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Make Sex Hotter

"I love when my girlfriend  pushed my arms back over my head and totally takes charge."

Read on and snag the latest sizzling secrets to gaining an erotic edge.and then going right over it.  because there's no such thing  as sexual fantasy that's too damn good. You can always do it better.

  • Have you ever given  your man a mind-blowing show?

Why sit back and watch everyone from Buoyance to Jessica  Simpson shaking their  bodacious booties  to drive the boys wild when you can get in on the fun and put on your own sexy  show?  "It's so hot when a chick is confident enough to be  the focus of attention and flaunt her body," says Aaron, 29.  Taking it off for your guy isn't just for his viewing enjoyment seeing him drooling with  excitement and get your riled up too.

To start,  use your hands to direct his attention to one body part at a time, and begin to peel off layer of clothing.  Make sure you tease him the entire way: seductively, let your bra strap  slide off your shoulder, then slowly pull it back on, or flash some flesh,  then cover it with your hand or a piece of clothing  (for a second)   before baring it completely.  Take breaks in your dance to straddle  and grind  against him.  Tantalise him by  cupping your breasts  in your hands or rubbing them across his  face and chest.

Treat your man to the ultimate eye candy and pleasure  yourself, so that your not-so-private display is right in his line  of vision.  But, there is a rule he's  not allowed to break:  he can look, but he can't  touch at least not until  you've given the go ahead.

  • When was the last time you had sex for longer than 15 minutes?

Once you and your guy know how to push each other's buttons,  it's easy to race towards the finish line. But there's a benefit to prolonging the passion.  "When sex goes by too fast,  you're cheating  yourself out of a decadent, sensuous experience," says Maria 30. "The longer my guy and I go, the more into each other we get."  The best  way to slow down the action and let the pleasure  build  is by switching position.  "Changing positions not only extends the act, but it also allows the penis to thrust at varying angels and stimulate different parts of the vagina, which enhances sensation,"  says Etkes.  To move senselessly from one pose to the next, start in missionary.  Once you're in a  groove, sit up, wrap your arms and legs  around him and do the bump -and-grind  facing  each other. when you're so hot you can hardly handle it, let him slip out for a second and manoeuvre on to your side so he can spoon you from behind.  After several fab minutes of this totally new sensation, roll onto your hands and knees  and get busy  doggie-style while stimulating yourself  with one hand (or let him) until you both burst.

  • Have you ever brought a toy to bed?

"Sex toys are not about making up for chemistry or skills you don't have," says Etkes. "Couples who use them are usually having fantastic sex but know the importance of variety for keeping things hot,"  Megan , 27, discovered the joys of using an erotic way.  "My boyfriend was penetrating me from behind  when I pulled out my vibrator,"  she recalls.  "I moved his hand away from my clitoris  and told him to use the toy  on me instead.  He was so turned on by my suggestion, we both  had  unbelievable orgasms."

Not ready for erotic electronics?  Try transforming objects you have around  the house into provocative  play things. (just don't  insert anything  inside your body.)  "My guy  and I use  frozen  grapes to chill each other's nipples and trace cold, wet trails up and down our   spines and thighs," says Nina.  Does tearing  fabric turn  you on?  Wear a pair of inexpensive fishnet to bed and  let him rip them off you with his teeth.  After one  or two prop-enhanced encounters, you'All better understand the meaning of letting your creative juices flow.

  • How long  has it been  since you did it outside  the  bedroom?

When you quarantine sex it takes away one of the hottest aspects about getting it on: the idea that the amorous act could happen any time, anywhere.  "The element  of surprise  and sense of  potential danger are incredibly strong  aphrodisiacs ," says Dar cy Lauders, Ph.D., sex the therapist and author of  Virgin Sex.  So, move the action elsewhere.  "I grabbed  my boyfriend  by the hand and much more intense  for both of us."  If you want to keep the passion a little more private, jump him in the dining room  or kitchen and try 'the hot-scat hook-up': have him sit in a chair and straddle his lap, facing away from him. Hold on to the table edge to balance  and wrap your gams around the chair legs as he thrusts. (That will boost friction between your clitoris and his penis.)


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