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Appendix: A Sex Dictionary

"Those G-spot things sound great- where do you buy one?"Read this and you won't be the one who says it

Abortion: Prematurely ending a pregnancy, usually though an operation called a termination.
AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome): A condition caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) where the body loses its ability to defend itself against illness. The most feared sexually transmitted infection of all, but avoided by using condoms and practicing safe sex.
Anal intercourse: When a man inserts his penis into his partners anus. Some people's idea of heaven, other's of hell.
Aphrodisiac: Any substance believed to stimulate or enhance sexual desire. everything from oysters and champagne to ground-up goat's toenails has been touted as one. Some work psychologically, few actually do anything.
Areola: The pinky-brown ring surrounding the nipple.
Arousal: Getting excited or turned-on. The physiological and mental changes that happen to our body when someone we like touches us in all the right places.
A-spot: The "anterior fornex erogenous," an extremely sensitive section of the front vaginal wall, about one-third of the way down from the cervix. The G0-spot's neighbor.

Bestiality: If your neighbor confesses to it, lock up your dog. It means they enjoy sex with animals.
Bisexual: Being attracted to both John and Jane- and not really minding which one you end up with.
Blow job: The everyday term for her giving him oral sex. The official term is "fellatio."
Bondage: Tying someone up before having your wicked way with them or vice versa.
Breasts: Two, frequently ogled, mounds of flesh found at chest level on women. Breast come in all different shapes and sizes and you can buy a new pair if you don't like your own.
Buttocks: The fleshy, muscular cheeks of our butts that frequently dictate our jean size.

Casual sex: Short-term affairs spent mostly in the bedroom.
CAT (Coital Alignment Technique ): A new way to have intercourse that involves rolling rather than thrusting.
Celibacy: Voluntarily abstaining from sex for reasons the rest of us can't fathom.
Cervix: The neck of the uterus that connects it to the vagina. Otherwise known as the part that hurts when hit by an over-enthusiastic, long penis.
Chemistry: The X-factor, the I-don't know-why-I -like-him-I -just-do thing. Chemistry is God's way of ensuring we all don't like the same person, since a healthy does of it can make ugly duckling seem like a swan to someone who's tuned in to their vibes.
Circumcision: Removal of the foreskin of the penis, usually done at birth for religious or hygienic reasons.
Climax: Orgasm, coming, getting off. The point during sex when someone could cut your big toe off and you wouldn't notice.
Clitoris: A little, pea-sized organ at the top of a woman's vulva which becomes erect when stimulated, plays a huge part in the process that leads to orgasm. Finds hers, treat it with respect, and she's yours forever.
Come: Slang for the semen he ejaculates on orgasm. "Coming" is slang for orgasm.
Come out: A short from for "Coming out of the closet" or openly admitting you're gay when you realize all that bending over with a low-cut top on was totally wasted on your best friend's roommate.
Compatibility: Sharing the same interest and outlook on life as your partner. Dick and Dora are very compatible because they both like dressing up in latex.
Condom: A thin runner sheath designed to stop sperm and nasty germs from entering the vagina. Unfortunately, they don't work unless you take them out of the packet and place them over an erect penis before having intercourse.
Contraception: Things you swallow, insert, or put on to avoid getting pregnant.
Crotch: The genital area that both sexes emphasize with tight , body-hugging clothing if they think they've got something worth advertising.
Cunnilingus: Giving her head, going down on her. the correct term for oral sex that no one uses because they either can't pronounce it or think it's gross.

Deep throat: A term inspired by the bottomless-mouthed porn queen, Linda Lovelace. She was able to take the entire length of the penis into her mouth and throat without gagging. The rest of us find our tonsils get in the way.
Deviation: Any form of sexual activity considered to be abnormal by the majority of the population.
Dildo: An artificial erect penis used for masturbation.
Douche: A device for squirting water or other liquid into the vagina to cleanse it.
Totally useless and quite harmful since the liquid often messes up the natural pH level in the vagina.

Ejaculation: Shooting your load, coming. The ejection of semen from the penis through a series of pleasurable, muscular contractions.
Erection: Getting a hard-on, or a stuffy. The swelling and stiffening of the penis( or clitoris or nipples) during sexual stimulation.
Erogenous zones: Parts of the body especially sensitive to sexual stimulation, differing dramatically from person to person and the situation. His forehead may turn into an erogenous zone if Pamela Anderson's the one touching it.
Erotica: Something (usually a book, magazine, video, or sex aid) that tastefully turns us on and makes us feel like having sex. (We call tasteless turn- ons pornography.)
Erotic massage: Specific massage techniques that concentrate on the genitals.
ESO (Extended Sexual Orgasms) technique: A long and involved (but worth trying) series of techniques designed to make your orgasms last longer.
Exhibitionists: A sexual show-off. Someone who likes others watching them. Having sex on your dining table with the blinds open in full view of the neighbors innocently watching The Simpsons is exhibitionistic behavior.