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If you wish to enjoy  coitus in its  entirety  do, at least, the following  preliminaries:


The room where you intend to have coitus  should be free from noise, interference  and room should be neat, clean, airy, well ventilated. The colours of bed sheets, curtains, wall paints  should  conform to personal preference and tastes.  Red colour is said to ignite sensuality. Dull, drab colours should find no place in your sleeping room.  Colours play an important  part on the mind.  avoid dark red, blue, green and violent colours, as far as possible.  Pink cream, fawn colours add to sex pleasure.


Keeping in view your mood, approach, preference and likes  and dislikes of your   partner, wear  only those clothes  which are neither too loose or too tight, rather those  should be comfortable, revealing, transparent and sexy.  Dress holds  a unique place in sex act.  Don’t put on any dress which is  likely to stand in the way of your  body handling.  Certain couples  prefer to wear dresses which expose the bodies,  some wish to wear scant clothes or only   underwear.  Those  who wish to resort to strip-at-ease method should wear only such dresses which can be removed slowly, making way for gradual removal thereof.   Some couples prefer to enter in sex in a total nude from.
                Colour of dresses should be  able to heighten your sexual lust.

Personal Hygiene and Bath

It is necessary that a bath with scented water or using cologne, rose water will do away with foul smell from the body.  Bad odour is most likely to drive you away from conjugal love, as most people can’t withstand foul body odour, which is an impediment in a turn on.  While bathing, take care to wash your mouth, ears, armpits, genitals, thigh joints thoroughly to ensure proper hygiene.  Shave the armpits and hair on the pubic region, on and around genitals and use some pleasing fragranced and wild cream lotion to rule out any chance of infection.  When private parts are shaved, creamed / sprayed with lotion, one should experience added flavour in sex, as clean and shaven parts help in an early turn-on. Spray your neck, ears, ear lobes, armpits, chest, navel portion with scented sprays but the odour of scents used should be pleasing.

Hair should be dressed and combed in such a way that your partner’s choice therefore should be quite visibly felt and noticed.  Some persons fondle with their partner’s hair with gay abandon.  Dark, lengthy, curly hair are preferred by most men.  If possible, wash your head with same fragrant soap so that the pleasing smell stays for a longer period; at least before, during and after coitus.

Breasts hold an important part in sex arousal. Clean the teats and areola thoroughly so that when your partner sucks, kisses the nipples, no bad taste enters into his mouth, Under portion of kin folds of breasts  should be cleaned properly.  Some males hate to see hair on nipples or/and areola.  So, if there is any hair thereon, pluck the same.  Nipple- sucking is a pleasant and cheerful exercise.

Use of Lubricants

There should be no aversion and hesitation in applying  some cream, or any other lubricant to penis, glans penis, vulva and vagina but it must be ensured that such lubricants are non-allergic,  non-offensive, non-irritating, thus causing no harm to either partners sex organs. If the male penis is thick and long but the vaginal stimulation cavity is too narrow to admit penetration or when there is extreme pain when penis is inserted into the vagina. The matter of fact is that during the course of pregnancy-coital play (or sex-play), the vaginal fluids lubricate the vaginal canal profusely, when use of any sort of lubrication is hardly called for.   Moreover, vagina is such a cozy, freshly, tender and muscular organs which has the capacity to enlarger itself to such an extent that length and thickness of penis is hardly of any consequence.  As the vagina, due to its flexibility car admit any size of penis in one or two initial sexual unions.  There may be some pain during insertion of penis but, due to its quality of adaptability, the vagina adjusts itself accordingly.  When the penis penetration can be done  without any difficulty, there is hardly any need to the use of any lubricant  but, if the situation warrants, there is hardly any justification or need for avoiding use of any harmless and agreeable lubricant.


Most males prefer to perform coitus in bright light, the reason being that  female’s body organs  are visible and so that they can see, play, touch and kiss with her sex arousal organs, and also watch their partner’s reaction, intensity of enjoyment, her response etc.  But, bright lights may be avoided, instead , light pink coloured lights be preferably used.  Dark red, blue or violet  lights should be avoided, unless there is a  compelling preference for such   colours.  Women often prefer to have  coitus in the dark or else under very dim lights where only shade of physical forms are visible.   Anyway, use of lights, colour and the duration of use, should  necessarily  be governed by personal likings and preferences.


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