1. Marbella

2. From Torremolinos to Churriana

3. Ben the Baker

4. After the Fashion Show

5. The Bronx

6. You are never too old to Learn

7. Peter from Poona

8. Rule Britannia

9. Sports and pastimes

10. The Constant Nymph

11. Ben rises to the Occasion




Ben the Baker

'Love is sweet, but tastes best with bread.'

'I first met Ben in July 1977 at Lester Sullivan's. Lester has a splendid villa in Mijas, perched in the hills above Torremolinos and the coastal plain.' I started to tell my story as awe climbed into my car, and I set out on the tortuous drive up to Torremolinos to churriana.

Lester was something of a local celebrity, since every Saturday he organized a baseball game in the fields surrounding his house. A sizeable contingent of the American colony would turn up to play or watch, along with a number of Spaniards who were intrigued and baffled by the antics of the players.

There were quire a number of Americans and Canadians who lived in the area and who formed a sort of club-like community, visiting each other, playing games together and generally keeping each other in touch with what was going on back in the States. Some of the man lived a bachelor existence or formed temporary alliances but many were married, almost without exception to American wives. This was not surprising, since they tended to keep to their own national clique and few of them had formed close friendships among the Spaniards.

They were a pretty healthy bunch, living an open air life, playing tennis, often under the expert tuitions of Lew Hoad whose school at Mijas was one of the sexual attractions of the place, or going horse riding or swimming or playing golf-and, once a week, baseball at Lester's.

Most of the men drank quite heavily, but strangely enough, they were also into health foods and obsessed with absorbing their daily quota of vitamins. They had no confidence in the food available locally and would make expeditions to the US Navy base near Cadiz, where they were able to gain access to the PX and stock up with such necessities as Skippy peanut butter, pecan pie, sourdough buns for their hamburgers, Ricearoni, and genuine American, English muffins.

Lester, a heavily built, attractive, grey haired man in his mid fifties, kept himself in magnificent physical condition, and he and his friends took the Saturday afternoon ritual very seriously, playing hard and fast. And lester did not only play hard and fast with bat and ball; he was quite a playboy, a real 'Jock', whose indoor hobby was screwing penthouse pets and Playboy Bunnies, regardless of vintage. I had met him a few times and knew his reputation, so when he invited me to stay up at his place, I accepted out of curiosity. What sort of man was this sexual connoisseur, I wondered. As for me, I had never aimed at being a center spread in a glossy girlie magazine, but as a regular contributor to 'Penthouse ', I suppose I would qualify for his favours and I was in better shape than some of the more venerable models that he had bedded.

But there was another side to Lester's character, quite different from the image of the sporty, raunchy playboy, as I was to discover.

Next to Lester's house, there was a small bungalow in which lived his mother. Although she must have been about eighty, she was as sprightly and alert as his seventeen-year-old daughter who, together with her fifteen-year-old brother, was also staying there. With his family planning, Lester was kind-hearted and considerate, a regular, cuddly, Jewish father and dutiful son.

Lester was very proud of his house, equipped with all the newest gadgets. Almost as soon as I arrived, he showed me into his gigantic bathroom which featured a pink, heart-shaped bathtub and pink bathrobes and towels. An army of cologne and bath oil bottles was drawn up for my inspection, and I had my choice from a dozen silk morning gowns in all the colors of the rainbow. I was presented with a new toothbrush, still wrapped in cellophane, and then the tour inevitably led to the bedroom.

Of course, the bed was enormous, larger than king size emperor size, you might call it. I had to lie in it, so that he could demonstrate his vibrating mattress. I believe that Lester thought that I would be shaken into submission by this seduction special, but it merely made me giggle.

Undeterred, he switched on his TV, video recorder and recorded player in succession by means of a remote control, which he kept at the bedside. All that was harmless enough, but when he pulled out of a drawer in his bedside table a half dozen assorted dildos and vibrators, intended to excite me.

I considered that the time had come for actions. So, I pulled him to me and, curling my lips around his ready and eager cock, gave him what was probably the blowjob of his life. When, at last. I spat out his bitter come, I knew that the lion had been tamed for a while and I would be spared further displays of modern technology. I explained my simple tastes and persuaded him to give me a separate bedroom with less sophisticated fittings for the rest of my stay.

There were a lot of other guests in the house, and the following night, we were lounging on Lester's terrace after a substantial meal of spicy, barbecued steaks, admiring the view across to the sea, flanked by the rugged, moonlit hills and, in front of the terrace, an incongruous relic of Lester's past, burnt of the terrace, an incongruous relic of Lester's past, burnt out remains of his private plane which had crashed on the runway at Malaga. Lester had miraculously escaped.

Suddenly a human tornado burst in, shattering the calm and rudely waking up those of us who had overeaten and were dozing in the heat. In marched Ben the Baker, carrying about half a dozen loaves in his arms. Ten o'clock at night is an unusual hour for a delivery of bread, but as I was to discover,

Ben was an unusual man. Tall, muscular, with shoulders of a professional footballer and a broad chest, sprouting a huge crop of black hair, only partly hidden desires by his faded, red T-shirt, Ben exuded boisterous, cheerful virility.

ben rises came straight over to me, a great grin stretching from ear to ear, dumping his bread on the table and ignoring everybody else. Lester was particularly irritated since he had just at that moment introduced me to another of his guests who had marked me down as the night's selected victim.



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