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As homoeopathy is based on individual symptoms, all medicines are difficult to be generalized.  Hereunder, we indicate some medicines which may be taken  as per the  symptoms  indicated against each medicine.


Especially valuable  to  those young men who are scared of marriage due to their past history of free sexual indulgence (200 potency once a week)


It is boon to those whose penis does not erect, if erects, it dwindles shortly, what to speak of orgasm.  It is useful to old personal also.  It will make the youth  robust, fill even with abundant semen, revitalise his sexual potency.  A single doze of 200 potency for 2-4 weeks, and if there is not much  improvement, a single dose  of one lac potency be taken once a month.

Phosphoric Acid –Q

It cures sexual weakness, face becomes pale and sallow, eyes sunken, pain felt in the waist, semen is  thin  and, often dribbles  out with urine.  It improves physical and mental activity.  Take 5 drops of mother  tincture in 1/7 cup of fresh water, preferably before talking meals, but never taken on empty stomach.  Impotence caused by excessive  seminal loss is also cured by this drug.  It is very useful for diabetics also.

Avena Sativa-Q

It is of unfailing efficacy and effect in all types of sexual weakness, be that  physical, mental or psychosomatic.  Even a bashful and timid chap can he turned into a robust ‘stud’ by use of this medicine.  It strengthens the mental faculties and  improves health, enhances sex power and rectifies after effects of over-indulgence in childhood/ young age sex.  Use 5-6 drops, in water, 2-3 times daily, till improvement sets in, after which  the quantity and frequency of does should be tapered gradually.


Impotency, no emission and no orgasm during embrace.  Relaxation of penis.


Ayurveda has an uncounted  number of herbs to enhance sex power. A few of them are described here under.

Kamadeva Churna

It thickens semen removes any tendency to night discharge, averts premature ejaculation, makes up the deficiency caused by too much and too frequent  indulgence in sex,  increases quantity and quality and concentration of semen as a whole, is a aphrodisiac of high order, is  almost matchless in male  potency. Normal does being 3 to 6gms in morning and evening  with hot milk of cow.

Kamlakhshadi Churna

It is  nutritive, energy giving, aphrodisiac, prolongs coital capacity and enables even a weak person to hold on for longer duration, thickens semen, enhances quantity of sperms, prevents  and curtsy night discharge, fortifies digestive  enzymes, prevents early ejaculation.  Above all,  it increases quantity of blood,  nourishes each and every nerve of the body, promotes  sex power and functioning of sex organs, causes erection and also removes flaccidity of penis.  It is more  efficacious in winter  season, if taken   with cow’s hot milk  (3 to 6 gms per dose) daily in the morning  and evening.

Shakti Vardhak Churna

This preparation does not suit those whose digestion is weak, live is sluggish, as it take longer time to digest.  It has  also the same beneficial  effects.  If 6 gms does is taken, in the morning and evening with cow’s milk.  Its use maybe avoided or else the dose  maybe tapered during summer  and rainy seasons.

Madan Prakash Churna

It is nutritive, tonic and aphrodisiac, enhances physical and sex power.  Dispels nights discharge, early and premature  ejaculation, renders  semen thick, increases sperms count.  It can be beneficial if 3-6 grams  powder  is taken with cow’s milk two-three house prior to expected  time for conjugation.  May be even taken  in the morning.

Madamanjare  Vati

It is a rich  man’s delight (as poor people  can ill afford to use it,  since it is highly expensive).  It is an ideal and very effective vehicle  for enhancing sex power, unmatched as an aphiprodisiac, increases strength and vigour, virility, increases and thickens  semen, removes quick  or  premature ejaculation.  It is a boon to those young men who are suffering from any type of impotency, sexual urge, sustenance and above all, enables and empowers them to generative faculty.  It is more useful in winter, and has an electrifying effect on sexual excitability, enables  men to prolonged  coition, delays ejaculation.  in also enriches digestive fluids, builds  up muscles, repairs tissue-waste, run-down condition, improves  memory, is a  blood  builder  par excellence.
                Normal dose being 1-2 pills, with sugar-candy mixed with hot milk.

Makardhwaj Vati

It rejuvenates each and every organ  of the body  viz.  brain, blood vessels, nervous system as a whole, tones up  emaciated muscles joints.  It also has salutary and curative effect on semen and  seminal  vesicles, causes erection of penis, keeps the same, also, in  erectile state for longer period, does not let semen ejaculate  prematurely,  thickens semen and enhances  sperms, cures  flaccidity and curvature.  Removes  and cures impotency.  In short, it raises  levels of vigour, power, strength, virility, seven and glow  on skin.

It is also quite a costly preparation.  One pill (one each in the morning  and 1-2 hours prior to coital time, should be taken  with milk.  If juice of ginger, honey , cream, butter  and sugar –candy  are also mixed  with milk, it will have unbound and untold salutary effect.  These medicines  can be had from authors address.

Kameshwar Modak

This medicine also increases and thickness semen, arouses sexual urge, is  an aphrodisiac, improves  memory, delays  ejaculation, prolongs coital pleasure.  Usual  dose is 1-3 gms., to be taken once  only daily with cow’s milk.


Acupressure is an alternative system, where by exerting pressure on a particular point can  increase  the flow of hormones thus increasing  sex power and pleasure.

Points for Females

Make a pressure on points shown above regularly in morning and evening by your thumb or Gimmy (an acupressure instrument) for 10 seconds to 20 seconds.  These points helps  in increasing the blood and hormones and thus increasing the sex instinct.

Points for Males

These are the  points which are helpful in increasing the sex  power and in curing  several males disorders like impotency, early ejaculation etc.


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