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Pedophile (PEE-der-fyle)  A person  (usually a man who is  sexually attracted to children.

Passion (PASH- sun)  A very strong  feeling of love or desire for someone.

Paternal (pat-ERN-UL)  This word is used to describe  something  which is a feature of a father  (as in 'paternal love' for a child).

Pee  It means urine.  To pee means to pass urine.

Peeping  tom  Some  people use  this to mean pelvic area.

Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)   (PEL-vik in - FLAM- ertri di - ZEEZ) An infection in a woman's fallopian tubes and sometimes also in her  uterus or ovaries.  Pelvic inflammatory diseases can be caused by Chalmydia or certain other  sexually  transmitted infections.  Other causes include childbirth,  miscarriage, abortion or having  an IUD fitted.

Pelvis  (PEL-VISS) A basin -shaped  circle of bone where  your hips are.  The pelvis  is the link between the bones  in the bottom of your spine and the bones in the bottom  of your spine and the bones of your legs.  The pelvis  protects the bladder  and rectum and in girls and women it also protects the uterus.

Penis (PEE- Miss) Part of the male  reproductive system.  Also used to pass urine.  The penis  is made up of a long shaft and a sensitive tip (called the glens).  The glens  has an opening  in it. This is the opening of the urethra.  Two types  of body fluids can come out of this opening-urine and semen.

Perineum (per-in-EE-um)  the area between a girl's or woman's labia  and her anus.  When a woman has a baby, her perineum has to stretch until it is very thin.  It might even  tear or have to be cut to let the baby  through (epistome).

Period (PEER-I-od) See menstrual  period.

Personal hygiene (PER-ser -nul HY-jeen)  Keeping your body clean.

Pervert (PER-vert)  Some one who likes unusual sexual activities which would  shock or offend most  people.

Peccary (PEES-a-ri) A soft   tablet containing medicine  which a girl or woman puts into her vagina.  The  tablet  dissolves, releasing the medicine into her body.  If you have  thrush, you may be  given peccaries by  your doctor to treat it. You can also get  spermicidal in peccary form.

Pethidine (PETH-I-din) A drug given to some women during lab out to relieve pain.

Phallus (FALL-us) Another  word for penis.  People may describe something as 'phallic' if its shape reminds them  of the  shape of a penis.

PID stands  for pelvic inflammatory disease.

Piles  some  people use this word to mean hemorrhoids.

Pimp someone (usually a man ) who sets a prostitute up in business. The pimp  usually keeps a lot of the money which the  prostitute earns.

Piss it means urine.  To piss means to pass urine.

Pituitary gland (pit-YEW-I-tri)  the main endocrine gland.  The pituitary gland  is attached to the base of the brain.

Placenta (pla- SEN-ter)   An organ inside a pregnant woman's uterus  which supplies her unborn baby  with the food and  oxygen it needs to grow  and develop.  One side of the  placenta is fixed to the wall of the woman's uterus.  The umbilical cord comes out of the  other side and goes into the unborn baby's navel.

Planned Parenthood When a  couple make sure that each baby they have is a planned and wanted baby.

Platonic (pla-TON-ik) A platonic friendship does not involve sex.

To play without yourself to masturbate

Polygamy (pol-IG-a-mi)  Being married to more than one person at the same time.

Porn Short for Pornography.

Pornography (por-NOG-ra-fi) Erotic books, magazines,  photographs, videos or films.

Postnatal (POST-nay-tul)  After the birth  of a baby.

Postnatal care (POST -nay-tul) Health  care of a mother  and her  new baby by her doctor  and health visitor to make sure that  she and her baby are both fit and well  and that  the baby is growing  and developing.

Postnatal depression (POST-nay-tul)  Feeling  very miserable and depressed after the birth of your baby.

The pox It means  syphilis.

Pregnancy (PREG-nan-si)  The  time during which a woman has a baby developing  and growing  insider her uterus.

Pregnancy test  A test to see if you are pregnant or not pregnancy tests work by seeing if there is a certain hormone in your urine.  You can arrange to have a test  through  your doctor  or family planning clinic.

Pregnant (PREG-nant)  A word  used to describe a woman who is excepting a baby.

Premarital sex (pree-MA- ri-tuls) having sex with someone before you are married to them.

Premature  baby (PREM -a-chore)  A baby  born before the 37th week of pregnancy  (pregnancy is expected to last for 40 weeks).   Premature babies may need special medical care during  the first  few days of works of their lives, but they usually grow into  normal, healthy babies.

Premature ejaculation  (PREM-a-chore I-jak-u-LAY-shun)  When  a man ejaculates sooner than he expects to or  want to.

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)   (pree-MEN- strew-ul SIN-drome)   When a girl woman has the same  problems  every time she has her menstrual period.  The problems usually start  a week or two before menstruation.  They vary from woman  to woman  but include  things like depression, anxiety, mood swings, headaches, feelings dizzy, putting on weight, feeling bloated, sore breasts, and a craving  for starchy and sweet things.

Premenstrual  tension  (PMT)  See premenstrual syndrome.

Prepuce (PREE -pewss)  Another   word for the  foreskin of a  boy's  or man's penis or for the  fold of skin or hood which usually  covers a girl's or woman's  clitoris.

Prick  It means penis.

Private Parts  To mean their  genitals.

Progestogen (pro-JEST- a -rone)  One  of the female sex hormones produced by the ovaries.  The other sex hormone  is estrogen.

Progestogen (pro-JEST -a-jen)  An artificial form of  progesterone.

Progestogen only pill (pro-JEST -a-jen)  A method of  contraception for women.  Also called the mini-pill contains oestrogen and Progestogen.  The  Progestogen pill works  in two ways.  It makes the woman's cervical mucus thicker so that the man's cannot easily  swim through it and into the woman's uterus.  And it makes it harder for a fertilized ovum to attach itself  to the endometrium.

Promiscuous (pro-MISS- kew-us)  A word  used to describe someone who has a casual  attitude towards sex and who  may have sexual intercourse with  several different people  over a short  space of time.

Prophylactic  Another word for condom.

Prostate  gland (PROSS- tate)  Part of the  male reproductive  system.   The prostate gland  surrounds the male  ultra.  It is about the size  of a golf ball.   It products   a fluid which helps sperm  to make swimming  movements and also helps to stop acid in the  urine from damaging sperm.  This fluids mixes with sperm as they  go down  the man's urethra and out   of his penis  when he ejaculates  during sexual  intercourse or masturbation.

Prostitute  (PROSS- ti-tewt)  A person who has sex with someone for money.

Prude (PROOD)  Someone who finds bodies and sex embarrassing and  doesn't like  thinking or talking about them.   Someone might call you a prude, it, for example, you refuse to take off your clothes in front  of them or  look  at sexy pictures with them.

Puberty (PEW-ber-ti)  The time of life when you change from being a girl to being a woman or from being a  boy to being a man. During puberty  the appearance and shape of your  face and body  change and your reproductive organs  and genitals grow and  develop.  Your feelings and emotions also change  during puberty. Puberty is caused by hormones.  It starts in your brain where the hypothalamus triggers the pituitary gland to start to produce  hormones.  These hormones cause changes in the ovaries in girls and the testes  in boys.

Pubes It means pubic hair.

Pubic bone (PEW -bik) The bone  at the front of your pelvis.

Pubic hair (PEW bik)   The hair which grows around  your genitals during  puberty.

Pubic lice (PEW -bik)   A sexually transmitted infection.

Pudendum (pew-DEN-dum)   The genital area.  This word is especially used for  the  female  genital area.

Vagina (va -JY-na) Part of the female reproductive  system.  The vagina is muscular tube inside  a girls  or woman's  body which connects her uterus to the  outside  of her  body.  It is about 10cm  long.

Vaginal fluid(va-JY-nul-FLEW-id)   Fluid produced by the  glands inside  the vagina of girls who have reached  puberty  and of women.  You may feel this as wetness on your pants.

Vaginal opening (va-JY-nul) The opening  to the vagina.

Vaginismus (va-ji-NIZ-mus) When the muscles in a woman's vagina  tighten up during penetrative sexual  intercourse, making it difficult to the man's penis to get into vagina.

Vaginitis (va-ji-NY-tiss)  An  infection  of the vagina.  If a  woman has an unusual discharge from her  vagina or if it hurts when she passes urine, she may have vaginitis.

Vas deferens (VAZDEF-exercise-enz)  Part of the male reproductive  system.  There are two vas deferens.  They are muscular  tubes, one coming out of each testis, which join  the urethra as it laves the bladder.   They are about 40cm (16 in) long and about as thick as a piece of string.  When a  man  ejaculates, sperm are squeezed through  these tubes and out of his  penis.

Vasectomy (vagina-SEK-to-mi)  Another  word for male  sterilization.

VD Stands for venereal disease.

Venereal diseases (ver-NEER-I-ul) Sexually  transmitted  infection.

Vestibule (VESS-ti-bewl)  Another  name for the  delicate area between  inner labia of girls and women.  This includes the urinary opening  and the Vaginal  opening.

Viable (VV-exercise-bul)  A word used  to  describe an unborn baby which would  have  a good chance  of surviving if it was both premature or early.

Virgin  (VER-jin) Someone  who has never  had sexual intercourse.  A virgin  can be a male or a female.

Virgin birth (VER-jin)  When a woman who has never had sexual intercourse  gives birth to a baby.  This happens if a woman who is a virgin has artificial insemination or IVF and becomes  pregnant.  Virgin births are very unusual.

Virile (VI-ryle) Some people use this word  to describe  someone  who is very manly.

Voice changes When  your voice gets deeper during  puberty.  Both girls and boys' voices get deeper  as their larynx (or voice box) grows.

Voyeur (voy-ER) someone who is sexually aroused  by watching people  undressing or having  sex.

Vulva (VUL-ver) Another word for the female genitals.


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