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Sex During Menses and Pregnancy

There is always a question mark over some certain  situations the sex is performed or not.  Here, I went to clear  the queries up to  a certain extent.

Sex during Menstrual Periods

In olden times menstruating women in India, and particularly among rigid and religious families,were considered as 'untouchables.' What to speak of coital sex, they  were not  allowed to perform even any domestic work. This social restriction was thrust and imposed  on any menopausal woman.  Some opine that  the restriction was imposed  simply  to allow the lady to enjoy complete  rest as, elders in the family believed, the women  gets emaciated due to excessive blood loss.  Indian men  abhor the idea of having intercourse  with the woman who is in her  menstrual periods.  This a taboo on sexual intercourse , much  enjoined upon by the religious priests, avoidance of sexual contact is matter of religious  practice, at some places.

There are  other views also, expressed by Danley, Lupton and Toth when they  observe  that, "A man is likely to be sexually aroused by a woman when she is menstruating as he is at any other time.  But the blood of the menstruating woman  is somehow dangerous magical and apparently not something he wants to get on his penis." In support of their contention, Masters and Johnson have illustrated the following comments, which  express broad range of varied  feelings some people hold  about sexual activity,  during  menstrual period:

"I often find that I feel sexiest when I'm  having my period  so, making  love is particularly enjoyable then."

  • "In a word I am embarrassed about at (Menses). I feel like I'm not completely clean when I'm flowing, and tampons make me dry inside, So really prefer waiting until my period  is done."

  • "She and  I love to have sex during  her periods.  It's particularly  passionate  time because   we don't  need to use any birth control device then."

  • "I somehow feel like it's not right to have sex when girl  friend  is menstruating.  Don't know why, but I just feel  funny about it."

The quotes given  above indicate variable  attitudes to wards sex during  menstrual periods. It is a matter of individual approach whether to cohabitate during menstruating  period or not.  All said sand done, it should preferably be avoided.

Sex during Menses and After Pregnancy

Pregnancy is bound to affect, in one way or the  other,  sexual activity of both partners. When you are tired after a day's  toil or looking after the child, you are liable to have a low intensity for  sex.  But  there is no hard and fast rule in this regard.  In certain women no sexual  feelings are noticed  but, in some, pregnancy is an occasion  for charged up sexual  pleasure and awareness. Some men may tend bulging of woman's body a bit nauseating one, some may have concern  for proper health  of the baby, leading to voluntary abstention from sex act. Some couples, in order to satisfy  their  sex needs, may opt for  adjustments  in coital positions so that the mother and baby remain  safe, whereas  some  prefer non-coital sex play or oral sex.

During the first trimester, there is variation  in patterns  of sexual  behaviours  when women have fatigue and morning sickness,  nausea and/or vomiting and thus may lose interest in sexual activity, while  others  may not have anyone of the said symptoms.  But in the second trimester most of pregnant women  (say even 80%of them) notice heightened sexual activity, as far as their sexual response and desire are concerned.  In the last trimester woman, often, lose their charm and attraction due to bulging  of abdomen, both showing concern for the foetus (and the pregnant lady), and thus a pronounced drop in sex frequency is noticed.  It  is more due to fear that  abstention is preferred and not merely due to the factors enumerated above.  Let us explain the situation  when sexual   coitus should be given up, by spelling out following factors:

If there is any tendency to or history of any abortion and miscarriage, sex should be  avoided, due to the fact that  during sexual activity, uterus might contract  when orgasm is reached; hence sex should  always be avoided.  Even if there is no such tendency, it is better   to avoid sexual activity.

  • When there is vaginal or uterine bleeding during pregnancy, it is wiser to avoid  any sort of sexual activity and should be resumed only  after sound medical advice.
  • During oral genital contact air normally gets blown into vagina  which can prove dangerous   for the pregnant  lady, as it causes air bubbles (air embolism or air bubbles in the blood stream).
  • Cunnilingus is not risky, but it must be ensured the air does not  gain entry into the vagina.
  • Even cunnilingus or intercourse should be avoided  (rather  stopped) if membranes  have ruptured.  I can pose serious danger  of infection to the foetus.

In the absence of  said cautions, sexual coitus/oral sex could prove suicidally fatal.  When all is well, there is hardly  any danger in carrying on with sexual coitus or else oral sex.

For further advice, reference may be made, to subsequent relevant  chapter, on postures to be adopted, while  doing sex during  period of pregnancy.  No force or compulsion should find  its way  for sexual   act.  Mutual  understanding  and trust is the basic truth of successful marriages and more so when one's wife is pregnant.


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