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2. From Torremolinos to Churriana

3. Ben the Baker

4. After the Fashion Show

5. The Bronx

6. You are never too old to Learn

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8. Rule Britannia

9. Sports and pastimes

10. The Constant Nymph

11. Ben rises to the Occasion


The Persian Boy

'Oh, when I was in love with you, Then I was clean and brave. And miles around the wonder grew, How well did I behave. And now the fancy passes by, And nothing will remain. And miles around they'll say that I am quite myself again.

My first night with diamonds Omar was one ;which I shall remember. The dark, delicate looking boy had appealed to the romantic side of my character and I had been looking forward to exploring his body and feeling him make love to me.

It was a great anti-climax. Omar was miserably unsure of himself. When he should have taken the initiative, he was shy, when he should have been deft, he fumbled. He did not even know of the existence of oral sex a and when he kissed, his mouth was taut and his lips tight shut. I had the task of teaching him that one can do more with the tongue than simply talk.

After the uncertain, scampered petting which passed for foreplay , he mounted me fearfully, his body shaking with nervousness.

There was nothing wrong with him physically: I liked the sight and the feel of him and his penis was both longer and thicker than I had expected in surprising and pleasing contrast to the slenderness of his peter from poona. However, he was obviously inexperienced and after I had guided him into me, he came so fast that he did absolutely nothing for me.

As he lay back in the bed, I said to him. 'Omar, I enjoy being with you, but you do seem terrible uptight. Is there something that I have said or done which is upsetting you?'

He shook his head. 'No., Xaviera, you Hamid have been most kind and understanding. I know that I have not proved to be a very good lover, please forgive me. But I am nervous. I can't stop thinking about Herman in the next room and what you said about him - being homosexual, you know.'

I felt very let down. 'You mean that you would rather be with him than with me?'
'Good Lord, no!' Omar burst out laughing. 'I can't stand that sort of thing. A few men of war have propositioned me; I suppose that they think that I look effeminate, but I find the whole idea of sex with another man repulsive. No, the trouble with having Herman so close is that I didn't like the way he made advances towards me and I guess that he is pretty macho. I had the fear that, knowing what we were doing in here, he would break in and do something to me.'
'You mean that he'd fuck you?'
Omar looked uncomfortable. He did not have many four letter words in his vocabulary.

'Yes, you could put it that way. That he would violate me.'
'Don't worry. I promise you that Herman will behave. Why don't we go on where we left off?' It was no use. The presence of Herman in the apartment raised a psychological barrier which Omar could not surmount. We embraced but his awkwardness got though to me and put me off so that there was nothing for it, but to turn out the light and go to sleep. I kissed him goodnight and whispered. 'Never mind. Herman is going home tomorrow. Perhaps you will feel better when we have the place to ourselves.'

Before we could not the matter to the test, we had a couple of ordeals to undergo. First, there were Herman's farewells. His last words to Omar were a suggestion that any time the Persian boy would care to experience a real, sexual boredom thrill, he should contact Herman and stop bothering with such childish follies as sex with women and a request that Omar would remind Hamid that whatever he might want to purchase, Herman could supply it - at a price.

With a deep sense of relief, we deposited Herman at the bus station and drove on to Incosol where Omar rejoined Hamid and found one hell of a reception awaiting him.
'And where do you think that you have been all the morning?' stormed innocently, 'Is there something that you want?'
Omar tried to evade the issue, 'Have you been looking for me? He asked innocently, 'Is there something that you want?'
'Yes . I want you to be there when I look for your, not stealing off somewhere without a world of warning. You are paid to be with me and your work is here, in my presence.'

Omar apologized abjectly and I was furious at his humility and at Hamid's jealously - for I was sure that was what was eating him.
Hamid ranted on, 'I don't think that you even slept here last night. Abdul couldn't find you when he got up early. You had better come clean. Where have you been and what are you doing behind my back?'
Omar was so confused by this bullying that he offered no defense to his lord and master, but I had heard enough and weighed into Hamid.
'Since you ask, Hamid, Omar spent the night with me. It was my idea and I don't see what business of yours it is. You say that you pay Omar: that hardly gives you the right to treat him like a slave and dictate his private sex the simple life.'

'I don't think that anybody had ever answered Hamid back and stood up to him in the whole of his life, and I wondered what his reaction would be. I half expected him to order Omar and me to be boiled in oil or tied to a couple of camels and torn limb from limb but, to my amazement, a broad grin spread over his flabby face.

'So, you were looking after the little boy, were you, Xaviera? Well, I don't see how I can object to his passing his time in your company. You have become almost one of the family and I am sure that you will be a good influence on him. if you want to take him off in the evening, that's alright with me: only make sure that he is back at breakfast time so that he can attend to his duties.'

And with a paternal chuckle, Hamid slapped Omar on the back. The tension slipped away and all his bad temper was immediately forgotten.
The person who benefited most from Hamid's bout of good humour was me. That night, Omar was a different man. He did not have to fear the distant anger of Hamid or the menace of an all-too-close, Herman. His sexual education got off to a promising start and I found that I had a ready and able pupil on my hands- and in other places.

There was a new sensitiveness and awareness in his lovemaking. My only criticism was that he still came too attempt, and I was able to respond which both excited and delighted my lover.

'You've certainly made some progress?' I complimented him.
'Well, I'm gaining experience,' he replied. 'You know, Xaviera, before I met you, I had only made love to four or five women in my whole life.'
'And did you satisfy them?'

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