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How to Arouse a Woman

Sex is not that easy, though seemingly it is quite  wonderful.  To express sex in terms of  books and films  style  is quite easy, but  when it is to be performed, most people  falter and cut a sorry figure.  Sex is a necessity which needs  to be fortified with healthy teaching and training.  Man often  falter, not only  due to lack of teaching and knowledge, but in greater part, due to lack of proper and true application of love-making techniques.

How a Man Fails

  • He fails often to excite his woman  properly.
  • He remains in an inexplicable hasty mental framework to prove to his mate that he is, indeed, a ‘quick’ and can get on with the job of love-making in a fraction of a second.  No doubt he has that ingrained capability but it is not he only who has to arouse  himself, but take his wife to orgasmic pleasure.
  • He fails to meet up to the hopes and expectations of the woman underneath him, thus  leaving her in the mid-way to orgasm.
  • Being in a flurry of frustration and anxiety, he lets his woman squeal with pain under mental agony and torture, aiming only to have his ejaculation.
  • He proves to be a rank novice, forgetting that love play is a forerunner of a successful coitus.
  • Though some women love to be handled roughly, yet most of them like to be handled softly, gently and caressingly- unfortunately this important is an amiss in man who often wants to have his own way, rather moving in a spirit of co-operation and unison.
  • He is required to devote at least half an hour or so to excite and arouse the woman who lets him control reins of love-making. 
  • He should  never apply copybook techniques or to do what others prefer.  He must bear in mind that every love-making technique and suitability of the same is surely an individual’s  preference which need not be generalized.  Let every husband devise  his own  sex strategy in concurrence with his wife.
  • His bedmate is not like any  other woman who can be handled the way he prefers.  It is not a matter of choice but clearly  a matter of mutual participation where sentiments, approach and technique play fairly an unenviable role.  Men are generally  misled by certain persons as to ‘How To Arouse a Woman’.  Listen to all, but do  what suits man and his partner.  So, never prove to be a selfish  person.

 What the Man Should Do  

In one or two sexual  unions both can very well understand what is liked by a partner and what is disliked. The sex technique  is a balance sheet of checks and balance of  permutations and combinations of mutual acceptance but not to confusion (and not of misplaced confusion.) Love is meant  to be enjoyed through well tried and agreed upon  techniques of love-play.  The man should proceed in the following way to enjoy a fully blossomed coitus.

  • He should try to make the muscles round the vagina relax, by clever manipulative  technique and so moisten her vagina  that she is fully prepared to accommodate his penis therein.  He should try to make her vaginal secretions in such a way that it starts flowing its love juices. The vaginal passage is to be rendered  moist, welcoming and fully lubricated.

  • He should sexually arouse her to such a feverish pitch of frenzy that she begs her man to penetrate his penis into her vagina without any delay.

  • Her sexual  excitement should be pounded and inflated to such an extent that  she herself starts participating in the activity. When woman’s lips tremble, eyes, redden, breasts get raised up with erect nipples, lips dry and the only murmur that could lie heard is beseeching, if not compelling, he mate to act at once or else she will reach her peak (a climax).

  • To become a reasonably skillful lover, the young   man would require 2-3 years, as he can’t learn, and shouldn’t also be expected to learn  in a short time. the man should read about sex-play and sex act as reasonably as he possibly can.  It would need an inventive, resourceful and uninhibited partners who is permissive, at least in the bed.

  • Prepare yourself properly before hand, learn your techniques and practice as a violinist on woman’s body-move your fingers slowly, gathering momentum gradually, reaching the crescendo and then reversing the movement of finger-play.  Handle a woman  as softly and carefully as a violinist does to his violin.  Don’t forget your woman is an animate  object that can dislike and like your method of play, can be repulsive also, but not the violin which is an in animate object.

  • Some women  hate their men emitting foul odor from any part of the body.  It drives them away from active sexual indulgence.  It is both  nauseating and repulsive. Men, before entering  in to a coital spree should ensure, as a matter of personal hygiene, to cleanse their mouth, take a bath, using some fragrance to ward off any chance of turning their woman away from sexual orgy.  This is an important inhibiting  factor which  men often neglect. 

  • It is wrong to say that in tense moments or when feelings  run high, the couple shouldn’t initiate any sensual move. This is a totally  misplaced notion. It has been observed that if in such a charged up mental state, they indulge in sexual play, leading to a happy sexual climax, both will feel mentally and physically relieved as, during interaction, they would exchange certain exciting notes, that their tension  will get relieved. Let both of them, try out this suggestion to verify the veracity of our claim. Sex is a tension reliever of  great magnitude when, after tension element has been relieved, both can enjoy and indulge in even greater heights of orgasm.

  • The man should shave properly, including his armpits, genitals, clip nails on feet and hands properly so as to avoid any chance of injury to his mate.

  • Dr. Delvin confirms the foregoing view and quotes the Roman poet, (from his book ‘The Art of Love’) that “even before the love-play began, the male should ensure he is properly groomed and, in particular that he smells nice and trimmed his finger nails.  It is extremely important in that when many wedding nights have been ruined as the groom caught a jagged nail on besides most delicate tissues and caused her intense pain and heavy bleeding.’


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