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Use Your Mouth to Arouse Him

Resort to adventurous kissing by accepting his tongue in your mouth or putting your tongue into his mouth. Kiss profusely with mouths quite wide open, and also bite his lips gently. You should also kiss his forehead, eyes, neck, chest, nipples stomach etc. Go on sinking your teeth into the muscular parts of his body, by way of licking and nuzzling.

Oral sex is extremely delightful part of love-making which satisfies both the  spouses. In this context refer to the position ‘69’ where both partners indulge in this posture to arouse each other, but hygiene aspect must not be  lost sight of.  If both the penis and female genital are germ-free, there is no reason for any aversion and/or inhibition. This method is quite healthy and there is nothing  unethical about it. In case of dissent by either partner, avoid doing so, as, any obstinate force or compulsion will drive away any pleasure of stimulation. Traditionally religious woman attaching great importance  to old norms, will never  agree to mouth-genital contact not her husband would permit her or himself  adopt such a technique.  Position is still worse in village where women  don’t agree to disrobe in the presence of their husbands. It is simply a matter of different attitudes in society - being prohibitive or permissive is a sheer matter of adaptability. Tribal  men and women are more permissive and indulge in free  sex, as compared to persons living  in towns/ metros.

Men who frequently visit  prostitutes and call-girls get into the habit of penis licking, for which such ladies have no inhibitions.   By causing  quick ejaculation to their visitors, they can dispose them off within a short time.  to earn more.  Such men when they plunge into sex with their wives, either prevail upon or force them to doing such an act which, generally, in not  liked by  many a women.

If you are not averse to penis licking, you can take tip of the penis (called glans) into your mouth and start licking it, slowly building up the momentum to reach climax. You can also rock your man’s penis backward and forward. Some men who are exotically-minded, prefer to indulge in licking after putting some jam, ice cream at the end of penis. To add further charm and thrill such an ice-creamed penis is taken into their mouth by women- they swirl their tongue round the penis while the penis is still  in their mouth.  This method is nick named as ‘Silken –swirl’.

If both partners desire to enjoy together, the husband should excite his spouse’s vagina and clitoris by kissing, licking and caressing. Similarly, the  wife can also respond, as suggested in the foregoing paragraphs. This is known as ‘cunnilingus’ (when the man  kisses the vulva and vagina of his wife)and fellatio (when the female kisses the penis).

Before anticipated time of ejaculation, women must withdraw mouth from the penis.  Most husbands don’t take kindly or in a sporting manner to such a sudden withdrawal by their women.  This withdrawal is called ‘Coitus interrupts’.  But, by doing so, don’t let your menopause gather the impression, even for a split second, that he has been left in the lurch. You can compensate the act of withdrawal, by offering your breasts for kissing and fondling or ask him to return to your cunt for a mouth-fuck. Some women let the seminal fluid spill over to their breasts, simply to give an impression to their mate that they haven’t wasted his ‘come’ or ejaculate.

Anything or any method which helps in building up excitement should be welcome,  if both the partners mutually agree.  So, any alternate suggestion, for enhancing excitement, should be welcomed by both, but personal  likes/dislikes  should never be ignored.  The woman must kiss, stroke and tickle the man’s balls (testicles ) which  he may find a bit exciting.  But, you must  exert caution while handling testicles which are pain-sensitive and tender.  Never squeeze  or hold with a firm hand his testicles, as it can even end  hi life.  You can also squeeze, smack and kiss his bottom.  Especially when you are exciting him by licking his shaft (penis).

Some women are so adept in the art of kissing that they can cause ejaculation to their men by rolling and revolving  tongue in male’s mouth.  Inside  of mouth resembles labial lips so, when you are deeply sucking and kissing, it will tantalize not only his penis  but your vagina also.

Love is wonderful, spontaneous, marvellous, exciting and beautiful thing- the  warmest, most comforting and nicest sensation on earth. Love brings happiness, joy, tenderness and  (perhaps above all)  laughter into a world that would otherwise  be badly  barren of those commodities.  He has laid much emphasis on ‘JOY’AND ‘LAUGHTER’. “If you don’t enjoy sex, you can’t have joy and if there is no joy, there won’t be any  pleasant  laughter either. if has been called a FUN-NO doubt, it is a fun of great  magnitude. You can have joy and laughter when you take everything in an accommodative  spirit- after all when  we compromise at each and every step  in life, why can’t or why  fun and joy, sex play an equal part, and neither side should leave  any room for misgivings.  There is hardly  any problem which husband and wife can’t resolve. Then, why lag behind in mutual understanding on sex which is so vital and indispensable for us.


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