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How to Arouse a Man

Ignorance about love  play and how ably to respond  to husband’s sex invitation is a major factor that drives a man away from her, hence the knowledge of sex.  Had  she learnt about sex and love play during her youth,  the problem would hardly have surfaced. Love play induces  flow of love juices, from the vagina  which can flow  only when a woman  positively responds, prepares her husband, keeps momentum  with his tempo. To maintain the  momentum and keep it up the  same to high pitched crescendo is every woman’s duty.

It should be borne in mind, that  once a husband has been excited,  or if he himself gets excited, he may not be able to prolong and  sustain his erection beyond  thirty seconds, prior to his reaching a climax.  So, never over-stimulate your  husband, otherwise  he will ‘come’ much earlier than you,  even if you are still in the process of stimulation.

As soon as you notice a ‘pick-up’ in the man, slow  down you stimulation technique, divert his attention to some other topic or else   he will reach his orgasm, leaving you in a state of agitation and frustration.

How to prepare yourself

Right from the time of courtship, you will gather fairly good ideas as to how your fiance would like you to dress up, what colors and hair style he prefers, which parts of your body, he feels, could prove instrumental in sex arousal, what type of fragrances he likes, besides his certain preference for some food items, drinks etc. In our country, there  is hardly  any aspect like courtship, though would be couples, there freely move, study, go to  movies, dine together, discuss matters which are of common interest. It is  a sort of dating and flirting, with no promise for marriage. You can flirt with as many men you wish but you can’t marry all of them. So, when a woman decides to choose her fiance, she must carefully watch his varied interests, likes-dislikes, desires-aversions and above all this preference.

Before you meet  your husband, make sure that:
  • You have taken a fresh bath with some  fragranced soap.  Your private  parts and arm-pits  should not give out any foul and nauseating smell.  Some men are so much  sensitive to foul odor of body that they will never get a ‘turn-on’ howsoever attractive  and sexy their wives may be.  Properly shave your pubic and labial areas and arm-pits.  Use some  lavender, after bath  (or else perfume).
  • Your hair should   be styled in a such a way which should  catch your  husband’s fancy.  Some ladies use some  fragrant hair oil and  adorn their hair with flowers.  Take  care of what your husband prefers.  It is a matter of habit with some men to play and fondle  with hair of their spouse.  Don’t forget  hair also excite  a person, if your hair style is according to his  choice  and fancy.
  • Never burden  your body with heavy clothes.  Dress  up in see-saw dress, where your beauty and body  organs are amply exposed.  Dress should be convenient but must match the preferences of your mate.  Certain men desire to disrobe their spouses gradually, by way of strip-at –ease, method.  So you should wear a sort of dress which is transparent, provocative, attractive and light.  Some men get an instant  ‘turn-on’  by mere revelation of their mate’s breasts and sex organs. It is  up to you, and you alone, how you could manage to arouse his sensuality. Some men prefer their wives to wear  only thin and transparent nighties, out of which all the organs are easily visible. It is, required by men who are ‘quickies’ and don’t wish to wait even for a moment to get on to the job,
  • Often change the color of your dress- sometimes  black, at times red, while or pink.
  • Avoid using bras and underpants.  But keep in mind how your husband would like you to dress up if at all.
  • Exchange some notes and pay compliments for his figure and manly body (even if he has neither).
  • Men do not want to waste time in above said interludes, so don’t overplay in eulogizing  your husband who is restless to enjoy  every bit of your body,  (or say whole of you) and if you ever  tried  to distract  his attention he may become fierce enraged, or else withdraw from the love-scene.  But never  forget  to compliments   him on the size and shape of his penis which is the sign of his manhood, even if the facts point out to the contrary.


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