1. Marbella

2. From Torremolinos to Churriana

3. Ben the Baker

4. After the Fashion Show

5. The Bronx

6. You are never too old to Learn

7. Peter from Poona

8. Rule Britannia

9. Sports and pastimes

10. The Constant Nymph

11. Ben rises to the Occasion



Peter From Poona

'Nowhere can man find a quieter or more untroubled Retreat than in his own soul.'

After my hectic weekend with Herman and ben the baker, I was pleased to be back in my own place. I had the good fortune to meet a nervous, American woman who lived in the same building as me. Her boy friend had walked out and she felt insecure without a man about the house. It was a relief to be able to pass on Bill, crutches and all, to this grateful recipient. It was time for his next move, and although she was a bit skinny and uptight, his new guardian angel had a car, which Bill obviously took into account. I would bump into him from time to time, over the next few days, but he soon moved on to the next day who could find a spot in her heart and home for him and I lost contact with him.

Franny and I were amused to witness the daily routine of the English 'playboys' of Marbella.

Their day would start on Hank's beach, where they would try to pick up young girls from every imaginable country who paraded there with the express intention of being picked up. The playboys found this thirsty work, and by the end of the afternoon, many of them were too drunk to see straight, walk straight, or think straight. They would totter off to dine with their newly acquired escorts who would be sure to choose the most expensive restaurants. Then, to the 'in-place', which at that time was Oscars, a discotheque owned by racing car driver, James Hunt. Before going back to his place growing old together, each men of war lecherous objective, they would look in for a last drink at the oldest and still the most crowded of Marbella's discos, Pepe Moreno. While the aging playboys would swap yarns about their deals, the girls neglected by their great white hunters, flirted with the sexy Spanish waiters, sober, virile and available. So, when the playboys staggered out, ready for home and bed, they found that the playgirls had already taken off and the whole day's chase was wasted.

The boozy, blundering idiots made the same stupid mistake, day after day, and ended up declaiming how deceitful were the bloody women who exploited them for all they were worth. I had no respect for the girls, who cheapened themselves and let the men treat them as whores or trophies to be collected. But I had even less sympathy with the men who got no worse than they deserved.

Sometimes, for a change, we would to go up to La Florida, a private club, a short distance from marbella, in the hills, which boasted a very pleasant swimming pool where we could go topless, and an outdoor bar and restaurant. I would play the odd game of backgammon, although I never aspired to the skill of the regular tournament players who congregated there.

Most of the crowd who patronized La Florida was dreadful snobs and worse gossips than the inhabitants of Peyton Place. Quite a number were members of the cliques who frequented Hank's Beach. Indeed, during the evenings, Hank himself was always there, since he had the concession to run the bar which his pals looked after in the daytime when Hank was usually occupied on the beach. Hank was a boisterous Englishman who, when polluted, which happened frequently, would play such pranks as pouring champagne over the bare breasts of frigidity in women sunbathers during his occasional afternoon visits. It was while he was well tanked up one evening, that Hank fell clumsily into the pool, breaking his hip. After that experience, he stayed sober for several weeks.

Once a week, Hank would organize a barbecue at La Florida which would be attended by all the fashionable folk and the regular lay bouts, like Bill, as well as those tourists who had heard about the event by word of mouth. I would go with my own circle of friends, which included an intelligent, handsome man, named Peter.

I like Peter and found him a well-educated and kindly person. He had spent three months in Poona and had come back to Spain, a changed man, after sitting at the feet of the most celebrated guru, Bagwan.
Before his pilgrimage, Peter had devoted his time to chasing petite brunettes with gigantic tits.

Whenever the stock of women in his environment lacked any of those patterns, Peter would go without sex, rather than break out of his set behavior. His wife, a brunette with gigantic tits had left him, taking their three years old son with her, and this had left Peter, cold and bitter. He would also be repelled by the least contact with diamonds a man, even if it were completely devoid of any sexual significance.

The new Peter was a soft, gentle man who wore silky, orange clothes, and would express his love of humanity by putting his arms around men, as well as women, and kissing their foreheads. He would even be charming to women who were not brunettes with gigantic tits!

So, one night during the barbecue, Peter and I were sharing a chaise longue and smoking a hidden joint, a little way apart from the rest of the crowd, and I took the opportunity to ask him how Bagwan had changed his way of simple life.

'Tell me, Peter,' I demanded. 'Of course, I have read articles about it and I must admit I am a bit critical of the set up and the influence it seems to exert over people.'
'You have misjudged it,' he replied. 'The beginning is tough because they aim at crushing your ego. It's as though they have to destroy you before they can rebuild you, purified. Then, after a few weeks, it is a wonderful experience. That's when I leaned to become sexually liberated.'
'You mean that, thanks to Bagwan, you are free from your fixation for big-boobed brunettes?' I asked sarcastically. 'How did they work that miracle?'

Peter smiled at me patiently and patted my arm. 'I had heard about Poona being a permissive place where everybody could fuck anybody, anywhere,' Peter said, 'but the place must have changed a lot since I found that everything was well controlled.'

12. The Magician

13. Say it with Diamonds

14. The simple life

15. Forced to Fast

16. The Persian Boy

17. Penthouse Pet

18. The road to Morocco

19. Have you anything to Declare?

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