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Adulthood Entry of Boy-Girl

Puberty is a threshold of manhood and womanhood or say simply ‘adulthood’.  Adulthood entry is a way to experience happiness and pleasure - Natalie time of real turbulence.  This stage affords an opportunity for the new pubic person to decide (and learn also) whether to join in various forms of sexual activities, disorder the way as how to express love, to join in sex acts or not, or whether and how to prevent unwanted pregnancies.  The burden of self decision lands the adolescent in a state of confusion, conflict or pain.

There is a spurt in adolescent growth, when males can ejaculate and females menstruate. Now both sexes achieve fertility also.  Here pituitary gland and hypothalamus start playing their respective roles, the later controlling hormonal flow in boys with increase of testosterone hormonal flow (which increases to 20 times in boys) and estrogen levels rises ten times in girls.  Apart from this change, rise in adrenal levels output trigger hair growth on pubic and underarm areas.  Acne is a disturbing word to adolescents.  Acne is a caused by excess production in skin oil.  In addition, many more physical changes appear.

Growth spurt occurs two years earlier in girls, resulting in taller girls than boys in whom growth spurt is noticed two years after (or later than the girls.

Girls Sexual Maturation

A small mound of tissue (called the ‘breast bud’) appears in girls, but slowly are Areola and Nipple enlarge and breasts  contour becomes prominently visible- this  happens around year 12th or so, whereas some girls have fully developed  breasts even at this state, though  some may have developed   breasts after or until the 19th year.  The variation in breast growth and size is dependent and controlled by heredity and estrogen levels.  A  word of caution and advice for the growing girls.  They should not feel ashamed and develop any inferiority complex if the size of their breasts is small.  They can do fairly little to achieve bigger size.  Taking any cream/tablet, water or oil massages can do little to let them have bigger breasts.  ‘Breasts developers’ is an exercise – based device daily message may be done, either by them or by their partner, to achieve some success in size enlargement.  It may also precipitate milk production in breasts and is generally used by women who want to breast - fed their babies.

Miss Diana Dors is frank enough to admit that the only way to enlarge bosoms is to get pregnant.  But after the delivery of the baby the breasts again attain the old size.  But, the suggested modern techniques and method can only add to the woes of family as it is decrease the size of breasts than to enlarge them.

Let both men and women realize that size of breast hardly plays a role in female sexuality and responsiveness, as women with fairly large breasts are also found to be frigid.  There are instances where a lot of flat - breasted women are found to be highly sexed and superb lovers.

The areola may have various shapes and sizes.  Some women may hair around the edge, which is quite normal.  Excessive hair growth may be get rid of by an expert electrolyser.  During the pubic age color of nipples are normally light brown, but get darker when the woman is pregnant.  Most men have fancy for the ‘Virgin nipple’, but this is again a matter of choice.  Some women (even virgins) have large – sized nipples, whereas even the same may not be present in pregnant and nursing mothers.

During love - making, breasts do enlarge, but such an enlargement lasts till the end of coital act.  Women, in whom the  nipples turns inward or if there is any lump, must – get in touch with their doctor.  As a rule, all girls and women, especially those above the age of 23, must get their breasts checked up once in a month.

Vulva and Labia

Let there be no confusion about vulva which simply means the outside of the female’s organs which one can actually see.  It is covered with pubic hair and has two lips viz Labia Major a (the bigger lip and divides the Walls) and Labia Minora (the inner area of entry to the vagina).  Thickness and color of hair need not cause a discomfort to any girl.  This part should be cleaned, shaved and kept free from infection, as it is a matter of hygiene only.

Labia in resemblance  is almost identical to our mouth and its appearance is also  like the mouth, while the  moth lets in food and labia enables a penis to penetrate in a women’s vagina.  It is gateway to coital entry.  The lips of labia keep it closed so that unwanted matters do not gain entry into the vagina canal.      


It is soft organ situated just above the upper end of labia.  It is the most exciting organ which plays an important role in sexual stimulation.  It is also called a woman penis because during sex arousal, it stands erect and hardens also, due to more blood flow. 


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