1. Marbella

2. From Torremolinos to Churriana

3. Ben the Baker

4. After the Fashion Show

5. The Bronx

6. You are never too old to Learn

7. Peter from Poona

8. Rule Britannia

9. Sports and pastimes

10. The Constant Nymph

11. Ben rises to the Occasion


Have You Anything To Declare

'Rich gifts wax poor when givers prove unkind.'

Stephen complained that I was unsympathetic when he crawled out of bed the next morning . his hangover was horrible to behold: that was his way of describing it. Jacques and Jeannine had risen early and were busily preparing for our departure. At the prospect of breakfast, Stephen's complexion turned a mot unattractive shade of green but, with an effort, we managed to decant him into the car although he protested that we had left his head upstairs.

'Look here,' Jacques said, 'you are in no condition for a long ride on Moroccan

highway robbery Before we get going, I'll take you to one of the public baths and get you a massage. It'll make a new man of you.'

Stephen objected, but Jacques was adamant and we descended on the 'Old Town', where there were a number of shabby buildings proclaiming to the world that they were 'Spanish Bath' or 'German Bath', but, in fact they were all Arab baths. Jeannine and I decided that we would look around the shops and stalls when we found that the baths were strictly segregate. Before we departed, we overheard the following conversation:
Jacques: 'How much is bath?'

Attendant: 'Five dirhem for one person, twenty for two.'
Jacques: 'That's ridiculous. My friend, here, needs a hot bath and a massage. Alone! And you can't ask for more than a couple of dirhem.'
Attendant: 'But for that money he gets as much hot water as he wants and soap and the use of a towel. For another five dirhem, I'll bring him a lovely persian boy. Bathing alone is not good for a man: it makes him feel lonely.'

Jacques: 'Two dirhem. And you can find somebody to give him a good body massage.'

Attendant (brightening up) 'Three dirhem. as a special favour since today is my birthday, and I can get you a wonderful masseuse - it'll cost another twenty dirhem. and for that you can have the little boy thrown in for nothing. Now that's really a bargain!'

Eventually, the miserable Stephen got his bath for three dirhem. and the massage for another ten, without the benefit of a little boy.
'You're certain that this is going to do me good?' he asked.
'Sure! Now we have the terms agreed, I'll join you myself answered Jacques.

The attendant wailed that he was being swindled and tried to go back to his original price but, on being given a firm undertaking that there would be no sexual intercourse between the two men of war, he resigned himself to the fact that the poor, benighted Europeans did not know what baths were for and he hurried off to get hold of a stocky, good humored man of about forty who administered massage.

Three quarters of an hour later, we were on the road, heading inland with Stephen transformed interests a bright, sprightly creature - quite his old self.

'There were a sequence of steam rooms,' he told us, 'getting hotter as you went further in -not unlike a normal Turkish bath except that you sat on the floor and threw buckets of hot water over yourself. Then this type came along and pulled every muscle of your body out of their sockets. But the amazing thing was the way he slithered his own body against yours and used his body to get enormous leverage in his pulling and pushing until you were completely toned up. Remarkable!'

'Did you like frolicking naked with another man?' I asked.
'Oh, but you don't bath naked,' Stephen assured me. 'That's the strange thing. The Moroccans are not shy about sex as you may have noticed and the they are for every offering ass. Yet, in the baths, men are expected to keep on their underpants. You pour buckets of water into your trunks like in a Laurel and Hardy film but nobody shows a bare butt.'

Despite his stay in Oman, Stephen admitted that he had never before been to a 'Haamman', an Arab bath: it had certainly acted as a tonic on him.
It was late in the afternoon when we drove into the old city of Fes. We found a hotel without difficulty and spent the evening and part of the following morning in the great soak, perhaps the most exciting market place in the whole of the country. Jacques and Jeannine dealt with their shopping skillfully and purposefully. They showed me the row after row of shops specializing in carpets, ceramics and all sorts of metal wares - the things which could be useful in fitting out my new flat. I bought a few items but most of the wares were traditional in design and my taste is more in favour of modern style.

It was a different story when I saw the work of the gold and silversmiths. There were brooches, rings, bangles and every conceivable kind of decoration, all exquisitely worked into elaborate and complicated designs. I bought a beautiful locket in rich, glowing gold; I was intrigued by the maze-like design. Later, I found that I was wearing the name of the Prophet around my partly Jewish neck.

'We'll have a quiet evening tonight,' Jacques stated with a pointed look at Stephen. 'Fes is a holy city and the sort of thing which happened in Tangier would land us all in jail here.' 'That's alright' smiled Stephen, 'let's go and have a drink.'

'Alcoholic drinks are not sold in Fes.' Jacques told him. 'As I said, it is a holy city.' Stephen reeled under the shock and docilely allowed himself to be led away to dinner- with water and orange juice. Afterwards, we walked around the ancient city - 'the naval of road to morocco' as it has been called. It had been a long day and after a short time, we took ourselves off to bed. I had no reason to complain about Fes by night. Dear Stephen was stone cold sober. Our lovemaking was relaxed and leisurely and we fell into an untroubled sleep. I awoke to find that Stephen was taking me in his arms, nibbling gently my ear and I could feel his hot, straining penis pushing against my skin. I love that languid, muzzy sex which belongs to the moments before I am fully awake. Stephen had eased my legs open without my realizing what had happened and he slipped inside me without any fuss. Happily, I savoured his 'morning glory'.

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