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Where to Go On a Date

Where you choose to take your date will depend on whether you are better at communicating with words or with your body. You’re obviously having trouble on the talking front if you ask her what her favorite film is, and she replied ‘Kodak’. If this is the case, take her to sell a film anyway and try to seduce her with bodily contact in the back row. No wards need be spoken, no corny chat-up lines, just pure basics of physical contact affection.

On the other hand if she reacts to gentle contact like a cow recoiling from an electric sten gun, you’re in for a verbose evening if you’re going to talk her round to your way of thinking. If you take her to a bar, make sure it’s a quiet one where you can hear each other talking rather than a nightclub in which you will need to lip read.

If she selects a suitable pub, make sure it’s not one that is frequented by all of her experience-boyfriends, who are all fresh out of the army and desperate for a fight.

With most girls, avoid going to Halfords or a scrap metal yard for the the first night (but think about it as a possible venue for a second date, if you get that far). Try to go somewhere exciting, like an airport, or somewhere fascinating, like a power station.

She may be more impressed if you offer her dinner rather than a drink, but you are also making a bigger financial commitment. Don’t waste too must money at this early stage unless you really can afford it.

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