since men, by nature heat-up rather soon, beware that her hand’s holding your penis does not make you come. The groom has to be extra- cautious not to ejaculate before the final act. If your bride gets dissociated by your coming rather early, she would get utterly frustrated. The entire fore –play should be totally controlled. The groom is the hunter by nature and bride is the hunted prey. If you ‘shoot out’ without hitting your prey the entire game would turn out to is an unpleasant mutually dissatisfying play.

While caressing the line between your brides’s buttocks let it go down and down. While moving it around her anus brings it down the hard ridge of flesh between the vaginal opening and the rectum. By this time her vaginal discharges must be in full flow. Rub her mound gently and insert your middle finger down the vagina. From the top-side and search for the clitoris, the chief organ of sexual stimulation in a woman’s anatomy. Caress it by your finger for a few minutes. Your bride would become restless with the sexual charge. Now rub her entire body openly and somewhat savagely. Many women get ‘ready’ only after a little savagery performed on their body. She would start groaning in post-coital pleasure. By this time all her inhibitions and taboos would have been thrown to winds. She would start madly biting your face, your shoulder and neck and would suck your moth dry. It is now time to stop the fore-play and come to the actual act.

Some women greatly enjoy when their nipples are sucked. A streak of motherhood is present in every woman in every age. These sort of women would ever be ‘ready’ unless their male partners such their nipples for five to ten minutes. The groom would know his bride’s this proclivity in the fore-play itself. Do it as she wants it. If groom could raise his bride to the peak in the first night, it is treated as an extraordinary achievement foreboding a perfect married life, sexually.

Much has been written on the various positions that may be adopted when copulating, so that the count has reached, in some cases, nearly 100 different ways, while other authorities have even topped that century mark. Although many of the sexual positions described there in are most absurd. Yet it is beyond our purview at the moment. In the first –night –copulation the most natural position being the frontal intercourse, which is also most convenient. What the performers would like is the most comfortable position, i.e., while performing the act what you want to have in comfortable position to facilitate the smooth and full entry for the penis in the vagina without performing any body twisting acrobatic feats. After all, your purpose is to ‘have’ the woman in such a way as to give her or yourself a really good time. As a consequence, any position that achieves this dual objective is a good, satisfactory and worthwhile posture and may be adopted as such. The frontal sexual intercourse has other advantages also. With your mouth titillating or kneading the nipples of the breasts, hands kneading the buttocks and penis sunk deep inside the vagina propelled forcefully by the jerks exerted by the pushing, your waist up and down – you cover her entire erotic zone by your body parts to fan your bride’s sexual fire to the full. Incidentally, it is never advisable to always follow the same position in coitus and do it the same way practically every time for, like in everything else, sameness brings monotony and hence staleness.

It is not as much material what posture the couple should adopt. Important is your both reaching the climax together. A man should be able to practice retention till his bride has attained her vaginal orgasm. And this is a universal problem for males. Especially in the first-night, when your experience is maiden, and the sexual charge is extreme, the grooms tend to come rather early. To attain this retention, hundreds of methods have been advised and literally hundreds of balms, ointments, applications, medicines are in use. But the crux of the problem is: no external agent can brings or maintain the desired retention. You the groom would have to yoga exercises to enhance sex feeling restraint, physically or mentally to achieve this. There are some physical methods involving flexing of some muscles which have been found effective. One old and time tested secret is to tighten your anus muscles when you feel you are nearing the explosion. The more you tighten these muscles the more you would be able to check the discharge of the semen. But this practice requires constant endeavor and a strong mental discipline. It is because, when you approach your climax, the natural desire is to penetrate as much deep as possible your penis into the vagina. And for thrusting your penis down the vagina. And for thrusting your penis down the vagina you arch your back to have the full go – meaning the lower muscles relaxation. At that very moment, if you tighten your anus muscles you can achieve your aim but you would have to act contrary to your body’s demand. The ancients say that when your anus is tightened you are tightened; you loosen it and you will be discharged soon.

Inspite of your best efforts, if you reach your climax earlier than you bride, remain in the same position and never take out your penis immediately from the vagina. The reason is physiological. Male sexual charge could be compared to the flight of a mortar shell. After attaining its peak it falls down like a stone, while a woman’s can be likened to a parabolic path gradually rising, attaining its peak and falling gradually down. So even if you both attain your peak simultaneously, she would clamour your not loosening your hold of her for a little more time. In case you discharge early, it is all the more necessary to maintain the posture. Many couples prefer to sleep in the same posture. The groom should continue patting her body, kneading her breasts feeding nipples and clutching her buttocks till she attains her peak. Then relax and retire. Some couples prefer to repeat the performance in their youthful exuberance. Well, you may if you want, but it is advisable to relax for few hours. After successfully completing the coitus the young couple drinks milk or other instant energy-giving potions. It is customary in India to keep a glass full of creamy nut-rich milk in the first-night chamber. There is no doubt that this celebrated.

 There are innumerable books available on the subject. But no amount of learning through books can guide you to quench your desires. You have to learn it by your won experience. One can take you to the ‘first night changer’ but twenty cannot make you act in the desired style. Learn and enjoy the supernal bliss of conjugal physical union, all by your own efforts.

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