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Yoga Exercises to Enhance Sex Feeling

Though there are several yoga exercises and acupressure points but here I have given details of those exercises and points which are really useful to arouse sex feeing and can be adopted by young couples or would be couples.

Vajrasana or the Hardy Pose

Technique: Kneel down on the floor with your knees , ankles and big tests touching the ground.
•              Sit down on your heels and place your palms on the knees.
•              Keep yourself erect but relaxed. Breathe deeply and slowly.
•              Expand your chest and the abdominal region inward.

Effects: It is good for people suffering from blood post-coital pleasure.
•              It can be practiced any time even after taking meals.
•              It strengthens spine, removes pain in spine and tones up sexual organs both in male a and female.
•              Gives longevity and postpones old age.

Uddiyana Bandha

It is very powerful bandha and a basics one for regulating the flow of prana and awakening of Kundalini. Uddiyana involves the lifting up of the Diaphragm high up the chest and pulling up the abdominal organs towards the spine. It means to fly up. This bandha marks the great bird of prana fly towards the highest chakra Brhmrandhra or Sahasraara. It is to be practiced between the full exhalation and fresh inhalation. When the breath is suspended. Once in a day, early in the morning it should be practiced, first standing, then , in advanced stage, in sitting sexual performance Bandha literally means a loc, bondage, joining together etc. In a bandha certain organs and parts of the body are controlled and contracted. Bandhas are necessary to prevent the dissipation of pranic energy and its proper and maximum utilization. A bandha is a special posture invented to conserve and make a greater use of vast resources of energy, generated by yogic exercises and pranayama. Bandhas should be practised separately in the beginning, before they are incorporated in pranayama.

During yoga the prana is made to flow in attendance through the nervous system and has help in carrying this extra energy of prana to the right organ without causing harm to any other part of the organism. Without proper channelisation of prana it may prove lethal. Thus bandhas are a means of reorientation and control of pranic energy.

Technique : Stand erect on your feet one foot apart.
•           Bend the knees a little and then slightly bend forward.
•           Rest palms, with fingers spread, on your thighs above the knees.
•           Take a few deep breaths and then exhale forcefully so as to empty your lungs completely. Press your chin against the chest in chin lock.
•          Keep the breath suspended and pull the entire abdominal region back towards your spine. Then draw it up towards thorax, keep the pressure of your palms on the thighs all this time. remain in the posse for 20-30 seconds according to your capacity.
•          Relax the grip on your abdominal region and inhale slowly and deeply.
•          Repeat the cycle 3-5 times.

Effects: Uddiyana Bandha is of great spiritual value as it forces the prana up the Sushuma nadi.
•          It invigorates the whole abdominal region.
•          It rejuvenates an old person, if it is properly and constantly practiced.
•          The uplifting of diaphragm massages the heart muscles.

Jalandhar Bandha

It this bandha the throat is contracted blocked, as it were by making the chin rest on the chest in the notch between the collar bones. Once in a day early in the morning it should be practiced, the first night, then in advanced stage in the sitting position.

Stand erect with your feet one foot apart. Bend the knees a little and then slightly bend forward. Rest your palms with fingers spread on your thigh above the knees. Take a few deep breaths and then exhale forcefully. This is automatically practiced. In these postures the chin is firmly pressed against the chest. This chin lock regulates the flow of blood to the heart, head, brain and neck. Jalandhar Bandha is also practiced in combination with Mula Bandha.

Mula Bandha

Mula literally mans the root, source, foundation or the basics. In it the portion between anus and scrotum is contracted and raised. This prevents apaana escaping from the lower body and draws it up to unite with prana.

Technique :Sit in Padmasana or Siddhasana. Stretch your hands and fingers in gyana Mudra.
•           Inhale deeply and retain it. Press the chin against the chest in chin lock.
•           Contract the region of lower abdomen between the anus and the navel towards your spine and pull it up towards the diaphragm.
•           Now, contract and pull upwards the abdominal muscles and remain in the posture for a few seconds.
•           Release the grip and sphenic and abdominal muscles, remove the chin lock. Exhale slowly and evenly. Repeat the cycle 3-5 times.

Effects: It prevents apaana escaping from the lower body and draws it up to unite with prana.
•          It increases sexual retention power complex a person of great moral and spiritual power.
•          It helps much in awakening the dormant Kundalini by preventing the dissipation of pranic energy and changing it into a physical force.
•          Mula Bandha may be practiced later on, in advanced stage in doing Sheersasana, Sarvangasana, Paschimottanasana, etc.

It is beyond any shadow of doubt that Hatha Yoga, increases the sex and health and Hatha Yoga, makes sex sacramental by elevating it to the great spiritual level and heights. The prolonged ecstasy obtained through sexo-yogic postures is to be practiced regularly. Our great ancient yogis, sages and seers have recommended the judicious blending of sex and yoga to experience the divine ecstasy and rapport leading to samadhi. There is no sex stimulant or aphrodisiac as efficacious and regarding as the Yogasanas. The peak experience of vaginal orgasm arising out of such a union can not be defined words.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing with rhythm: Sit cross-legged on the ground or on a chair or stand with folded hand as in prayer. Keep mouth closed and breathe in through the nostrils counting one to four. Hold breath till you count from one to eight. Start to breathe out. While breathing out count once again from one to four, hold breath till you count from five to eight before you start inhaling. Repeat this a few more times. Increase the number of counts while breathing in and out and in between, gradually from day to day, to draw in more oxygen and expel more carbon-di-oxide.

One Other Exercise

Sit in comfortable position for coitus with crossed legs. Keep the body relaxed and erect. Keep the mouth closed. Inhale fast as much air as possible and exhale quickly with force. Do not hold the breath but breathe in and out in quick succession. Relax a while, breathing in and out in quick succession. Do this five to six times in the beginning and slowly increases after a few days practice.

 This exercise is recommended in all digestive and respiratory disorders. It corrects defective circulation.

Shavasana or the Corpse Pose

This classic, simple yet difficult posture is to be practiced before and after the each session and in between the various asanas. This pose is called Shavasana or the Corpse Pose because it imitates a dead body or a corpse and provides relaxation to the muscles and mind, Shava means a dead body.
Technique: Lie down flat on your back like a corpse.
•          Keep the hands at a little distance from the thighs and the palms up.
•          Let the feet be apart 1 ½ feet distance and the eyes closed.
•          Take a long deep breath and then breathe slowly, and rhythmically so as not to disturb your body. Inhalation and exhalation should be equal and uniform. There should be no effort to increase the volume of respiration. A rhythmical breathing is all that is most required.
•          Concentrate on your respiration and relax completely. Keep the jaws loose and not clenched. Let there be no movement either of the pupils or the tongue.
•          In the beginning you may fall asleep but when by practice you immerse into deep relaxation, you would feel your body and mind grown still, detached and completely relaxed.
•          Auto suggestion is wonderful here, Repeat in your mind ‘I relax the feet, they are relaxed. I relax the legs, they are relaxed, then take your abdomen, chest and hands one by one. The hand and brain may come up the last. Thus bring all the parts of your body under relaxation simultaneously.
•          In the end of a session of asanas it should be practiced for ten minutes and in between various asanas for three minutes.

Effects: It removes fatigue caused by other asanas and induces calmness of mind. It makes one feel one’s mind like a deep, still, clear pool of water, without ripple. Dive deep into this pool and emerge refreshed and relaxed.
•          Steady, smooth, uniforms and fine respiration soothes the nerves, muscles and clams the brain.
•          It reduces high blood pressure, tension, and fatigue, The whole nervous system is toned up resulting in increased concentration.
•          In these times of strain and stress there can not be any better antidote than Shavasana. It should be practiced as many times a day as possible.



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