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Family planning clinic: A special clinic that provides information and advice about contraception and all sex related matters. (See planned Parenthood, index.)
Fantasy: Imagining sexual situations or events involving real or imaginary people. The official term for those X-rated day-dreams you amuse yourself with on the bus.
Fellatio: Blow job, sucking him off. Using your tongue and mouth to excite his penis. Fertile: Being able to get pregnant or capable of making someone pregnant by surprise.
Fetish: A sexual behavior where the handling of a specific, often inanimate object (like rubber clothing or preworn panties) is necessary for sexual satisfaction. If he can only orgasm if you wear your high heels to bed, he's got a shoe fetish.
Fidelity: Resisting going home with the best- looking guy at the party because you'd upset the one you already have. Staying faithful.
Foreplay: Petting, feeling each other up, playing with each other. The stuff most people do before sexual intercourse but should do during and after as well.
Foreskin: The retractable fold of skin covering the tip of the penis on uncircumcised men that hurts it you yank it back too quickly.
Frenulum: The string of particularly sensitive skin where the head of the penis meets the shaft. It's on the underside (the side closest to his testicles) and well worth introducing yourself to.
Frigid: An outdated, Victorian term used to describe women who aren't interested in sex. Only used today by drunk men in bars to explain why the woman they attempted to screw wasn't interested.

Gay: Homosexual, camp. This used to be a blanket term for all homosexuals but is now mainly used to describe men who are attracted to or have sexual relations with other men. Female homosexuals generally prefer being called "
Genitals: The external sex organs- a man's penis and testicles, a woman's labia, clitoris, and vagina.
Group sex: More than two people having sex with each other at the same time. works great in fantasies, has a tendency to backfire in reality.
G-spot: A hot spot discovered by the German physician Dr. Ernst Grafenberg. It's a small, slightly raised, sensitive area about 2.5 inches inside the vagina on the front wall.

Hard-on" See erection. Head )of the penis): The mushroom-shaped bit at the top of the penis that's softer than a baby's bottom.
Heterosexual: People who are only sexually attracted to the opposite sex. If you're female and can't have John, you wouldn't even consider Jane.
HIV (human immunodeficiency virus): The virus that causes AIDS.
Homophobes: People who are incredibly rude to and about homosexual because they have psychological hang-ups about them.
Homosexual: People who are attracted to people of the same sex.
Hormone: A chemical substance produced by the endocrine gland which plays an important part in sexual and reproductive functions and alters moods. Why one day you feel like being Annie Sprinkle, the next Mother Theresa.
Hymen: A thin membrane that partly covers the entrance to the vagina before a woman first has intercourse. The hymen used to be considered proof that a woman was a virgin. These days, tampons and physical exercise break it more often that penises do.

Impotence: Not being able to get it up, the inability to achieve an erection.
Inhibitions: Thoughts, morals, or feelings that stop you from letting loose and enjoying sex to the fullest. Kama Sutra: Possibly the world's first sex manual and a literary classic. Written by Vatsyana in the fourth to fifth centuries A.D.
Kegels: Exercises designed to strengthen the pubococcygeal muscle (PC), which controls the size and grip of the vagina. Men also have a PC muscle and should also exercise it.
Kinky: Something sexual you do that others would have to but don't have the courage.
Kinsey (the Kinsey Institute): World-respected American sexperts.
K-Y jelly: The brand name of a popular water-based lubricant.

Labia: The lips of the female genitals. The small ones are called the "labia minora," the larger outer ones the "labia majora."
Lesbian: A woman who has sexual relations with another woman.
Libido: The desire or urge to have sex, your "sex drive."
Love: A very strong feeling of attachment or desire to someone or something. Often confused with "lust"
Lubrication: Oils, creams, or gels that are used to add moisture to the genital area to reduce friction and make sex more comfortable. Any couple who is serious about sex has some in their bathroom or bedside cabinet. K-Y jelly and Astroglide are lubricants.
Lust: A strong desire to have sex with someone. The havoc-wreaking emotion that makes us go for the hunk on the Harley over the sensible accountant our mother wants us to date.

Making love: Having sex with someone you're happy to wake up with in the morning as opposed to simply having sex.
Masochist: Someone who gets pleasure from pain.
Masters and Johnson: Pioneer sex researchers.
Masturbation: playing with yourself. Stimulating your own genitals to achieve orgasm. Mutual masturbation is when you and your partner stimulate each other's genitals.
Ménage a trois: The French term for a threesome.
Menstruation: Period. The monthly discharge of blood that takes place if no eggs are fertilized
Missionary: The most famous, most used position of intercourse. He lies on top of her.
Monogamy: Only having sex with one person over a specific period of time.
Mons pubis or mound of Venus: The soft, mound-shaped pad of fat, covered in hair, that cushions the woman's pubic bone so it doesn't hurt when he's on top.
Morning After Pill (MAP): A pill containing a high dose of estrogen that can prevent pregnancy if taken seventy-two hours after unprotected intercourse.

Necrophiliacs: Seriously weird people who want to have sex with dead bodies.
Nipple: The tip of the breast that becomes erect if sexually stimulated (or it's really freezing).
Nonoxynoil-9: A chemical present in most spermicides. It kills the HIV virus in laboratories., but unfortunately doesn't appear to be as successful in real life.
Normal: Like everyone else, average, not different. The most commonly asked sex question in relation to any behavior is "Am I normal?" Somehow, being "normal" makes people feel better. Strange, when normal often equates to boring.
Nymphomaniac: A woman who wants lots of sex or sex with more than one man. Commonly used by men to describe a girlfriend who wants it more than they feel like providing.

Oral sex: using the mouth to stimulate the genitals. See also cunnilingus, fellatio.
Orgasm: Climax, coming. The peak of sexual excitement usually accompanied by muscular contractions.
Orgy: A wild, abandoned group sex experience usually involving excessive drinking and drugs. A favorite in Roman times and really bad R-rated moves. Good luck finding one outside Hollywood.
Ovaries: The two female sex glands on either side of the uterus.
Ovulation: The monthly release of an ovum (egg) from an ovary.