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Vaginal Stimulation for Easy Entry

After applying the various love technique on all other sex stimulation organs, don't forget to switch on to vagina  which now is ready to receive and welcome and entry of penis. Vagina is a flexible passage, moistened and lubricated by love-juices which show up on, and around labia minora. When vagina is ready to welcome penis entry, don't be hasty and panicky rather have patience to probe the erotic juices, with the help, of your middle finger which fits best into the vaginal canal.  Insert the middle finger slowly into the vagina, taking full care that such finger insertion does not  cause any pain to  your partner.  If the vagina is fully lubricated, there is far less chance of any pain.

Start from the clitoris downwards, knuckles of man's forefinger resting on the area of clitoris  while the middle finger is slowly entered into the vagina. Now move the middle finger in and out,  forwards-and-backwards. As your finger moves  into her vagina, try to touch the cervix  (also know as 'neck of the womb).  The finger  movement should be first  moved slowly and then the  attempt should be gradually accelerated. Continuous friction will send the woman into ruptures of unusual sexual excitement. 

Vaginal flow

Some women  are so 'dry' or 'inert' even to voluptuous excitation  that whatever the man may do, she will never get into orgy.  The reason is quite simple.  Some women don't like vaginal probing or if, at all, they secrete their secretion is so foul   smelling and nauseating as to drive the man away  from her.  in such cases most women abhor vaginal probing, for the simple reason that they can neither 'get on' nor  participate.  If that be the situation, the male should avoid doing  any such act that may drive away  or cool down  her passions.

Initially, beads of vaginal secretion appear in isolated from in the form of droplets which is normally noticed by neither of the partners. When the vaginal lubrication  increases in excess, the love juice or vaginal flow often flows out of the vagina, thus moistening labia and opening of vagina. But such lubricated secretion  and the quantity  and flow thereof will depend on active participation in sexual act, her liking and response to exploitive gestures.  But for the  vaginal  flow and lubrication, intercourse would have not been that easy or else penile insertion would become  quite painful. During the phase of excitement 2/3rd portion of inner vagina  expands, the cervix and uterus are driven/ pulled upward, and outer vaginal lips get apart  and flatten as is evident from the adjoining figure, pertaining to sexual response.


This is a stage of excitement, but certainly not the orgasm of climax.  Masters and Johnson explain the plateau stage like this, "In the excitements phase there is marked increase in sexual  tension in baseline (unaroused) levels.  In the plateau phase, high levels of sexual arousal  are maintained and aroused, potentially setting the  stage for orgasm," and further  add, with  reference to  varied plateau levels that "For men who have difficulty (in) controlling ejaculation, this phase may be exceptionally brief.  In some women, a short plateau phase may precede a particularly  intense orgasm. For other people, a long leisurely time at the  plateau level, is in erotic 'high' that may be a satisfying end in itself."

Some authorities opine that "some women may find a large penis to be  important for  psychological stimulation, and some women claim to receive more physical stimulation from a large penis."  In our  opinion a woman fancies and prefers a person who can prolong sex act, no matter whether he has a small or lengthy penis. No penis, howsoever large or lengthy, is hardly  of any consequence to any woman. It is a merely a matter of cosmetic satisfaction as, during  intercourse, her orgasm platform (or outer vagina) grips the penis if level of plateau phase gets prolonged vaginal lubrication will be less produced and flow thereof will also get slowed down. Plateau phase is followed by orgasm when man and woman 'come together  and ejaculate.'


In the context of a woman, it simply means a man kissing his partner's vulva which is quite an easy but highly erotic method which can cause instant or quick orgasm. Before dwelling on the method, let us make it amply  clear, by warning our readers, that  if the women is having leucorrhoea, menstruation, any venereal  disease, any infection or if the man is having stomatitis or any other mouth  infection, this method should never be adhered to, even for fun sake.

The woman should be flat on her back, spreading her thighs apart, by bending her legs from the knees. The man should bend his head down, so that his mouth gets into direct contact with the vulva. First of all start from kissing the hair portion around vulva (pubic hair).  Now, gently  move your lips to the upper part of your  woman's  pubic area,  your lips remaining an inch or so downwards so that you are in a positions to touch the clitoris. Move your tongue and lips in unison involving them up and down, and up. Your partner's sexual response will clearly indicate  if you have touched the right spot. Bring  her to a feverish and furious pitch of excitement. When she gets charged up, the she herself guide  your mouth to the most  sensual part which she  would require you to lick with utmost  swiftness. Her expressions are an indicator for you to move, as sex desired by  your partner.

When you have worked on clitoris and outer lips, you should  switch on to inside of vagina  which, by  now, must  have moistened and lubricated to allow your tongue move swiftly  therein.  Move  your tongue rapidly in quick succession, and out of the vagina.  During peak of excitement, some woman heighten their thighs or squeeze  their  vagina, which act can cause suffocation to men,  or may even impede their respiration.  In order to avoid such a disformat, the women  must keep their thighs apart, so that their men could breathe freely.

The said  method is liked by most  women, as it gives instant excitement.  Art times it can do more wonders than clitoris stimulation even.  It is said  that once a man/woman  endears to such a method, neither  will ever opt fro any other method for excitement.  An alternative to the said method (which is commonly know as '69' position)  is to let your mate sit on the edge of bed  or else sit in a chair, when the man bends down his head to lick the vulva and vagina of his mate.  The other method is that the man should be flat and the woman should  bring  her genitals near to her husband's mouth.  In this  position, the man should hold her from waist -sides, and the woman should remain in the half-sitting  posture, putting here weight over her feet or even on her hands. The various postures described  can be and should be altered / modified according to convenience of the mating partners.  This also is know as oral sex.  Mutual  consent  must form the basis of any happy and successful intercourse.  It matters little what  methods to cohabitate are employed but it matters  a lot whether the adopted methods meet sexual and sensual needs  of both partners.


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