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There is a misplaced notion that the kids would go the ‘wrong way’ if they are educated about sex which is  an unfounded fear, for the  simple reason that unguided youth is more prone and amenable to ‘Pitfalls’  than a properly guided youth.  The child is not aware  that fire can burn also but, when he is cautioned in time, he will take safeguards lest he is burnt by leaping  flames.  Ignorance of sex is far more dangerous than  sex guidance.  After all, someone has to take up the challenge.  Evasion  of this  sacred duty is fraught with   dire consequences, much to the detriment of the young  ones,  though elders cannot escape the onus of being  willy-nilly and evasive.

Following  methods may be adopted to educate a child about sex, right from  class VIII when physical changes start  surfacing much to the amazement of the young one.

  • The parents  (preferably the mother or elder sister or elder brother’s wife)  would guide the child as to how changes in body take place- function of each sex-organ and the risks  involved in playing  the course of studies, tell upon the subject  in a better way to unravel the so-called mysteries and ‘secrets’ of sex.  In my opinion, school is the  best forum for such educative  devices.
  • Let physiology be a compulsory  subject  in the school syllabus, so that more light is thrown  upon  the   subject.  When the minds of students are attuned such a way that they are motivated  to attend such classes, they will  always develop  fancy for the subject, since they would also be examined.
  • In the absence of sex-education at school or home, at there be display of audio cassettes which should be followed by video cassettes.  Whatever the students has heard and, at a latter stage, when video cassettes are played, he would be able to correlate the Audio and Video versions.  At this stage, the teacher should step in and replay to quarries of this student and if all the inquisitive queries have been aptly replied to, the students will gain a lot.  Let us freely take advantage from facilities made available by the electronic media.
  • A question-answer session will solve most of the problems relating to sex education.
  • At the XII standard, function of sex organs should be explained fully.  Here also audio-video cassettes can easily achieve the desired result.
  • Due to certain taboos and social inhibitions, it may be a bit embarrassing for a lady teachers guide, educate and reply to girl students, and male teachers should do the same job for their male students.
  • There is no harm if combined classes, in a co-educational institute, are taken by both male and female teachers.
  • Let there be inter-school seminars where teachers, psychiatrists, doctors etc.  May take part to dole out their advice and guidance to the young folk.  It will provide   wider exposure of views, ideas, facts, discussions.  Doubts can also be allayed by means of group discussions.

Modern youth have, these days, first-hand knowledge of what they ought not to know or practice but, they remain unsafe due to the risks involved in free sex. Their knowledge gained through  porn, periodicals and magazines, serves to ignite their sexual passions and fantasies  and to do practically whatever is revealed  through the sex postures, depicted in such magazines, X-rated Videos, Movies etc. It is simply a means to free sex where passion  rides high, and all other sane and safety measures are neglected. This is not a healthy way to sex education.

Young people  stealthily read porn literature which  vitiates minds and forces them to premature sex.  Had such misguided youth been properly educated about sex, their  craving and intensity to indulge in pregnancy-marital sex would  never have  arisen.  In young  are one should acquire  proper sex knowledge  but must not indulge  in unholy sex acts.  Incidence of rapes can be easily attributed  to such pseudo and premature knowledge.  Virgin Mother’s  number is on the rise in  our society.  Situation in elite  class is still worse,  where there is no check on anyone and one is free to enjoy sex in whatever  way and whichever place on wishes, at whatever  price.

Whichever methods is adopted to educate the  youth on sex knowledge, emphasis should always be  laid on educative, explicit, motivate process. We have to forewarn the youth  about  hazards and diseases involved in sexual activity keeping  an eye on persuasive   approach.  If they are properly and timely forewarned, they will remain forearmed also.


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