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If you wish to enjoy coitus in its entirety do at least, the following preliminaries:


The room where you intend to have coitus should be free from noise, interference and should be neat, clean, airy, well ventilated. The colours of bed sheets, curtains, wall paints should conform to personal preference and tastes. Red color is said to ignite sensuality. Dull, drab, colours should find no place in your sleeping room. Colours play an important part on the mind. Avoid dark red, blue, green and violet colours, as far as possible. Pink cream, fawn colours add to post-coital pleasure.


Keeping in view your mood, approach, preference and likes and dislikes of your partner, wear only those clothes which are neither too loose nor too tight, rather those should be comfortable, revealing, transparent and sexy. Dress holds a unique place in sex act. Don’t put on any dress, which is likely to stand in the way of your body handling. Certain couples prefer to wear scant clothes or only underwear’s. Those who wish to resort to strip-at-ease method should wear only such dresses, which can be removed slowly, making way for gradual removal thereof. Some couples prefer to enter in sex in a total nude form.

Colour of dresses should be able to heighten your sexual lust.

Personal Hygiene and Bath

It is necessary that a bath with scented water of using cologne, rose water will do away with foul smell from the body. Bad odour is most likely to drive you away from conjugal love, as most people can’t withstand foul body odour, which is an impediment in a turn on. While bathing, take care to wash your mouth, ears armpits, genitals, thigh joints, genitals thoroughly to ensure proper hygiene. Shave the armpits and hair on the pubic region, on and around genitals and use some pleasing, scented and mild cream or lotion to rule out any chance of infection. When private parts are shaved, creamed / sprayed with lotion, one should experience added flavor in sex and health, as clean and shaven parts help in an early turn-on.

Spray your neck, ears, ear lobes, armpits, chest navel portions with scented sprays but the odour of scents used should be pleasing.

Hair should be dressed and combed in such a way that your partner’s choice therefore should be quite visibly felt and noticed. Some persons fondle with their partner’s hair with gay abandon. Dark, lengthy, curly hair is preferred by most image of a man. If possible, wash your head with some fragrant soap so that the pleasing smell stays for a longer period; at least before during and after coitus.

Breasts hold an important part in sex arousal. Clean the teats and areola thoroughly so that when your partner sucks, kisses the nipples, no bad taste enters into his mouth, Under portion of skin folds of breasts should be cleaned properly. Some males hate to see hair on nipples or/and areola. So, if there is any hair thereon, pluck the same. Nipple-sucking is a pleasant and cheerful yoga exercises to enhance sex feeling .

Use of Lubricants

There should be no aversion and hesitation in applying some cream, oil or any other lubricant to penis, glans of penis, vulva and vagina but it must be ensured that such lubricants are non-allergic, non-offensive, non-irritating, thus causing no harm to either partners sex organs. If the male penis is thick and long but the vaginal cavity is too narrow to admit penetrator or when there is extreme pain when penis is inserted into the vagina. The matter of fact is that during the course of pre-coital play (or fore-play), the vaginal fluids lubricate the vaginal canal profusely, when use of any sort of lubrication is hardly called for. Moreover, vagina is such a cosy, freshy, tender and muscular organ which has the capacity to enlarge itself to such an extent that length and thickness of penis is hardly of any consequence, as the vagina, due to its flexibility can admit any ‘size of penis’. In one or two initial sexual unions, there may be some pain during insertion of penis but, due to its quality of adaptability, the vagina adjusts itself accordingly. When the penis penetration can be done without any difficulty, there is hardly any need to the use of any lubricant but, if the situations warrants, there is hardly any justification or need to the use of any lubricant but, if the situation warrants, there is hardly any justification or need for avoiding use of any harmless and agreeable lubricant.


Most males prefer to perform coitus in bright light, the reason being that female’s body sexual organs are visible and so that they can see, play, touch and kiss with her sex arousal organs, and also watch their partner’s reaction, intensity of enjoyment, her response etc. But, bright lights may be avoided, instead, light pink colored lights be preferably used. Dark red, blue or violet light should be avoided, unless there is a compelling preference for such colours. Women often prefer to have coitus in the dark or else under very dim lights where only shade of basics of physical contact forms is visible. Anyway, use of lights, colour and the duration of use, should necessarily be governed by personal likings and preferences.

Porno Movies

Some couples are used to watch porno movies to arouse passions. It gives them an instant turn on, helps to know novel postures of coitus. In most cases, some couples opt to perform entire sexual exercise, in accordance with scenes depicted in movie performed as per actions of the porno movie actors, the visualizing couples lose the sense of intensity and personal touch, as personal interaction and preferences get relegated to the hind seat. Porno movie viewing causes distraction of mind which takes away sensual pleasure. Further, some couples may reach orgasm too soon to enjoy the pleasure of ejaculation at the final climax. Some postures may be more practical on the screen and may cause physical harm to private parts of the couples. Premature ejaculation is often outcome which leaves most women on the verge of orgasm, but not complete vaginal orgasm. Men’s purpose is served by viewing porno movies but their female partners don’t get a turn-on which factor causes an abrupt end to sex act, much to disgust of the female partners.


Diane Ackerman says, “Feeling (of Touch) does not take the place in the top most layer of the sin but in the second layer. This is why safe crackers are sometimes shown sandpapering their finger prints.” In any area of the body where there are more blood vessels and nerve endings greater potential for simulative sexuality is found. Erotic Zones pertain genitals, mouth, ear lobes, breasts, inner thighs and buttocks. Not only such body parts but feet, stomach, palms and neck are hot erotic spots. More men consider their women’s thighs as an erogenous zone.

There is not denying the fact that sequence of touch is bound to have profound erotic effect. If less sensitive zones are touched first, and then gradually moving to the more sensitive erogenous areas of the body, it will yield brilliant turn –on. If, on the contrary, most sensitive are worked upon first, it may (as it often does) result in turn off. Let the touch method be applied in the ascending order-that is to say to first touch the less sensitive areas and then moving to toehr more sensitive zones. We elaborate the said point. If food is churned, masticated slowly, saliva will mingle with it, rendering its acceptable to the body. Similarly, if you go slowly on touching method, your juices and endocrine glands secretions will help you getting complete taste (pleasure), and your body will get attuned to all the sensuality element generated by touch.

There are differences in the ways men and women prefer to be touched. Anna Moir and David Jessel are of the view that “Women seem to be far more sensitive to pressure on skin. Although they don’t take longer than men to get aroused, as is widely believed. Many prefer a gentler touch at first, because of this greater sensitivity. But since people usually touch their lovers the way they like to be touched, you may need to show to your partner exactly how much pressure you want.”

If you learn the art of timing in to your mate’s sexual senses and also those of your own, it is quite necessary for both of you not to be a victim to habit, when any act is done in a routine manner. Our process of love-making is bound to be a drab monotony and even a turn-off. The most important part of love-making is that we all differ from each other’s response and the person we wish to cohabitate with can have varied sensations, reactions and enjoyments, from time-to-time, day-to-day.

Taste and Sensuality

We have about ten thousand taste buds that are grouped on our tongues by the kind of taste those are able to sense: Sour on the sides, bitter at back side and sweet at the tip, but the saltish taste can be perceived and sensed from (almost) any part of our tongue. When our skin is not properly cleaned, it also tastes mildly salty. So, tongue and skin have mild saltish taste. Moir and Jessel say, “Women are more sensitive to better flavours and also like higher concentrations of sweetness.” Leaving aside preference for a particular type of taste, both men and women never prefer, rather despise, unpleasant tastes and foul odours. You don’t have to use heavy deodorants and perfumes in bed as they are capable to cause instant turn-off. Only clean taste, in mouth and anywhere else in the body that can turn-on and prove erotic.

Seductive Sounds

Words express our feelings and emotions and lovers have great penchant for seductive sounds and adulatory words. When emotions run high and mouth fails to express feelings, eyes reveal the expression. Sounds of pleasure, during sex, can also be erortic. Many people are inhabited about making noise in bed and as a result miss out on something that can enhance their pleasure and also their partners.” If love notes are reciprocated by the other partner (as) “I also love you,” one is liable to get angry than turned-on. Let us admit that viable and congenial atmosphere do play great part in erotica. Any move that causes or aroused any sort of erotic feeling is, by far, the best sex arousal technique.

Erotic sounds and adulatory averments can be exchanged when mind is at peace; there is no disturbance, fear or obstacle. You can’t enjoy sex under fear –psychosis. You can’t enjoy sex under fear-psychosis. You can’t even enjoy sex under fear-psychosis. You can’t even enjoy sex with tense egoistic and unpleasant approach. Be happy, remain happy, and also look happy – no amount of remorse should even find a way into your bed -room. The more carefree you are, the more relaxed you stay.


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