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The First Night

The first night is supposed to be the most important  event in married life. This is the first meeting of the married  couple and forms the foundation of the entire married life. The old saying: ‘Well begun is half done’ is never truer in any other walk of life than in marriage.

But here is should be understood clearly that whatever is being said is for normal married couple and not for those men or women who are steeped in accidental values, and for whom marriage is an association of conveniences and not a coalescence of the two bodies and of two minds. It is only for them that a marriage is not a contract but a sacred relationship of the two souls.

Normally, it is observed that before meeting their first night for both man and woman are tense. This tension is obviously and has psychological  undertones because, only in this relationship  you choose your relation, who, though most intimate but not resulting out of a natural relationship.  Your other  relations are not out of your choice, i.e., you get your father,  mother, brother and sister as ordained by your destiny, you have no choice in that. But a wife or a husband you choose out of so many  proposals you come across. Having made your choice, with all the temporal and ‘other worldly’ considerations, you come to gauge  the result of your choice. In India, where people are still  instinct with older and nobler values, you  don’t get many chances of making your choice.  It is, therefore, for this reason that a groom or his bride both feel nervous and full of apprehension. The meeting in the first night can be compared with the declaration of the result of your educational examination; the difference being  that in the examination result  your previous years labour’s fate  gets detrained  while in the first night the trend of the coming years would be unveiled.  Hence the  nervousness and tension. Also, in majority of marriages in India, you hardly know your spouse   before marriage.  Hence, the element of surprise is also enshrined in it.

The best course to be adopted in such an important meeting is, you try to be natural.  Because, if you pretend to be someone you are not, it would give further rise to the tension you are experiencing.  Try to be normal and natural and try to assess your spouse’s nature by talking about his or his hobbies, interest, subjects of choice and acquaint each other with your familial  details.  Never rush to consummate the marriage by physical  union.  You have the entire  night at your disposal.

Having talked and known each other, make physical advances subtly.  Say, if you like your bride’s eyes, express your admiration by mildly  kissing her eyes.  Women, in general are introvert and open up  very gradually.  This is natural more because  they have been advised  by the senior or experienced  ladies  of their  household.  A ‘bold’  bride is believed to be a woman of easy virtue.  This belief is so deeply ingrained in a girl’s  psyche, that at times her husband might take her to be cold or frigid.  Through with the growing emancipation of women there has come already  a marked improvement in understanding and in attitude  in regard to sex-matters, the medieval conception of sexual   activity  as an exclusively masculine function, in the exercise  of which the woman’s  part remain passive one does  not easily give way.  So give her time to adjust  and open  out.

First of all,  you must also feel her and allow her to feel you.  A subtle caressing or a light embrace would give her the ‘confidence’  of opening out before you.  The bride should  also bear in her mind has every right to explore your body.  Take it easy and enjoy the sex.  If your husband  admires your eyes and kisses them you must show by gestures that you  liked his act.,  Egg him on subtly by your  sweet smile.  The path of conjugal bliss is narrow;  you cannot succeed in traversing it by  retaining your identity.  Merge yours into his and his in yours.

The groom should also be sensitive  enough to judge his bride’s reaction by her facial expressions  and gestures.  No bride would say in the first night, at least in India, that ‘Ah! I like it.  repeat it’.  Meekly and gradually arouse her sexual feeling.  Sometimes a recitation of a story full of amorous dalliance does the trick.  Make her join you willingly in every step you take in this direction, don’t drag her.

Having ‘readied’ her for the occasion, you begin your begin your fore play.  The first  and foremost act of the fore play is kissing.  Starting the mild ‘just touching’ kiss you go on  adding pressure by your lips.  Kiss her on the eyes, then her forehead and slide down to her lips.  The ancients said, and it is a fact, that skilled love play; the glance,  the caress and the kiss, when performed properly, can make the passions of a woman mount so soon and so high, as even to cause  her to achieve her orgasm!  Or even several orgasm, one after the other before ever the main organs of sex, the penis and the vagina are brought  into play either by mutual contact or by touching  with the hands  of either of the partners.  The woman  melts in your arms, although the later may merely encircle her and  nothing more, her eyes become glassy and filled with moisture akin to tears, her breath  quickens and becomes  audible, she appears to cling  to you and tremble as if from fear, her lips become wet and then her eyes close, and she begins to groan faintly in contentment.  These are all the wonders wrought merely by your kissing her.  she would  now start reciprocating  your kiss.  Each  of you would eagerly explore the lips, teeth, tongue and interior  of the other’s  mouth,  with your saliva mixing.  The sideways and circular motions,  the in-and-out movements  of the tongues, the tightening and grasping of the tongue by the partner’s mouth, the pouring out of the mingling saliva, start the secretion from the sexual  glands of you both.  The groom would experience  the erection with a light liquid  beginning  to ooze  out from his penis and the bride  would also  get wet  between her legs.


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