Crowd Scenes


I’d like to share with your readers some sexual adventures my wife Joellen and I have been experiencing recently.
            Joellen is thirty-two. I’m thirty-six. We’re both very physically fit and considered attractive. My wife is five foot eight, one hundred thirty pounds, with shoulder-length blonde hair, nice 35C titties, a flat stomach, a tight butt and long, gorgeous legs. Every man she comes in contact with takes special notice of her. I’m six feet tall, with brown hair, a muscular build and an average, six- inch cock. Joellen and I have been married for nine years, with a good relationship and a good, but fading, sex life. We both have a strong sex drive, but after years of monogamous lovemaking it was getting sort of old for both of us.
            We’ve always been open with each other, and have shared our sexual fantasies with each other. Joellen always wanted to try sex with two or three guys, at once or in succession, and also with an attractive woman.
            She told me of a roommate she had in college who was bisexual. Out of curiosity on Joellen’s part, and to fill in between dates at their mostly female college, Joellen and her roommate had sex about a dozen times. She said she wasn’t crazy about going down on another girl, but said it was well worth it to have the orgasms her girlfriend gave her with her expert tongue.
            We were both heated up by talking about each other’s desires and decided that our marriage was strong enough to allow us to pursue some recreational fucking.
            Our wishes soon came true with the arrival of a new next-door neighbor, Liz, a single thirty-year-old with light brown hair. She is strikingly pretty, with a slender but curvy body. She wears her hair fairly short, which complements her gorgeous 38D boobs I’ve never seen any nicer that I can recall. They are nice enough to almost convert an old leg and ass man like me.
            Joellen and I were both immediately attracted to her, and we all became good friends in short order. Liz had only moved from across town, and was dating a couple of guys. She also hinted strongly that she was bi-oriented. We noticed that a pretty girl about twenty occasionally spent the night at her house. Liz discussed sex openly, especially with Joellen, so we thought she would be receptive to us.
            Joellen and I each took some vacation time to relax and lie around our backyard pool, which has a privacy fence. We invited Liz over for a swim and some sunbathing. Joellen wore her smallest bikini, one with a thong bottom and a top a size or two too small. Liz arrived in a one-piece, which was very high cut at the bottom and plunged deeply on top. How her lovely breasts didn’t fall out I couldn’t guess. I made a pitcher of margaritas for the ladies and made the excuse that I had to do some shopping for a couple of hours.
            I got in my car and drove around for about forty-five minutes. When I returned, I parked on the street and quietly entered the house. I went to a second floor window which overlooked the pool area. My heart was pounding in anticipation of what I was hoping to see.
            I wasn’t disappointed. I saw my lovely wife and Liz both naked, embracing and kissing on a deck lounge. Joellen was fondling Liz’s tits and Liz had a hand between Joellen’s thighs. They stopped, laughed a little and Joellen lay back on the lounge. Liz immediately started to kiss Joellen’s thighs. She worked her way up to her pussy and shortly had Joellen going crazy.
            I tried to ignore my bulging cock, intent on watching what was happening. Joellen held Liz’s head while she ate her and rubbed her breasts. I watched, enthralled by the sight, as my wife threw her head back, obviously coming hard while urging Liz on.
            After Joellen came, they paused for a kiss and I hanged positions. Liz lay back, pulled her legs far apart and raised her knees almost to her boobs. I could see the folds of her cunt easily because she had it completely shaven. Joellen positioned her face between Liz’s legs and slowly started to service her. She picked up speed as she went, and I saw her head bobbing back and forth. Joellen had her ass raised in the air, and I could see the wetness on her quim. Joellen ate her for about twenty minutes. I went to grab my video camera and got about ten minutes filmed, including Liz coming with her legs wrapped around my wife’s head. They kissed again and lay back, not bothering to put their suits back on.
            I waited about five minutes, trying unsuccessfully to get my hard-on to go down. I walked out. onto the pool deck, and Liz made no effort to cover up. Joellen told me I had to strip to come out. I quickly obliged, and walked over to them with my cock about ninety percent hard. “Not bad, not bad,” commented Liz.
            “You’re awful nice yourself,” I managed to get out.
            “Did you just get back, or were you watching us?” asked Liz. I admitted that I had seen everything. “Did you like what you saw?” asked Joellen. “From the condition of your dick, it sure looks that way!” Before I could answer, Liz remarked, “Your wife says that you would love to fuck me, and right now I could sure use some of what you have sticking in the air there!”
            At that, my dick got as big and hard as it had ever been. I glanced over to Joellen, who told me, “Go ahead, Bill, you watched our show, now its your turn to perform.” I went to Liz and gave her a long, hard kiss. I reached for her perfect breasts and found that they were as firm as they looked. They curved own slightly and then extended out, with her swollen nipples pointing straight out.
            Liz dropped to her knees and, gently grabbing my balls, took my rigid pole in her hand and then into her mouth. She didn’t waste any time taking almost all of my cock in. She held the base of my tool as she flicked her tongue around the head on the up- stroke. It felt so good, I could barely keep on my feet. I looked over to Joellen, who was sipping a drink with one hand and playing with her pussy with the other. She blew me a kiss.
            Liz must have sensed that I wouldn’t last much longer, because she stopped sucking me and led me by my tool to some cushions on the deck. Liz got down on all fours and raised her bottom in the air. “Please fuck my hot little pussy, Bill.” I dropped to my knees and she reached back and pulled my cock to her slit.
            I tried to enter her in short, easy strokes, as I usually do with Joellen, but Liz thrust back at me so that I was buried to the hilt in her bald cunt. She was very wet, yet tight, and I began to pump in and out. My first new pussy in ten years was feeling exquisite. I reached under Liz, grabbed two handfuls of tit and quickened my pace. Liz was moaning and shouting so loudly that for a second I wondered if our neighbors, two hundred feet away, could hear her. Very soon I told Liz that I was going to come. “Shoot a big load in my pussy,” she urged me, “fill it with your come!” I unloaded deep inside her, grabbing her bottom and pulling her hard back against me as my hot spurts flooded her.
            We lay back, exhausted, and my wife, half smashed, remarked, “Very nice, both of you guys.” Liz started to pull her suit on, and told Joellen she had had a great time. We assured her that we certainly did too. Joellen asked Liz if she would like to come back again that night, and she said she had a boyfriend coming over that night, but perhaps he would like to come too, if it was okay. Joellen gave us a big smile, and remarked that she had told Liz about her desire to fuck a couple of guys. We told Liz to come over about eight.
            After she left we discussed the day’s escapades. I wanted to flick, but Joellen told me to save it for that evening. A little while later the phone rang. Joellen answered; it was Liz asking if a friend of her stud could come over too. Joellen asked me if I minded. I assured her that whatever she wanted was fine.
            Our guests arrived that evening and Joellen was primed for action, wearing a short, skimpy sundress with absolutely nothing underneath it. Every chance she got she gave everyone a view of her bare pussy. The guys, Mark and Leo, were both about twenty- five, and seemed to know why they were there.
            After some smoke, Liz and I paired off in a comer and started to neck. Joellen had both of the guys stuck on her like glue, and I saw my wife drop the top of her dress down over her tits. Their hands were allover her. “Let’s watch for a while,” Liz said. “after all, this is for you too!”
            Joellen had Mark’s shorts undone and pulled down, and she was stroking his cock. It was rapidly growing to an impressive length, about seven or eight inches. Leo pulled my wife’s dress off, leaving her naked as a jaybird. Leo shed his pants too, and Joellen took turns sucking them. She lay down on her back and asked Leo to lick her twat. He quickly went to work on her, while Mark straddled her face and presented his big rod to her lips. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, my faithful wife servicing two strangers at once and evidently enjoying every minute of it. She soon asked Leo to fuck her, and she let out a cry of pleasure as he sank it in her from behind. She continued to blow Mark’s long tool.
            I had Liz’s pants down and was rubbing her Nat, which was drenched with her juices. I inserted two fingers and she moaned her approval. I believe she was as turned on as I was, watching the threesome. I pulled Liz off my lap long enough to pull my shorts down and then, holding her bottom, guided her snatch down on my raging hard-on. Liz gently rocked back and forth on me as we continued watching Joellen and her friends. She stopped sucking Marck long enough to let Leo give her the home stretch, grunting s he unloaded his balls in my wife’s hole.
            Leo retired to a chair as Joellen pushed Mark back on the mattress. His rod seemed to tower above him like a flagpole. Joellen lowered herself on him, taking him in bit by bit until he was in all the way. She glided up and down on his cock, telling him how great it felt.
            Liz’s gentle rocking had me ready to blow, and the sight of Joellen starting to really ride Mark had me shooting in Liz’s velvety quim. I stayed inside her until I went limp and the juices ran down my balls and thighs.
            My wife was now telling Mark to fuck her harder, and she was practically howling with pleasure. She and Mark came at the same time, bucking like some lust –crazed animals.
            Our guests eventually left, and we fell asleep in each other’s arms. Since that night, Joellen and I make love a lot, and she has an occasional date with mark or Leo. I still visit Liz quite often, ad she spends the night in bed with us both sometimes. I highly recommended it for any horny couple with a good marriage. -D.M. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.