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Successful sex is that when, after the act, both partners emerge happier and much relaxed. In sexual coitus one partner (usually male) may derive full satisfaction but his mate (female) may be left in the lurch. In certain conditions a woman may gain orgasm earlier than husband (though is not very common) and leave her male in between. Both the aspects do not augur well for a happy end to sex myths episode. Successful coitus is that where both the partners ejaculate and reach orgasm at the same time.

To solve the above problems some common sense and sensible approach is required, where it is enjoined upon, both the partners to accommodate and appreciate feelings and reactions of each other. For instance, if a man has ejaculated earlier, he must use oral methods to calm his wife or frankly ask her when he would be required to do so that she also reaches her orgasm , even if a bit late. If the woman has come or ejaculated earlier, she should play with tip of male penis, fondle with it, kiss it and rub the same against her clitoris. Remaining together in a locked up position could take wind out of disgusting moments. For either of them to leave the other in a semi-finished state is betrayal of sex sensitivity and unwritten understanding.

Marie Stop's has advocated that the couples must remain in coital position, even when either of both has reached orgasm. Going to sleep, soon after enjoying orgasm defies faith and creates a feeling of selfishness, such an act would enable both the partners a feeling of selfishness, such an act of would enable both the partners to reconcile mentally. If possible, attempt coitus, when full freedom of sexual play should be shifted to the partner who could not reach orgasm, due to whatever reason. Marie Stop's is of the firm view that if the man does not take out his penis out of his lady's vagina, he will have his 'loss of vigour' compensated and both will derive immense mutual satisfaction. It will go a long way in making happy (future) sexual unions.

Sexual satisfaction is a matter of assessing oneself - it is both mental and physical. Attempt should always be made to appreciate sentiments of the other partner and neither should feel guilty or let down if once a while either of the indulgent fails to reach an orgasm at the same time. Mutual understanding is all the more important. As far as possible, seek mutual satisfaction during coitus. When conjugal love is done in a tension-free atmosphere to enjoy sex, most of the problems can be won over, ladies have been found to be more considerate in letting their husbands have orgasm but, sad to say, the husband is often would wanting 'as he does' not wait or can't prolong or delay this orgasm till such time as his wife also gets full satisfaction. This also applies to hypersexual persons who have no regard for the feelings of other sex. Their aim is simply to attain orgasm, even if the other partner's sexual satisfaction and try to prolong coitus, as far as you can, or at least till your partner is also fully prepared to respond to your rapid sexual thrusts. Let coitus be an enjoyable, happy, accommodating experience of great pleasure and let not the other partner ever mistake you for utterly selfish creature.

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