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The posture and position adopted at the time of coital acts is equally important word of sex. A posture that is easy and comfortable is good. But to adopt the same stance always is hardly desirable.  Avoid monotony and routine and add new dimension to this side also. Bring an element of pleasant surprise, freshness and variety in your posture every time you begin your session. There are many postures. Try and see which  one suits and favours you both.

A man prone to early climax may adopt the inverted coital pose and its variations to advantage in this pose the man lies on his back straight with thighs and legs  together and the women rides him.  But remember it. the repeated use of any or limited number of positions would make them charmless. Introduce  the element of surprise whenever  possible.  Let your married life be a long and constant honeymoon.  Chase and corner your lady in the kitchen.  In the bathroom, in the dressing - room, in the garden, on the roof, in the store roomer any other place, provided you both are alone and no eyes are prying around.  With the change of your  postures, change your strokes and the methods of your love play.  The repeated coitus tends to help in man’s retention and woman’s first orgasm may take longer to come but her subsequent orgasms  are obtained far more easily.

According to Vatsyayana, a man should  increase the ways of his union with a woman by seeing the strange and amusing fashion  of congress of beast, and birds, it will surely enhance the passion and the mutual  attraction.  A man who  according to a woman’s  inclinations, customs and practice of the province, and the time enters into congress is intensely  loved, liked and respected by women.

Post-Coital postures certainly affect the quality and degree of sexual response in women.  Lack of variety and suitable positions in sexual acts may cause maladjustment.  There are many coital postures, but only those which are easy, comfortable and satisfactory, both from physical and psychological point of view should be taken recourse to.  The most  common and comfortable  posture is face to face position.  But this too is not assumed correctly.   To come into this posture the women lies down on the bed on her back.  she then bends  and draws her knees up towards her,  keeping the thighs separated and wide.  The man bends over her between the thighs supporting his weights on this hands or  elbows.  This beings them closer and makes penetration easier.  A pillow or a cushion  is placed under the lower part of the underlying woman’s back to make the  penetration more comfortable and complete.  After the penetration the woman can bring her legs round the man’s body or can keep her feet resting on the bed and knees flexed.

Many couples ignorant of the technique of coital postures indulge in sexual act in wrong position. The result is that there is no consummation and satisfaction.  Happiness in marriage depends on so many things. Anything that adds and supplements this happiness is welcome.  In this context the proper coital postures assume  considerable importance.

The inverted pose is very popular for certain obvious reasons and advantages. It gives the maximum pleasure both to woman and man. The woman gets the utmost freedom of movement and manipulation. The man can continue finding, caressing and kissing while engaged in coital act. The up and down movements of a woman add further  dimension to the continuous love play. Erection can be maintained longer and climax  can be delayed to provide the woman the greatest satisfaction. There are less chances of the woman becoming  pregnant because of the upright angle of the phallus.

There are two ways  of coming into this pose.  The first is when during the face to face coitus the woman turns round, without  disengaging and gets on top. The second  is then the woman is on the top from the commencement of the act. The man lies stretched straight  on his back with legs and thighs together. The woman rides him astride supporting her weight on her bent knees, elbows and toes. Then she lean forward pressing upon him with her breasts  and other parts of the body. A pillow or cushion may be placed under lover part of the man’s back to facilitate the deeper and complete penetration and closer contact.

Vatsyayana has given many interesting  coital postures in his Kamsutra, an almost canonical work on eroticism. Most of the erotic sculptures and Mithunas on the walls of many famous Indian temples are after these  sexual postures.


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