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It is not  always possible to enjoy post-coital the reasons vary from person to person. An astute operator  keeps his technical know-how fully updated, he equally cares for upkeep of the apparatus he is handling.  Instead of passing on the blame to any other person (in sex context, say your wife or woman), first weigh your own self, have a full self-appraisal  and after  finding out the  lacuna, try to mend the fault.

You should be more conscious  of what  your partner  is averse to, hates, dislikes or abhors. She has  her own problems, perhaps, and when  such problems compound both should   sit together and discuss every minute point.  Let there be no element, not even an  inkling of taking the other partner's  views as amiss. Try to understand and appreciate  the problems of your female  partner.

The husband (or any male for that matter) should keep the following guidelines  in view:

  • Remain  tension free. Never attempt any coitus when the mind is disturbed.  You will do well to disclose your problem to your wife, take her into confidence and seek her advice.
  • Intercourse should always be done in an airy, neat, clean,  fully ventilated room, free from any encroachment and  disturbance.  If both partners agree, let there be a dim red bulb whose red light will flare up passions and impart added enjoyment to your sex fervour.
  • Ensure personal hygiene. Use deodorants, scents to ward off foul smelling body odours.
  • Before sex, have a bath or at least, sponge your whole body, particularly your ears, nose, arm pits, inner thighs, prepuce and glans penis. Spray some pleasing scent on whole body to enjoy an added erotic feeling.
  • Give equal  opportunity to your partner  to have her own time. any act done in a hurry will take away charm of sex.
  • Never plunge you at once into intercourse. Foreplay should be an essential forerunner to any sex act.  Foreplay is a reliable method to prepare your partner for the coming event.  Let her also have her own way.  Never act like a dictator or a super human.
  • Persuade your partner.  Appreciate and endear each and every organ of her  body, even if you don't have fancy to some of her organs.  Tell her that she is not, in any way, inferior to any film actress.  Such loving compliments  and endearments would  help her to active participation.
  • Aggression, rough-shod treatment, demeaning, slighting or insulting will have a rebound  reaction, resulting an imposed coitus.
  • Excite her  gently, carefully, slowly, tenderly.  If she resists and forbids you not to touch any one or more of her sex organs, abide by her wished and never force your way to compel  her to  mental withdrawal  and physical inertia.
  • 3If, for any reason whatsoever, she is disinclined for sex act,  you can life down together and discuss some subject of common  interest.  The chances  are that  during course of interaction, she may get ready and herself invite you for sex act.
  • Try to avoid  sex during advance  stage of pregnancy, during Menstruation or when she is having leucorrhoea.  But sex act must  be given a good-bye, if either of the partners  is suffering from Aids, HIV any venereal infection, asthmatic bout (attack), high fever, any infectious/ contagious disease.
  • Fondle, caress, cuddle, kiss, pamper each and ever erogenous zones, but very slowly.  During the course of foreplay she herself would  guide you,  as to on which sex organs she wishes,  rather  prefers, to be  touched.
  • Give equal  chance to your partner  to indulge in sex act.  She should  play inactive role  in the whole play, and  successful intercourse ensues from joint  efforts  of both partners.
  • If you are about to reach the climax, you should let your partner  know a bit  earlier so that she could help you to delay  orgasm, by  adopting 'squeeze the tempo' method.  Moreover, she will also  get mentally prepared to face the problem of your  early ejaculation.
  • After you have  reached your climaxed  orgasm, you should never leave her in-between.  Wait till she also reaches her orgasm.  You should not ever prove to be a selfish sex performer, as her sentiments deserve to be respected.
Above mentioned  points deserve to be modified as per mutual consent and convenience.  Indian women  are shy  and reserve, they  rarely give vent to their feelings, and this is more true   of those women who are confined within confines of four walls of their house.  So, both the partners should try to respect each other's  likes and dislikes, desires and aversions, physical compulsion and constraints, to enjoy real bliss of sexual intercourse. s


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