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Erogenous Female Zones

Hereunder, we suggest  the methods of exciting sexual passion in a women, starting from hair to downwards upto things.


Men have  preference for long, curly, lustrous hair.  Some like dark black or not very dark,  or dark brown  hair.  Long and curly hair are traits of a woman, though  now there is a  fashion to have shoulder cut or body-cut hair.  Man, by nature, would  prefer to play fondling with a woman’s hair, like to untangle them,  bring tufts of hair over shoulders  and breasts  of his mate.  Long hair, in India, are considered a sing of faminity and beauty but, in western countries, trimmed hair are preferred and liked.  Fondle with her hair- moving  your fingers gently and softly over hair.

Some women have extremely thick hair which, when  played with or entangled with, cause  sore feeling.  If your mate dislikes playing with her hair, don’t do anything which   antagonizes  her love is always a matter of mutual compromise, and  never of any ill will or confrontation. Assent is the  essence of any successful pregnancy coital play or fore play.  During  a few initial  love episodes,  both  the partners  will gradually come to realize what are the likes and dislikes  of one’s partner.  Time will solve many such handicaps  and pitfalls.  Proceed together, reach orgasm in coitus, if you want  to enjoy  timely ejaculation  and climax.  Don’t ever force your will and preference  over those of your partner.

Lips, Tongue and Mouth (Kissing)

Mouth is one of the most powerful of all erogenous zones, above the neck.  Mouth is the gateway to what we ingest and it is  through mouth that our digestive process starts.  Not only that, mouth is the first  arousal point, but  it requires to be handled gently.

Kissing is not an alien practice in India where a mother kisses  her son, a father kissing his daughter, and a brother kissing his sister.  Only the concept  has undergone radical change, but an urge to kiss still exists and neither sex is immune, unresponsive,  repugnant and averse to kissing.  No proof is required  to drive home the point that kissing can ejaculate  a woman.  Kissing is not a new phenomenon, only its style has changed.

Kissing needs no planning, it is an instantaneous and sexy  act.  You can kiss your beloved in the kitchen, in bathroom, in cinema halls, while dancing, during coitus, while changing  clothes, while she is busy in domestic chores or when serving  some dish to you.  Kissing brings you nearer you wife who draws  nearer to you and firmly holds her man in her  arms to feel the heat and intensity of his proximity.

Erotic sensations derived differ from person to person.  In some persons kissing lands  them in heightened frenzy,  whereas in others it may even dampen their  sexual feelings. Mouth sucking, which includes lips and tongue, is such a practice that hastens sexual sensitivity and sends  sensuality to new heights.  It is an act of intimacy, producing sensory signals which, in turn,  symbolizes penetration (of tongue in the partner’s mouth which  points to French kissing or Soul  Kissing) and that of penis in the vagina. Genital stimulation can be easily triggered by sucking partner’s  of (either sex) lips and/or tongue.  If the man starts by deeply, but  gently, kissing his wife, he will cause stimulated reaction in other sex organs.

There are couples (not necessarily pertaining to married couples alone) who not only enjoy, but prefer also, continuous kissing during sex whereas some men prefer an occasional kiss.  Some men opt for passionate kissing, landing  the other partner into  vaginal  lubrication or love-dews.  More than man, it is the woman who desires to be cuddled and held.  During  the course of  kissing, some men fondle with their  woman’s hair, press and gently play on the earlobes, often kissing the  eyes and cheeks too.

As mouth is one of the highly charged sensual zones of female erogenous zones, very few men pay much attention to this aspect, generally keeping them busy in other  erotic acts.  They even forget  that to kiss a woman on her lips is to prepare their woman for sexual act.  First kiss your partner’s lips many a time, inducing  her for a rebound action.  Push your tongue deep into her mouth to arouse him,  frequently running the tip of your tongue, also feverishly running tip of tongue in the inside portion of her cheeks and lips.  Now turning her neck slightly on one side, try to touch her hard  palate with the tip of your tongue.

‘Sex flush’ normally begins below the  breastbone in the  abdomen’s upper region and thereafter spreads over the breasts.  Women are more conscious  of the shape of their breasts.  Even  if flaccid  and sagging, they  would wear bras and pads  so that they look erect, rounded,  well-shaped and attractive.  Breasts  is the only visible organ  of female  figure that  attracts man of all  hues and ages.  Left  breasts  is larger than right one.   Nipple is located  at the tip of the breasts  that mostly is comprised of a network  of never-endings and smooth muscle fibres both of which make it (breast) a highly sensitive organ  to touch, even contact of tight  clothes  sometimes suffices to ignite volatile passionate feelings.

In the western world  woman are more  conscious of their breasts and do everything possible  so that every man gets attracted.  She knows fully well that her breasts are gifted with special erotic allure which symbolizes  femininity, sexuality and attractiveness.  Size of a woman’s  breasts is every man’s focus.  X-rated films, have changed the old concepts that large bosomed ladies are more  adept in the erotic love, easily excited  sexually  and get charged  up quickly this is a total fallacy.  Another  fallacy is that  women with short  breasts  or the  flat-chested ones are devoid of any sexual fervour and that their response is cool and passive or they don’t have the  capacity to respond sexually.

Now we come to sexual arousal through breast man oeuvres.  First of all, cup each breast  in each hand, squeezing  them rhythmically, softly and gently.  By deft and soft handling you can arouse yourself  and your partner  to sexual pitch.  You should kiss and suck her nipples.  It should only be adhered to, if and when your  partner   concurs with it.  Kissing and sucking process excites both men and  women  equally if the  man gets ‘hot’ or ‘turns on’ quickly he must  ensure that he can match the arousal crescendo of her mate.  Both  must  proceed in a uniform  manner, caring for  the sentiments of the  other partner.  Never overact, but act in sensible way where  both are equal partners.  You should make  sure that her nipples are not sucked (by violent suction)  violently  lest her nipples  are hurt .  stimulate the very end of the nipple with the tip of your tongue as it is a highly erotic stimulating  point. 

By caressing the breasts in an effective way  you will find your mate’s  nipples appear firm and erect, her  bosom will enlarge.  You can also suck  the nipples of your mate, as the infant does while being breast-fed. While you have finished your sexually  arousal of your partner, by stimulating  her through kissing the  mouth and handling the breasts, you will find love juice on the outer portion of her vulva-  it will  start oozing  out love  juices, will become  moist, her lips will start quivering, voice will becomes tempered with love, with some stammer, pulse will quicken, blood will surge into all parts of our body, and blood-shot eyes  will bear testimony to your observation.


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