1. Marbella

2. From Torremolinos to Churriana

3. Ben the Baker

4. After the Fashion Show

5. The Bronx

6. You are never too old to Learn

7. Peter from Poona

8. Rule Britannia

9. Sports and pastimes

10. The Constant Nymph

11. Ben rises to the Occasion




After the Fashion Show

‘Certainly nothing is unnatural that is not physically impossible.’

Herman did not want me to forget his fashion show. Every morning he would remind me and when the great day came, I turned up at his house with Franny and a new acquaintance, Bill.

Bill, a strikingly handsome Englishman in his mid-twenties, had moved in with me. Typical of the guys who hung about the Coast, Bill was idle and a drifter. His Dutch wife, tired of his laziness, had thrown him out in favor of a macho Spaniard who would give her the occasional spanking.

I had seen her, tall, blonde aggressive, when Bill had taken me to the beach bar, which her new mate ran where he had gone to discuss details of their separation. Without anywhere of his own, Bill hung about Frank’s Beach Bar, where his good looks would attract some lady with a bed. Bill would stay with her, enjoying her hospitality and bestowing his favours on her until, bored out of his mind, he was incapable of faking another vaginal orgasm. His lady would then return him to stock, as it were, on the beach, which had become a regular meat market for the predominantly English speaking section of the population. Bill’s seductive powers had been increased rather than diminished by his breaking an ankle when attempting to enter the bedroom of a Swedish girl by means of the window in preference to the more conventional method through the door. Elderly women doted on him, changing his bandages, ferrying him to the hospital, washing his dirty clothes and generally fussing over the partly helpless men of war. I willingly took a turn at entertaining him. Although his lovemaking was too relaxed, not entirely due to his foot being in plaster, it was still a pleasure to mount his sturdy cock and ride him to continuous orgasm. He was not much into kissing or oral sex, but was ready enough to come in my mouth.

I need variety in my life. Ben lavished on me all I required in the way of deep, emotional love; from Bill I got cool, uninvolved sex. He was also agreeable company, inoffensive, undemanding and sufficiently intelligent to provide me with a flow of conversation, which I could not obtain from Franny. With my dividing my attention between the two men, she felt more and more excluded and became increasingly moody. She would lie in misery, listening to my moans and cries of pleasure as I fucked in the next bedroom, every sound carrying clearly through the paper-thin walls. Many times, I had heard her nervous cough after I had come to an types of orgasm, and leaping out of bed, I would catch her standing outside the door, trembling, her eyes pleading to be beaten. Bill, like other lovers before and after him, was astonished when I seized her highway robbery by the leather dog collar which she always wears in my presence, tightened it until the marks showed on her delicate neck, and fastened it to a long metal chain. Then, after securing her hands and feet with special straps and manacles, I would whip her, strike her with a hard, leather paddle and hurl insults at her. Instead of finishing her off myself, I would command her to masturbate before us.

To give her a break, I would allow Franny, a horny, little thing, to take a nap with me during the afternoons when Bill would sit in the living room, reading a book or listening to my music. I would feel her leg, artfully pulled around my thigh and pressing ever tighter. As she squeezed, I would feel her body shudder and I knew that she was approaching orgasm. Then, I would suddenly turn on her, the instant before she was going to peak, smack her face and yell at her that I was not a live dildo. However, there were times when I would allow her to kiss and caress me, and we would engage in mutual cunnilingus, her clitoris swelling in my mouth and her raging excitement driving me to a frenzied climax myself.

Another day, when I was in a hurry and had other things on my mind, I ordered Franny to come within ten seconds or to forget it. I counted rapidly and she went crazy, jerking spasmodically like a creature possessed. She came.

The afternoon before the fashion show, I wanted to stay in bed with Bill, which meant that Franny would be deprived of her customary nap with me. So rather than have her sulk for the rest of the day, I brought her into bed with the two of us. But before we could make love as a threesome, I had to tie her down and beat her with a bamboo stick I had found on the beach. She appreciated being included and not being left in the corner like a naughty child while the grown-ups got on with their adult games. For to me, although she is in her early thirties, Franny, with her awkward adolescent walk and youthful chatter, was both a mischievous little persian boy and a shy, young girl, according to her mood.

12. The Magician

13. Say it with Diamonds

14. The simple life

15. Forced to Fast

16. The Persian Boy

17. Penthouse Pet

18. The road to Morocco

19. Have you anything to Declare?

20. Men of War

21. Fiesta in Ojen

22. Highway Robbery