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In our society, bearing a few pseudo' advance; and forward looking' families, woman has been denied a leading role, due to her simply being a 'feminine'.  But, in sexual play, both are equal partners, where ego should find no place in caressing, loving, kissing, embracing kissing and fondling with erotic organs etc.  Various acts during sex play are designed in such a way that certain selected acts are supposed to be done by male and some by a females. Unless one partner responds favorably to other partner's overtures, neither of them can enjoy the pleasure of sex, not to speak of reaching orgasm.  By nature female, by virtue of certain social and family taboos and inhibitions, does not wish to initiate in the foreplay , even if she is willing.  It is the male who normally takes the initiative and acts as an active partner and the female remains passive.

Sex should be a 'level-playing field' for both the participants where both should take equal part.  The basic purpose is to ensure that sex equal enjoyment to both.  If that condition is not fulfilled, then the cohabitation on a satisfying and healthy note, when this purpose is achieved, all other considerations  assume  secondary place.

By nature man is considered to be a stronger ands leading partner, and woman, due to certain social factors, plays second  fiddle  to him.  This process  should be reviewed and if necessary, either  reversed or  modified.  One thing that stands out is that if a man  lies beneath the woman, it will give her status of a pride operator form of a man who lies  beneath  her.  when the practice and trend is occasionally reversed, both will have equal chance to be in  driver's seat.  Being up has always been  considered a sense of superiority.

If the woman remains inert and unresponsive to her partner's sex arousal methods or if it is reverse the case, neither of them can derive the maximum pleasure from pregnancy-coital sex, during  sex and at the  end of climaxed orgasm. Truly speaking if the man  initiates to arouse his mate sexually it will take  her long  time to  blossom into full play, whereas if she controls the levers, man's ejaculation period can be drawn further, as women are deft and sensible operators, and can adjust their technique & method as per demands of situation. They can hasten ejaculation, thus enhancing duration of sex play, and if either she or he wishes, she can also accelerate the  process, to reach instant orgasm.

Sex play and coition are two sides of the same coin.  Advances of the sex must be initiated by reciprocal and positive approach  by the other.  In fact it is not debatable point to discuss as to who should  initiate , in sex both should lay emphasis on as to how to make sexual union a successful, happy affair.  When both partners are fully satisfied, after  the act is over finally, then it will  be considered to be a successful sexual union, else both must  devise ways how to make the sex affair a happy  affair.  When  both partners are fully satisfied, after  the act is over finally, then it will  be considered to be a successful  union, else both must  devise  ways how to make the sex affair a happy and fully satisfactory affair, all other points should  never be accorded any importance.

There are rare situations where a man is forced by an already sexually aroused woman to quench her ignited sex.  Here the woman is dominant if a man is charged with an uncontrollable lust for sex, the woman has simply to submit to him. but, such cases are  rare.  Such condition occurs in hypersexual women  and men, where  the only aim to cool down agitated libido of the other person, leaving the other person in a situation of 'heads I win, tails you lose'.


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